[3.20] Inquisitor BB BF Marohi Erqi Semi automated, 47mil pDPS Uber pinnable boss - Theory build

Hey everyone,

With the upgrade to Marohi Erqi, and it's insane flat damage (up to 600% inc), I came out with an idea of using it with battlemage for blade blast (BB).

Blade blast is very efficient for this combo, because it can hit up to 50 times per cast.

Turns out this combo can hit huge numbers, under a reasonable budget and without crazy t1 crafts.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to play poe at all, too much stuff IRL, so I'm hoping someone would try it out himself and report the results.

Build summery:
1. 47mil damage VS Uber pinnacle boss
2. 9k EHP
3. 800~ life and ES regen.
4. 800~ life and ES Leech

TLDR/POB/Passive Tree

Damage calculation:

Tricky part..
POB shows 47mil vs Uber boss, assuming all 50 blades hit their mark.
With anomalous conc effect and spell cascade on bladefall, this could help achieving that on big bosses.
However, even if I'm wrong, and only 10 blades hit, that's still big damage.

I chose to calc the damage with 50 blades cuz I'm an optimistic guy :)
If there is a better way to calculate damage, ill be happy to update

Pros & Cons:

1. The Damage/cost ratio is great, imo about 50c on budget, up to 20-30div for my current state.
2. Big damage
3. Big Ehp pool
4. Big life/ES recovery
5. Can run reflect maps (switch to Yugul + reflect mastery)
6. easy to start
7. Should be HC viable, but don't take my word on it
8. Automated BB
9. no crazy wand or shield is needed, Erqi is very cheap
10. Should be great clear speed (with inc. aoe), but not tested

1. Kinda socket starving
2. Cannot run no regen maps (cuz mana mainly)
3. Can run reflect maps, but require to switch to Yugul + reflect mastery
4. Ehp vs chaos hits is a bit low (only 30% of chaos damage does not pass ES, unlike 50% from phys or ele damage).
5. EHP vs chaos DOT is low (2.2k~ life + 660~ES), so chaos res is important.
6. Not viable for SSF
7. damage assumes all blades hit - not always the case. However, the damage per blast is still very high

Build mechanics:

Blade Blast Semi-automation:

To generate blades, we must cast first Bladefall (BF). BF is the best way to generate many lingering blades because it can be multiplied by spell cascade and spell echo/unleash.

This 2 button (BF->BB repeat) mechanic can be a bit annoying and I wanted, for the very least, to have blade blast cast automatically after each bladefall cast.

To do so I am using Kitava's thirst (KT). KT has 50% chance to trigger socketed spells if u spend 100 mana on a single spell.

So now we must make sure that BF has at least 100 mana cost.
We do this by linking a lvl 21 BF with 5 supports with high enough mana multipliers:
Arcane Surge
Spell cascade (awekn is ofc much better)
conc/inc. aoe
Power chage on crit
Spell Echo

to a total of 102 mana cost.

Mana Sustain

Each BF cost 102 mana and BB cost 42 mana, on average, we will need 123 mana per cast. BF cast speed is 2.77 so that's 340 mana/sec.

To do that, we use:
1. Clarity lvl21, with arrogance.
2. t1 mana regen on each ring
3. lvl21 arcane surge with 60 inc effect (Arcane capacitor)
4. shaper and other notables/minors from the tree.

That puts us on 304 mana/sec
which is a bit less than we need, but assuming you dont stay too long in 1 place anyway, i think it should be enough.

Damage Scaling:

1. Mahori Erqi + Battlemage
2. Petrified blood for perm pain attunement (30% more damage), perm life leech and reserve some auras on life.
3. Crit - scale easily with inquisitor righteous providence
4. Unnerve gloves, frenzy charges, power charges, lvl21 arcane surge, Vaal RF, Assassin's Mark, Vulnerability, Pride, HO purity


1. corrupted soul + Pious Path
2. Perma life leech (from gloves implicit, Glorious vanity with phys leech or watcher's eye vitality) and ES leech
3. 9k EHP (4.5k life and ES)
4. "30% of chaos damage does not pass ES" mastery to increase our chaos life pool.
5. Petrified Blood



Kitava's Thirst
+2 aoe corruption

Attribute catalyst
Annoit Charisma

Optional Rare:
Super expensive t1's with lots of dex, str and int thats probably not worth the investment anyway

Marohi Erqi
Highest damage roll possible
AOE corruption - Ull see later that we need it 5 link, not 6, so it shouldn't be too expensive getting an already corrupted Erqi and fix the sockets yourself, but.. don't go crazy over this... definitely late game upgrade.

Rare Vaal Regalia
Frenzy charge on hit
Extra curse
Spell crit

Rare High ES base
Unnerve + phys leech implicit
40% damage while leech craft is rly nice here

t1 mana regen (very important)

Vulnerability on hit is possible, but I dont know how useful it will be with upcoming changes to hexes.
It might be better to use arcanist brand with vulnerability/assassins make/punishment instead (plus it's much cheaper)

Replica Soul Tether

Or rare if you use glorious vanity



Thread of Hope "Very large" (Note that i took the minor mana reserve as well)

Unnatural instinct - Dont got crazy over it, u can skip it to save points and cash. Place on jewel socket left to scion

Large Cluster jewel with:
Force Multiplier
Iron Breaker
Master the Fundamentals

Not a must, but rly nice damage

Glorious vanity - Up to your preference.
Doryani for corrupted soul
Place next to Eternal youth
get one with phys leech on "Sanctity" (Use timeless jewel calculator to find one)

Watchers eye:

Double damage - BIS - Get this one first (It's cheap)
Inc phys damage
Extra impale

Life leech (If you don't have on gloves)
life recovery rate
Life regen

Es on Hit
Es regen
Es recovery rate

Rest with Rare with life, crit multi, res etc


Bottled faith - crazy damage

Diamond flask:
chance to gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike
increased Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effect

Quicksilver Flask:
chance to gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike
increased Movement Speed during Flask effect

2 more up to your choice.
I think the best prefix is flask on crit, but thats up to you.

Required items and upgrades

Getting Started:

Marohi Erqi
U can start without it actually, but it's a crazy buff

Kitava Automation:

1. Kitava's Thirst
2. lvl21 Bladefall
3. 6l ES chest/Tabula

Cheap and handy:

1. Astramentis - BIS - Fix your dex problem (159 dex req), highest att possible.
2. Ralakesh's impatience - until you can get frenzy charge on hit armor
3. Replica soul tether (not super cheap but achievable)
4. Watcher's eye with double damage (BIS for damage) or life leech vitality

End game upgrades:

1. gloves with phys leech and unnerve
2. Vaal Eegalia with spell crit, frenzy charge on hit, extra curse
3. Unnatural instincts
4. Kitava with +2 aoe corruption
5. 6l Maroi Erqi with inc. aoe corruption
6. Bottled faith

Gems links

Ofc, Awkn gems are always better..

BB-Brutality-Crit damage, inc.aoe (for more overlapping hits)

Discipline-Enlighten(3)-Pride-Herald of Purity-Petrified blood
Flame dash (unlinked) or any other movement skill u prefer

Bladefall-Arcane Surge-Spell cascade-Power charge on crit-Spell echo-conc effect (Boss)/ inc.aoe (clear)

Arrogance-Clarity-Vitality-Dread Banner

Vaal RF-inc. dur-Assassin's mark-steel skin (left click)

Unresolved issues

Yeah... few issues that I didn't solve yet
Currently no ailment mitigation. I'd probably take brine king for stun, freeze and chill reduction.
the new Stormshroud jewel + new avoidance modes seem like an appealing option.
Bleed immune on flask
corrupted blood immune on a jewel implicit

Build variations

Burden of truth:
Unlike corrupted soul, burden of truth protects us against chaos damage, so we don't need the mastery (4 passive pts).

It reduce ehp by 20%~
Grants less flat ES, though we need less es anyway

Try squeeze determination/Purity of elements:
Get a high es vaal regalia and remove discipline.
Get mana reserve small cluster jewel with 50 determination/PoE mana reserve

You can compensate the damage loss from armor with pride effect as implicit.

That's it!
Thanks for reading, hope you liked it.
And remember - if you try it, let me know to it worked for you!

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I will give it a try but can you make it more convenient for mapping like coc/cwc or cwdt? Cast-walk-cast-walk is really paintful for my fingers. Anyways, thanks for nice idea.
Life isn't what you make of it, it's already been made for you.
Thunder0258 wrote:
I will give it a try but can you make it more convenient for mapping like coc/cwc or cwdt? Cast-walk-cast-walk is really paintful for my fingers. Anyways, thanks for nice idea.

Well, that's a different build..

Ull probably want on a 6link cyclone-cwc-BF-BB-Brutality-crit damage

Drop Kitava for some rare helm, and u r good to go

Dont go for COC, Erqi's hit rate is horrible.
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So there is new gloves called Entropic Devastation that allows spells to inflict impale. do you think that'd be a decent upgrade for the build? or do we really need the rare glove slot? Looking to actually play this and try it out
So I'm currently leveling this build. a few things to note: Leveling with Bladefall/bladeblast is okay, its slow but damage is decent. Definitely need to keep up with your defences as I find myself dying a lot now after act 6. There is no way in hell you are hitting all 50 blade-blasts unless the boss has a MASSIVE hitbox. You're more likely hitting 8-10 blades. Adding Entropic Devastation added a solid 20mdps more in POB, could probably substitute some auras for the Purity of Elements to keep res capped swapping out those rare gloves.
It looks to be around 15M Dps for Uber Bossing, which is great tbh. Its around 50M dps for normal Pinnacle bosses which is also great.

That is only messing with PoB tho. I am bored and have a bunch of currency laying around, will probably level this and let you know. The biggest issue with BF/BB is the playstyle and getting enough cast speed to make it not feel like shit.

The other problem, is this seems very glass cannon. 3700 ES, no armor, no evasion, no spell suppression, 25% chaos res. Anything that doesnt die instantly is going destroy this.
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So I don't think this build is worth it. Defences are sub-par. t16 juiced maps are insanely difficult, considering how clunky both abilities are. Bladefall is usually enough on its own to clear a pack. Damage is okay, but the interaction with the helmet doesn't work unless you're standing on top of a lingering blade to activate, as it doesnt auto-target. The 50% chance to activate is extremely inconvenient along with the non-autotargeting. The only ways i can think of to make it function better would be to use spell totem or arcanist brand. I chose to use arcanist brand and it works really well. You really only stick it on rares or uniques since bladefall is usually enough to clear packs. Definitely need more defences and cast time to make bladefall not so clunky. Honestly the whole build should probably just be redone, with the weapon at the center. I think converting it to some CWC or a totem build or something would just overall play better. Overall, 1/5 for enjoyability. 3/5 for damage. 1/5 for tankiness. Also was quite a bit more than 20 divines for all the things in the pob, probably closer to 50 divines. I saw one item alone was like 20ish divines, not sure what you were basing you pricing off of. But for a 50 divine build, it severely underperforms.

Thanks everyone for the replies and thank you for testing it!

I guess you can trade dmg for some defences (determination maybe)

Unfortunately, I don't have the time to test and improve this myself, so I guess this is a RIP

Thanks anyway, much appreciated!

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