Endgame Showcase:

PoB: (constant updates)


This build is in NO way Noob friendly in any capacity! If you plan on hosting 5 Ways on TFT with it it is even more unfriendly. This build has many moving parts and if you mess one up it changes the power of the build a lot.

What this build does well at:

-(In title) Is one the arguably funnest builds in the Game
With how much movementspeed and attackspeed this build gets it is comparable to many legacy builds from the past

-Can get 9k kill count every time in 5 ways
The minimum to start charging higher amounts for runs.

-Deletes 5 Way Bosses offscreen
Nice for clients because they can't die and it can usually generates up to 3 bars of loot.

-Is Capable of Generating the Most Currency/hour in the game
Can make upwards of 15 divines/h using the optimal technique in 5 Ways.

What are this build's downsides:

-Costs a Headhunter to even get started
-Needs a Self Made Aurabot + Reset to be efficient
-Have to Deal with People, Luckily TFT is smarter than /Trade 820
-Offmeta, I leave you to decide what that means


Build's Building Blocks:

Esh's Mirror:
Allows us to take advantage of a mod saying "Adds 1 to 10 Lightning Damage for each Shocked Enemy you've Killed Recently" on an item from 2.5 when you would not expect to have 200 mobs killed recently but now this item is the core of any 5 Way Carry.

Grasping Mail:
Has a mod that is Esh's Mirror's little brother granting 1 to 5 instead of 1 to 10, which for some reason no other carry in the game uses...

The belt Streamers used to say was just for the attributes. This belt is required due to the survivability it gives but also the conversion stacking it allows.
I tried using a Soulthirst setup once, it got around 400 stacks making my attack speed about 35 APS, but would never be fully efficient because you are off-screening, which would not be counted by Soulthirst.

Crown of Eyes:
Allows the build to get Elegant Jewel with 3-4x 80% inc spell damage mod and get 9% dps from each point, which we take using an Impossible escape.

Assert Dominance cluster node:
Allows us to get all the way up to 30 AoE Kinetic Blasts explosions.

Self-Made Aurabot:

The build uses a Grasping Mail with the mod "Critical Strike Chance is increased by Overcapped Lightning Resistance" So the build needs an Aurabot providing as much Lightning Res as possible. You want the Aurabot to provide 88%+ Lightning Max Res because that will mean that their Purity of Lighting will also give lots of resistance. Another thing you need is Purity of Elements on Generosity (LVL 30 one from body armor). Getting to 500% overcap will get you halfway to crit cap.

Purity of Ice can also be dropped because there is little to no Cold damage in 5 ways. Karui does deal cold damage but is the Easiest boss to Kill and even the lowest dps 5 Way chars find themself one shotting it offscreen. Purity of Elements on Generosity Will get them to 75% and that will be enough. I have hosted AFK runs telling clients that were skeptical that I would let them run free if they managed to die to cold.

Animate Guardian:

This is Largly up to you but since I only have him out in 5 Ways with Aurabots he practically Cant Die. Shoutout to Ghazzys Ag guide which I highly recommend you chack out if you want to setup an AG. https://www.poe-vault.com/guides/ghazzys-animate-guardian-gearing-guide

My normal Setup Includes a LVL 21 AG + Minion Life Support + Meat Shield
Kingmaker + Crown of the Tyrant (blue) + Gruthkul's Pelt + The Infinite Pursuit + Redblade Tramplers + Replica Volkuur's Guidance

I am not posting a budget PoB because I want this build not to be accessible on low budgets. If for some reason you spend all your money on the build and you fuck something up, you bricked a build designed to only do one type of content and will not be able to afford to fix it.
For people who need to make changes read the whole guide and if you need to then PM my PoE account so I can help you.

Showcase: OLD Build with 20% of TOTAL DPS
I Plan on making it in Softcore so I can more accurately show the build's true potential. No Legacy Gear [Check my profile if you need to see a comparison]

Path of Building (Community Required)

-Deletes bosses the second they spawn
-11+ Attacks per second
-Can do circle botting with 5 chains (and bounce of terrain)
-Optimized for all the headhunter buffs
-250% movement speed for when it matters
-8.5k Kill counts minimum
-3 Rows of loot (3-4 Timless jewels
-15+ Divines per hour

-Costs a Headhunter, A high pdps Wand, and an Omni
-Need an Aurabot/Reseter to be efficient (A Robot or friend)
-Dealing with people, is not that bad after a while
-Can be boring to some people, HIGHLY recommend KB MTX in that case

-TFT account
-Lots of experience
-GPU 1650 or better & VERY Stable Internet
Crashing / disconnecting cuts into profit and
can get you banned if it happens too much.

Actual Build:

Abusing Kinetic Blast Shotgunning:

Kinetic Blast causes an explosion to happen when it hits the enemy, so we use Snipers mark to cause the projectiles that hit the boss to attempt to reach another mob (there is none) and explode somewhere next to the boss shotgunning.

Gear w/ Explanations

WARNING: DO NOT FOLLOW gem sockets in the images, check PoB gem section.


Basic Phys Wand except for the Spell Damage which is insane for this build because of Crown of Eyes, or just get phys hybrid if you want.


We can get about 100 kills over a 8 second period so this is the best in slot, (Also this build needs flat dmg for all the multipliers we have)


Allows us
to do some spell damage timeless jewel abuse and get spell damage on our wand for a total of 44% more damage.


Simular to Esh's Mirror mod (1/2 as powerful) and just gives a good amount of dps increase with Omni, AoE, and flat dps.


[Switch between Rampage gloves and Soul Eatter] Allows us to get 250% increased attack speed mid-way into the run (Check video /\ )


Nice for phasing and +1 chain, can be swapped for more "speedy" boots if you just want to have fun going in some fast circles.


On this build this amulet is mandatory unless you plan to massively change the build and get elemental penetration. Omni is where we get 50% of our damage and get enough resistance to not need aurabot (defensively) after 10 hh buffs.


Nessisary to fix the high mana cost of Kinetic Blast and get lots of Omni and chaos res (for chaos volatiles)


Obvious One, Good Corruptions are Attack speed during Flask, Hybrid Attributes, Hatred, Crit Multi, and Movement speed for fun.

I will not cover them, they are simple and basic so just check PoB


Gives a lot of Flat damage because of how many buffs we get.

Need to get Focal Point for Snipers Mark Shotgunning, explained in the section above.

Important for Timeless Jewel Section further down in the guide.

Detail on timeless jewel seeds and what we looking for can be found further down in the guide in its own section.

Need a Corrupting blood jewel otherwise, it will fuck you up and outmatch your regen in seconds if not next to aurabot.

Saves us 8 points and is relatively cheap. (check PoB)

Need Cluster jewel sockets for Area of Effect clusters.

Second large cluster, feel free to change the mods if you want.

Assert dominance for AoE when shotgunning.

Same but with Vast power for reaching AoE breakpoint

Timeless Jewel Abuse

In combination with Crown of Eyes and the 80% Increased spell we can get on an Elegant Hubris we get 120% increased Attack Damage on singular points which in PoB is 7-8% more damage per node. Then we can use Impossible Escape to get all the nodes for just 1 point each near either pain attunement or supreme ego.

Use this to search for the passives you want with spell damage to be on ( all the passives overlapping Imposible escape and timeless jewel circle.

Animate Guardian:

Support with Meat Sheild + Minion life As for gear, we want Kingmaker, Crown of the Tyrant, Legacy of Fury, Asenath's Gentle Touch, and Rare Body with "You can apply # additional Curses" and 100+ life. Make sure to slot Convocation in gloves for minion regen.

How to Setup TFT *Sigh*
Make Sure to Read T.O.S. Otherwise you might do something dumb and have a mod ban you from hosting 5 ways, it is the real deal.

Assuming you already have a TFT account otherwise do so, you want to collect at least a Trusted service provider so have respect and people want to get in your service. As for the Format you want to follow this:

WTS Softcore 5 ways AFK run
Region: [X/X]
Price: **Client: #Divines / 5 runs | Reset: #Divines / 5 runs **
Guarantees: X
Party: clients 0/3 resetter 0/1 aurabot 1/1
`@IGN` Hey I'd like to join your 5 way as AFK
`@IGN` Hey I'd like to join your 5 way as an Aurabot Reset

If you want to be efficient Run an aurabot reset it will allow you to get 4 clients in your run. Then level Awakened gems on the aurabot

Making Money📈

Ok so first thing that I sort of touched on in the TFT section, is that you want to have the aurabot on your alt account and get a reseter separately. This allows you to make a metric crap ton of money on Awakened gems on the aurabot's body (Dialla's Malefaction) and offhand (6 white socket bow and Maloney's Mechanism) if the carry levels awakened gems as well it becomes most of your profit. Make sure to compare awakened gems on Poe.ninja.

Since we need to get a reset because we do not have a reset aurabot we need to give them a 30-40% discount so we get them into the party quickly as possible.

How to Play Build

So because of Far shot 40% of our dps is based on Distance so we want to offscreen the bosses at least at the start, but we want to balance the number of projectiles that hit the bosses so try to be at the very edge of a 1920 x 1080 screen. I play ultrawide so a little less.

We also want to have all of our Vaal skills going off when the bosses all spawn in (takes a while to know when they do but I am just too lazy).

Make sure when you start the run to stay next to aurabot for the first 3-4 waves and then do whatever gets you the most kills. (Just makes you die less often and ramp easier)


If you need anything Private message my PoE account, if you want to make a comment just post below \/

6k hours in PoB, Boss asked me what happened to your excel sheet.
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thanks interesting setup but nowaday 5ways service is about kills count not row of loot count (i can have 26+ row count when playing 800x600). And running around circle isn't needed anymore. You can kill 9K+ mobs with HH and half of this setup in terms of DPS (setup missing a lot of AOE btw).

I like the soul gloves idea
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Hey there Nate -- I'm trying to build this in standard and was hoping you had advice on crafting a wand.

Here is where I'm at so far using a few recomb orbs and a number of other wands to get the base & mods:


I'm at a loss for the next steps. Any advice you can give me or am I following a dead end?
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