[3.19] Non-Crit Lightning Conduit

Before Start
This build is a non-crit version of lightning conduit, it may run good in the first several days. But you'd better upgrade it to a crit version before challange an end game boss.
Since it's my first post in forum, if you think anything wrong in it, please give me your advice.

Benefit From

- Lightning Ailment Effect
- Lightning/Spell/Area Damage
- Cooldown Recovery Rate (Thus spell speed is more quicker than CD)
- Spell Speed (For better Hit&Run)


Just for example: https://pastebin.com/Kcv9qJR9
You don't have to make your tree excactly same as it, just allocate these following passives is fine:
- Ascendancy: Elementalist, allocate Shaper of Storm
- All Ailment Effect you can reach
- All Mana Reservation you can reach
- Most Lightning Damage you can reach
- Enough Life
- Some Area Damage and Cast Speed if you like
- Lightning Mastery: +15% Maximum Effect of Shock
- Lightning Mastery: Lightning Damage with Non-Critical Strikes is Lucky
- Elemental Mastery: 40% increased Effect of Non-Damaging Ailments
- Keystone: Elemental Overload
- Keystone: Ghost Dance
- Large Jewel Socket


Lightning Conduit - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect - Added Lightning Damage - Lightning Penetration
Storm Brand - Unbound Ailment - HexTouch - Conductivity
Determination - Grace - Herald of Thunder
Wave of Conviction - Culling Strike
[Any Movement Skill You Like]
[Any Guard Skill You Like]
[Any Map Cleaning Skill You Like]


+1 Lightning Gem Lv
Add Lightning Damage to Spell

Ailment Effect

Cooldown Recovery Rate

Ailment Effect

Spell Suppress(only available in dex armours)

Cluster Jewel:
Large - Lightning Damage
Medium - Ailment Effect
(Pick a OverShock passive if your ailment effect still not reach 65%, it's available in both medium and large cluster)


- You can use any Lightning AOE Skill for map cleaning, we got enough sockets for that.
- When you got Enlighten Lv4, you can replace Herald of Thunder with Wrath.
- If you use The Annihilating Light for triple damage, you can adjust your tree for more Staves Passives

End of post, thanks for reading!
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Unless you play a Triggersetup like CWC, COC or Spellslinger i don´t get the point of CDR. Lightning Conduit only has a 0.5 cast Time and you can cut it as far as you want. Or is your CDR for Stormbrand (never played any brand builds)?

We will see ingame how much Lightning Ailment we need. Would love to see some option to play a high shock effect build with shocknova / voltaxic rift but this is not possible for leaguestart.

Easy way to scale shock effect is manastacking, so i worked on archmage versions a bit. archmage is only viable for spellecho/ pledge of hands, and we don´t know how echo and LC interact.

But thx for your build, im not sure if i leaguestart LC but ill take look for sure!

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