[3.21] Knaekbroed's Dark Pact Golemancer | Fast, tanky and high dps | All uber content done

Hello exiles.

Target POB: https://pobb.in/dCgtqOUbXp4H
My POB: https://pobb.in/4JaLV2dh4Cg9

I improved the build a lot in 3.21, notably:
1. Went for spell suppression
2. Added another curse
3. Add withering step for fast wither apply
4. I added Life From Death, which means the spectres/AG/golems never die

No changes

POB in Feared video: https://pastebin.com/VXmLz1xJ

3.21 The Feared: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmSXjFAPi7A
3.21 Uber Uber Elder facetanking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNnWf7eUfVQ

[Build highlights]
This build uses golem buff stacking along with a minion based skill, Dark Pact, to scale defenses and offenses at the same time.

+spell skills and +minion skills work on all the golems which give cast speed, life regen, phys reduction, increased damage and crit.
It also works on:
- Dark Pact, giving more damage
- Summon Skeleton, giving them more life and thus more damage for Dark Pact
- Raise Spectre, allowing us to run spectres which gives us power charges, frenzy charges, increased damage taken for enemies and increased cast speed. (Host Chieftain, Carnage Chieftain, Pale Seraphim and Arena Master)
- Animate Guardian, giving Fortify, 50 crit multi, culling strike, enemies cant crit, action speed cannot be slowed and curses enemies with Temporal Chains (Kingmaker, Windscream, Crown of the Tyrant, Southbound with implicit apply curse)

[Notable interactions]:
- Chaos golem lvl 32 gives 6% flat phys reduction, which get scaled to 50% flat phys reduction
- 10% flat phys reduction and 20% life recovery rate from always having 10 minions nearby and using Bone Barrier (5 golems, 4 spectres and Animate Guardian)
- Because we are using petrified blood, the high life regen is extremely strong. And it allows low life extra damage, and running Righteous Fire for even more damage.
- Because damage is so high, running Awakened Area of Effect is completely fine for mapping, giving a massive aoe combined with Intensify
- Life From Death means we can heal our minions easily and fast. Because we are always killing our own skeletons, minions are constantly recovering 4% of hp

[3.21 Gear]:
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Added a video of regular mapping also
Estimated cost of the build ?
I leaguestarted with it, and it was quite comfortable as a league starter.

I think you can do most content, using 6 portals, for around 10-20 divines, because you can get quite a bit of damage from not very much. What is the most expensive is to become tanky while doing the dps

That should be enough to get some good rares. And then you can build from there, get ashes of the stars, get eater/searing implicits etc
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And if you are asking about the cost of my gear, im not sure, i farmed and gambled the mageblood, found the ashes myself and most of my gear i bought really cheap e.g. 50-100c per piece.

Im guessing my gear rigt now is worth around 450 divines, if you exclude the mageblood and ashes, it is probably around 40-50 divines
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Rumblepie wrote:


where is the dark pact gem? i dont see it anywhere
Woops, fixed
What gear did you prioritize early? Interested in league-starting this, but have never played Dark Pact. I understand +level of minion gems is the main focus of gearing, but otherwise any other progression and levelling tips/advice?
As you say, minion level, both from gems and gear, makes a huge difference.

Anima stone made a big difference early, https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Rise_of_the_Phoenix makes it easy to run RF pretty early.

When i got Forbidden flesh for Bone Barrier, i also noticed a big bump in power.

Also, early, i used wither on totems for bossing, it makes a big difference when your gear is terrible in the beginning.

Unspeakable gifts (chaos corpse explosion) is also super nice for clear early, when you dont do enough damage to comfortably run Area of Effect gem instead of e.g. Hypothermia/Conc effect
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Leveling item, tree? min-max pob?

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