[3.21]10mil+ Shockwave Totems Chieftain Cheap Uniques


This older version of the build went from 13mil to ~5mil. NGL we got hit hard.
This wasn't recommended as a starter, and it definitely still is not.

However... silver-lining:
* tankier (due to max ele res)
* easier time running RF
* due to Ascendancy fixing our res for us, it opens up a lot of suffixes on gear for easier Dex, Chaos, and Cast speed on rings.
* overall concept is still valid for smooth mapping and leveling.

If I get a chance later in the league I might try to rebuild this if the PoB works out.


3.21 Not a ton of changes, but...

The basic building blocks are the same. We lose the more spell damage from Arcane Surge, and get Cast speed instead. Which is great but is probably a slight dps loss.

The Skin of the Lords has been made rarer and by consequence definitely not cheap. Dialla's might be a cheaper alternative though you lose some tank.

However, we get a great new Fire Mastery
* Critical strikes do not inherently Ignite / 100% increased damage with hits against ignited enemies

This is a great damage upgrade while leveling with HFT + Combustion + Flame Wall since its 100% generic damage to hits. Depending on your gear it might not be the best at endgame, check your PoB. But its going to be hard to beat and will definitely carry you a long way.

3.20 Nothing changed

I call this build "El Cheap-o Unic-o". I made it as a weird twist on the usual Shockwave Totems I've seen using Cold/Hiero. I just didn't expect it to work out so well.

In my end-game version I topped out at 15mil dps with Ngamahu's, 9.4mil without.

don't be an idiot like me and try to tank the boss' auto-attack lol

Why Chieftain?

Easy fire convert, Easy cover enemies with Ash, Totem life leech, and Enemies deal less damage near totems and take more damage. You can double your eHP if you switch Tukohama with Tasalio, but I prefer ignoring degen ground vs rare 1-shots.

My order was
- Ngamahu, Flame's Advance (Fire convert)
- Hinekora, Death's Fury (Ash)
- Tukohama, War's Herald (could be switched with Tasalio if you feel you need it)
- Aronhongi, Moon's Presence

Must have Astral Projector. Because of this I don't think this is a great starter, unless you're OK starting with another skill. Personally I think Shockwave Totems feels terrible without this ring.

* Best totem playstyle IMO
* Off-screen clear
* Safe (1k+ regen + leech + almost max block)
* Deceptively tanky
* Cheap to gear
* No mana
* Comfy, low socket pressure
* 35% Double Damage

* Totems (some ppl hate 'em no matter what)
* Lots of uniques (all are cheap tho, aside from Astral Projector)

(Has 2 gear sets)


Malachai's Simula gives us 20% double damage. With so many uniques, its hard to effectively scale crit. So I just went all-in on double damage and Elemental Oveload. If you can get a nice double corrupt, even better. Blood Magic makes it so we don't have to worry about mana, just life regen.

Singularity can be good enough even for late-game, just get a Jewel with "Spells have % chance to Hinder on Hit". For lower levels, Nycta's Lantern carried me a loooong way. Eventually I got a +2 Scepter with T1 cast speed, but even that was only 10% more damage.

+1 totem and some armor. Use until you can craft a +1 totem shield with some max fire res to make it easier to run RF.

Wtf? Yep, Stone of Lazhwar is very good for this build. With Glancing Blows and Sanctuary we're at 68/40 block. 19% cast speed is also excellent for our build. The annoint is Hematophagy which also gives us damage and a big boost to our totem leech (from the Ascendancy)

Big fix for our res, uptime on flasks, and more damage. We have 30% double damage chance (with helmet) and 5% chance for Triple (I have 416 str).

Lori's is great to feel even tankier. Unlucky damage hits + Glancing Blows means we're significantly reducing the likelihood of big hits.

I consider this a requirement for this build. I've seen others play Shockwave without it, but personally it feels terrible to me.

This looks crazy, but the socket colors are very low-demand for this Pain Attunement, so its actually <100c. Until then, you can use a rare with lots of life regen.

I actually used Volkuur's gloves for a long time, but they didn't add much. Eventually I found this nutty pair of gloves but the Eldrich implicits are the important part.

Self-crafted, just get what you need here. Life regen rate is nice.

For min/maxing, Clear Mind is a nice jewel to have.


Main Skill

Shockwave Totem -> Combustion -> Awakened Fire Damge -> Concentrated Effect -> Multiple Totems -> Empower (lvl 4)

If you're min/maxing, Anomalous Shockwave Totem is the best. But its a pain to get sometimes and even harder to find a lvl 21 version, so a regular Shockwave is fine.

Petrified Blood -> Herald of Ash -> Defiance Banner -> Enlighten

Determination -> Eternal Blessing

Molten Shell (left-click) -> Flammability -> Increased Duration

Enduring Cry -> Flame Dash -> Stone/Lightning Golem
I swapped back/forth on golems depending on map mods, Lightning most of the time.



Damage Scaling

* Cast speed
* Increase (fire, spell, totem, area, etc)
* Gem levels in the late game
* RF once you can comfortably sustain it
* Cluster Jewels (see below)
* Iron Will since we have a decent chunk of Strength anyways

Cluster Jewels

We get lots of damage from clusters.
Ideally, 1x Large Physical 8p with
* Force Multiplier
* Iron Breaker
* Throwaway in the back (mine was Master the Fundamentals)
^Note: We want these nodes in the front, we don't care about the 3rd in the back. If you're not sure, copy the cluster into PoB and see how its ordered.

2x Medium Totem Damage with any combination of
* Sleepless Sentries (Onslaught)
* Snaring Spirits (Hinder)
* Ancestral Inspiration (Only way to get Arcane Surge in a Blood Magic build)
* Ancestral Reach (off-screen range, comfy)


Honestly not a big deal. I just got an Amethyst for the Chaos res and the rest was auto use. I used Overflowing Chalice to make mapping even smoother with more flask uptime.

Think that's about it. My surprise of the league. Hope others find it useful to know this combo of uniques can be used for something :)
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Cool build !
Your budget build is tankier than the Kulemak build i saw, crazy you get even tankier with other items. And you dont need to stand still to attack, that part is making me waver to totems this league.=D

I was trying to make some cool Blood Magic build but it is hard.

I was looking into your build and i'm thinking on some Totem build to go in Sanctum league, and i though 2 things that mb you could try in your build.

First you could ench your belt and try to wither enemies for inc ele dmg.
Then mb trade avatar of fire for mastery+gloves conv. and mb shock enemies.

GL next league.
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Just started this build and have a few questions.

How do you inflict exposure? Since we deal no damage and our totems dont seem to inflict it from the glove implicit.

Is this the same with Unnerve and cover in ash since we are not the one hitting?

I am judging this on not being able to see the exposure icon under mobs health bars to say it has been inflicted.
IGN: Blip
Really enjoying the build, I started as a Hierophant -> Inquisitor build using the same totems, but it wasn't too tanky and very expensive gear upgrades. This was much easier to gear. I like the totem play style, and it's very good for the Sanctum. I find it does well with bossing/mapping, just run around and pop totems. Curse and shout for bosses / hard spots.

While the ring is essential, I was able to clear a full Sanctum (just white yellow maps) before getting it.

Same cluster jewels, flasks are just whatever haven't optimized them yet. Still need to upgrade the chest and tweak some stuff but mostly a complete build.

What should I replace Clear Mind with, maybe some Vitality / Determination Watcher's Eye? Any thoughts for those 4 extra sockets in the helm, some cwdt tech maybe? Any ideas for higher end upgrades?
maybe its not big upgrade, but i swap granite flask with ood rolled Rumi's Concoction, with "use when charges are full" enchant. It put me on 75% block and 50% spell block Im also using 1 chaos resistance flask with same mod Works really good for me.
Thanks for the guide.

I played this for a bit and it works really good. If you struggle with Sanctum you might want to give this a try.

I wanted to use RF, but buying or crafting a shaper build didn't seem to be good alternative for the unique shield.

Instead I used this:

I used a Marble amulet and crafted it with Harvest. I was aiming for T1 Cast speed and life, but I never got lucky and went with cast speed and open prefix to craft life. The annoint is very cheap. The forbidden jewels cost a bit more, but they are like ~70c each.

You can also craft +1 to AoE Gems on Gloves and put Vitality there.

This gives a good amount of lifereg for using RF (with 76% fire res) and you are able to spam your totems.

If you have boots or gloves with lifereg and eldritch/exarch implicits lifereg + max fire res on boots, you don't need the forbidden jewels.

For some more damage I'm using Vaal Haste and in the Sanctum I'm replacing Determination with Haste.

My current Setup:

Thank you so much for sharing your build.

I was about to ragequit due to RF being expensive af and the result was mediocre.

I enjoy your totem build quite a lot.

Have a nice evening!
I also follow this build, lvl90 atm.. have almost all gear.. DPS is adequate.. trying to improve survivability atm in t16s.. t14 and bellow are walk in a park..

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