[3.20] Spectral Shield Throw Build | Pathfinder | Forbidden Sanctum | Path of Exile 3.20

Hey guys, spectral shield throw pathfinder build is here. Using newly buffed Emperor's Vigilance shield. We are converting most of our physical damage to chaos and getting a lot of physical damage as extra chaos mod.
Spectral Shield Throw is an attack skill. The user tosses their shield at an enemy. On impact, it deals physical damage to the enemy and releases shards that deals damage to nearby enemies. Unlike most attack skills, Spectral Shield Throw uses your shield's stats to calculate damage.

Build Cost
- Medium Budget: 20-50 div

- Non-Channelling Skills have # to Total Mana Cost mod on one ring
- Replica Conqueror's Efficiency
- #% reduced Mana Cost of Attacks (Helmet implicit)

Lethal Pride: Using this to get "#% chance to Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit". Also try to get these mods:
- 5% chance to deal Double Damage
- 20% increased Physical Damage
- 4% increased maximum Life

Power Charges: Using an Obliteration with "#% chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike" implicit mod.

Chaos Conversion:
40% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage, Nature's Reprisal
20% of Physical Damage Converted to Chaos Damage, Gloves implicit

Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage:
40% Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage, Obliteration
72% Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage, Ming's Heart
10% Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage, Force Shaper
8% Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage, Atziri's Promise
5% Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage, Boots implicit

Rage: Gain 1 Rage on Hit with Attacks, no more than once every # seconds mod on gloves

Leveling: Start with shield crush and use it until level 46. At level 46 you can equip Emperor's Vigilance and switch to spectral shield throw. Leveling gems and trees are in the video.

Leveling Uniques:
- Lycosidae (Lvl 11-30) / Titucius' Span (Lvl 30-46) / Emperor's Vigilance (Lvl 46-)
- The Dark Seer (Lvl 32-56) / Obliteration (Lvl 56-)
- Tabula Rasa
- Le Heup of All
- Karui Ward
- Praxis
- Seven-League Step
- Goldrim
- Belt of the Deceiver

PoB: https://pastebin.com/QvTWCWqg

Build Video: https://youtu.be/fIAAGd-fG2Y

Bandits: Kill All (Alira is fine too)

- Replica Conqueror's Efficiency unique jewel is no longer obtainable. Use a rare jewel instead.
- Curse changes:

(Footage is from 3.19)


Gem Setup:

Spectral Shield Throw - Void Manipulation (Awakened) - Increased Critical Damage - Damage on Full Life - Vicious Projectiles (Awakened) - Hypothermia

Herald of Purity - Summon Skitterbots - Grace - Enlighten (Lvl 3)

Shield Charge - Fortify (Anomalous) / Withering Step (Anomalous) / Flame Dash

Tornado - Onslaught / Steelskin

Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems
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