[3.20] League starter Raider for Heist | Hit Explosive Arrow + some others | Come heist with us

I noticed quite a lot of buzz lately about heist with a bunch of content creators making videos about it, calculating profits and all that good stuff. But! There was no forum thread and i want to fix it.

About me:
Im a bad player. I think my mechanical skill is something like 5/10, my game knowledge is 4/10 and my build creation is about 1/10. But i do love this game and i know that community will help me with this thread so we can create a bunch of useful resources for heist.

About the guide:
My goal is to create a heist compendium for all players so that you dont need to search all over the internet for some useful info about it. To start i combined garf TR (all links will be posted below) and asmodeus TR heist raiders into one build and modified it slightly.
I'll try to keep this thread updated whenever it's possible

Let's cover some basics first:
What is heist?
heist is a separate game mode added a couple years back in 3.12.
It consists of 2 main types of content: contracts and blueprints. Gameplay of them is actually almost exactly the same with blueprints just basically being a couple of contracts stitched together with a different reward at the end. And it all boils down to enter a instance, run through collecting intermediate rewards from chests around the place, get to the end of a maze, click shiny and then run out.

Should you do heist?
Theres a lot of different strategies on how to heist, but to answer briefly - yes, you should heist at the start of the league, because amount of chaos recipe and raw currency drops are way bigger than possible currency you can make in the early maps. Heist at the start is one of the best ways to kick-start a build for faster mapping afterwards.

Is heist fun tho? What about doors?
Honestly, i find heist to be quite relaxing and enjoyable. I got my first level 100 in PoE by doing heists in 3.12, i played some heist basically every league after that and i do like it.
There's a common belief that heist is annoying, clunky and require an insanely tanky build, but that's just not true, especially if you build a character for a heist specifically (well, i guess for running fast).
Another thing i like about heist is that you dont need to focus all that much on a game (apart from running and steering lol) so you i can listen to podcasts and/or watch some streams on another monitor

Explaining basic heist mechanics
In act 6 you'll start to encounter a weird "rogue cache" somewhere during your journey through the campaign. Inside of it you will find a contract and strange coins called rogue markers
If you use markers while being in town or in your h/o a portal will open leading you to Rogue Harbor, shady part of town occupied by a bunch of.. well.. rogues, actually.
Anyways, lore aside that first contract will teach you basics: how to interact with Adiyah, Whakano and Faustus (those 3 are your main buddies for first couple of days), how to pick a companion goon and how to perform a heist contract.
To start a heist you will need to talk to Adiyah, pick a corresponding rogue and pay some amount of Rogue Markers. She will then open a portal leading to a "map" of sorts.
Inside of a heist there's 2 stages - going in to snatch and escape.
After you go through a contract portal you'll end up in a safe "buffer zone" that lead you to the contract area. When inside of that are a progress bar will appear that indicates Alert level.
Alert level raises only when you open chests inside of a heist and if you get caught up in a pulse of an observer totems found in Perception contracts. That's it, killing mobs or opening doors does nothing to it.
If Alert level reaches 100% lockdown will begin, area will spawn some extra mobs and a timer will appear. You can still open chests while this is happening, but every time you open one you'll get a small penalty that shortens the timer. Once the timer runs out, casing of the heist target will be completely shut down and you will not be able to open it to complete a contract and also you will not be able to re-enter a contract.
So, it this part boils down to: go in, grab as many chests as you can (or as many as you need for that strategy you are going for) while not triggering the alarm and then grab heist target. Pretty easy, huh?
If you die during this part, you will drop everything that you looted from that contract, but since you can still enter a portal it's no big deal.
But after lockdown.. if you die you'll lose everything that you earned forever. Soo.. just dont die 4head.
So, after lockdown all you need and most of the time can do is just run to the exit. Some doors will reappear to slow you down, but nothing that you and your buddy-rogue could not handle, right?
This part is pretty straight forward. Just, as i said, dont die.

After you finish a contract (hopefully successfully) you will be granted a blueprint reveal (more on that later), some exp for your rogue companion and you can then sell your heist target to Faustus for a chunk of rogue markers and start again.

This is the base on which all heist is built. All in all blueprints follow the same pattern, with a slight variations in the end, but if you finish a contract you'll pretty much know what to expect from all other contracts and/or bp's.

Ok, now you hopefully understand the basics and we can move to more advanced stuff.

Rogue's and types of Contracts/BP.


In heist there is 9 possible types of jobs and contracts related to those jobs. For ease of understanding every job got a corresponding Rogue-specialist (main rogue) and some supplementary rogues. Differences between being main and supplementary is the ability to reach highest possible level for that job, that level being 5. Supplementary goons capped somewhere bellow 5, each rogue also got a unique perk (passive or active) and 4 item slots with of them being unique for each heist rogue.
When you first enter rogue harbor, there will be only 3 rogue's available and to unlock others you just need to do contracts in order:
Tibbs-> Tullina-> Nenet.
Karst-> Huck-> Niles-> Vinderi-> Gianna
Isla is just a sad loner :(

Here's a quick info on goons and my ranking of them
S+ tier
Gianna: Deception level 5, Counter Thaumaturgy (i'll call it CT from now on) level 3, perception level 2

The sole reason gianna is in a tier of her own is her perk: when you complete a contract accompanied by Gianna she will grant you a Blueprint Reveal at a discount price (up to 35% iirc, please correct me if im wrong). This is a huge discount in a long run and you should aim to reveal BP wings only using Gianna always. Apart from that her contracts do not spawn doors when in lockdown mode making them the absolutely fastest contracts to run. AND in additional to all that fun stuff rewards from her jobs are actually pretty nice.

S tier
Karst: Lockpicking 5, perception 3, agility 2.

Karst perk is reducing alert level from opening chests (up to 45%) which is pretty huge and will allow you to open all chests in LP contracts almost always. He is one of the best rogues to take for BP's. Hi's job speed is also pretty great.

Vinderi: Demolition 5, Trap 5, engineering 2.

Vinderi perk is a chance to duplicate rewards contained in a heist chests in exchange for raising alert levels when opening them. (16% chance to duplicate contents, but 36% more alert level)
This perk is a huge boon to your profit during BP's and will make him autoinclude if whenever you can, but also makes him a bit "meh" for contracts simply due to the fact that rewards from vindery jobs are mediocre apart from Generic in demolition, but imo he is outclassed for that job.

A tier
Nenet: Perception lvl 5, CT lvl 4
Perk - reduced raising of alert level (up to 23%). I would aim to grab for those 2 jobs, her main downside comes down to perception being the only type of job where Alarm totems can spawn and that suck, she also can show you patrols on a map, but since 3.12 we're a mess of a league that mechanic is no longer needed.

Tullina: Agility lvl 5, LP lvl 3, trap lvl 2
Tullina's perk is pretty much the same as Nenet, she just reduces a bit less (up to 16% less). She can also generate random items that can be sold to faustus for Rogue Markers, but imo they are to big and give a small amount of markers to be desirable. Include her if Karst and vinderi is in the party and you cant pick Nenet.

Tibbs: Brute Force lvl 5, demolition 4
Tibbs is good because of two things. First of all his perk is pretty decent - gives you ability to open up to 2 chests in lockdown state and brute force is a pretty fast job type so it's nice to run him.

B tier
Niles: CT 5, Decept 4
On paper Niles look pretty decent - discount for revealing BP's and ability to open 1 chest after lockdown is all good, but in reality he competes for deception contracts with Gianna and CT job in blueprints with Nenet. Pick him if you need a different rogue for BP's.

C tier
Isla: Trap 4, Engi 5
Isla's perk is extended lockdown time, which is not worth it almost ever imo. Also she competes with Vinderi to often on a lot of BP's.

Huck: Trash.
Oh man. Huck.. I'm not sure why GGG's decided to give vinderi 2 level 5 jobs yet huck can only go up to level 3 in 3 of them. He is not worth it ever-ever-ever.

Alright, now we know some info about our buddies, we need to get them dressed (eventually, no pressure). As i said all rogues got 4 pieces of gear, 3 can be shared between them and 1 is a special for each one.
Get on all rogues asap. Roll it with "chance to duplicate basic currency", aim to get a t1.
Keyword for c/alt spam - "basic"

Top priority also. Roll it with "reduced raising of alert level from opening chests", aim for t1.
keyword - chests

This piece is not that important, just pick up w/e you find and throw a transmute on it. If you happen to hit a useful aura for your build - use it.
No links for this one

Job item
This one is unique for each job type, so basically unique for each rogue. You want to roll here for "+1 level to all jobs for heists".
Keyword - heists
Also no links for this one as i'm to lazy to search for 9 items r/n, maybe later?

Ok, lets move on to contracts and what we gain from them.
As a baseline each successfully completed contract always award you with a Wakando BP reveal. You will use them to reveal reward rooms in BP's. Second reward from completing a contract is a Heist target that can be sold to Faustus for various amount of Rogue Markers based on a heist target value (moderate->high->precious->priceless).
But, apart from those 2 rewards contracts vary by item types that they offer in big chests.
Types of rewards
It’s not strictly a tier list, keep that in mind.
Currency - pretty self explanatory, it will drop random amount of random currency, good. Like, top tier.
Div. cards - imo second or even on a same power level of Currency. those chest drop Stacked decks and a bunch of random div. cards.
Those 2 chests are top tier and always worth it in the long run. When running BP, if you choose the strategy that reveal chest rooms you will reveal those first (and probably only those).

General (?) - those chests are weird. They almost always drop a decent chunk of chaos orbs alongside a bunch of trash items. Most of the time they are worth to go for.

Profitability of other chests will depend on a current market state. On average you will lose money revealing them for BP’s
Armour/Weapon/Jewelry - drop corresponding items. Super useful early for chaos recipe. Jewelry always drop a bunch of jewels also that you can put in a dump sell tab.
Gems - drop a bunch of random gems and will sometimes reward you with exceptional gems. Rarely.
Uniques - can be good first couple of days. Loses value super quick
Meta/Blight/Legion/Breach/abyss - are just not worth it imo
Delirium - if only we could get heist lvl 84.. But they still drop deli orb i believe. Decent reward.
Fossil - heavily depends on a market. Worth it in the first couple of days due to low amount of fossils available. Looses value quickly.
Essence - now sure about this one, need a bit of testing on my side. IMO not worth to go for during contracts, definitely not worth to reveal.
Fragments/talisman - trash
Harbinger - most likely not worth it after divine/exalted changes

Ok! We can finally move onto discussing contracts. As i said theres 9 types of jobs, so 9 types of contracts basically. Not all of them are equal in terms of profitability and 90% of the time all you will run is deception, lockpicking, perception and CT. (i will rank them when we will discuss heist strategies, and i just list them for now with my comments)

Main Rogue - Tullina (5)
Supplementary - Karst (2)
Chests: Currency, armour, essenses, fossils, harbingers.
Agility is alright. Currency chests are great, but job itself is kinda slow.

Brute Force
Main Rogue - Tibbs (5)
Supplementary - Huck (3)
Chests - Uniques, Weapons, Fossils
Brute force is alright day 1 and BIG MAYBE day 2.

Main Rogue - Niles
Supplementary - Giana (3), Nenet (4)
Chests - Currency, Gems, Accessory
CT is one of the better ones. Not only you can use giana for a bunch of them, but it also spawn currency

Main rogue - Gianna (5)
Supplementary - Niles (dont use him ever)
Chests - div. cards, harbinger, armor
The contract KING. This contract is the best contract there is - div cards are always a decent amount of $ and there is no doors in lockdown state. Run them with Gianna only to proc her perk.

Main Rogue - Vinderi (5)
Supplementary - Tibbs (4), Huck (3)
Chests - ?, Blight, Meta, Deli
Great contract to run early due to ? chest. Meh Later due to demolition being buggy sometimes

Main rogue - Isla
Supplementary - Vinderi (2), Huck (3)
Chests - unique, essense, maps
Trash. Run only to get isla levels, skip or sell after.

Main rogue - Karst (5)
Supplementary - Tullina (3), Huck (3)
Chests - currency, jewelry, fragments
Second best heist. Absolutely best if you dont plan on doing BP’s. Ability to use karst paired with currency chests is just too good.

Main rogue - Nenet (5)
Supplementary - Gianna (2), Karst (3)
Chests - jewelry, div. cards
A great contract job that sometimes can be ruined by alarm totems. Just pay attention to them. Use Gianna when possible.

Trap disarment
Main rogue - Vinderi (5)
Supplementary - Isla (4), Tullina (2)
Chests - Armor, Weapon, Talisman, Abyss, Breach, Legion

Whew. Thats a handful of random info already!
Thankfully, some awesome dude/dudette made a great cheatsheet with all the info Here

Ok, and now for the second part of the Heist - Blueprints.
Blueprints are like a grand heist, where you plan your little journey beforehand and go in sneaky-sneaky Ocean’s 11 style. (in reality it’s pretty much the same as a normal contract but bigger).
Blueprints spawn with 3 or 4 wings (4 wings being more desirable), each wing containing a heist-traget room with a bunch of rewards to choose from based on bp type and (i can be wrong on that one) 7 siderooms per wing (for a total of 21 or 28). You use Rogue Markers alongside reveals generated by completing contracts to reveal said side-rooms and/or wings. As a rule of thumb: wings are always revealed using giana and side-rooms revealed via whakano. You can most of the time skip special “escape route” reveal, but make your decision based on escape route location (sometimes it will spawn right next to the heist-target room and it is actually useful).

There is 4 types blueprints, or i should say 4 types of rewards in blueprints and only 1 of them is actually profitable to run no matter what and others are somewhat lacking.
Gem reward type
This is the best one. Also the most expensive one. There’s a lot of price variation league-to-league depending on the meta, but cheapest reward goes for 5c up to 10ex average being about 12-15c in my experience. It also sometimes offer Regrading lenses (prime and secondary) both of them cost a decent amount of cash too.
Replica Uniques reward type
Second best. Most of the replica uniques are kinda sorta garbo? So you pray for high-roll on getting replica alberons or something like that and that’s simply not worth it alone imo. Run this one if it’s an insane blueprint.
Thief tinkets reward type
You will need to run it atleast once to unlock your trinket slot. Trinket is a new piece of gear that was introduced in Heist league that works only in heist (but you can incubate on it tho) and grant you some loot bonuses. There are a couple of rolls that are desirable - chaos to divine, regal to divine. Both of them are incredible rare and will be extremely expensive. Once again - praying for a high roll and i dont like that.
Enchanter armaments reward type
a bunch of well rolled and exclusive items from heist. Almost worthless on it’s own, run it if it’s got a great side rooms.

To run the blueprint you need to plan it first.
Each wing require 3 rogues with a matching job type and level. You dont need to use different rogues to fill each job per wing, but you’ll lose a bonus from using a different 3 then, so aim to fill all 3 slots with a usefull rogues as outlined in previous sections of this guide (vinderi, karst, nenet being top priority). Other wings can be filled with the same people as only 3 rogue actually goes in with you despite the fact that they all are in the “buffer zone” for that blueprint, so just aim for the best rogues you can use for it. (it’s kinda stupid i know)

Thats basically it for blueprint knowledge i think? See? Pretty much the same as contracts, but with extra steps.
Now we can move onto heist strategies!

Now onto the big part, what we actually do starting day 1(or..any day actually) and then progressing.

League started, you made it to hillock and all good. You progress through the campaign and a decent or you pace and thinkin about them exalts divines then you suddenly notice that white maps gear set in your pob require you to get aegis aurora, you open /trade and see that that damned shield is 2 divines now. You think to yourself - there’s no way i’m gonna make 2 divines when i hit lvl 62.. huh?
If you ever found yourself in that situation i present to you the absolute best, pound for pound mechanic in the game to gather raw currency when your character cannot juice maps/kill bosses or do some other lucrative content (imma just ignore that currency flipping and crafting altogether, that’s a whole other game). That mechanic is heist btw. But how can we actually make money through it?

Strategy 1. “wrongfully accused”
tldr: buy lp/demo from 53, then after 59 add agi/bf. Bank rares for chaos recipe, disregard females acquire chaos orbs until level 69 or so, buy gear you need, smash maps. 2-2.5 hours TOPS.
I recommend this strat to everyone who is not starting in a group and/or not getting to yellows in first 6-7 hours.
When you get to level 53 or above you should begin to visit Rogue Harbor every level up and check Whakano for demolition and lockpicking contracts. Just stockpile them for later”, So when you’ll be level 60 or so and finish your merc lab just before killing kitava a10 you’ll have a kickstart to your fusing/chances/alches to buy contracts.
So now just go in and do contracts. Open as many chests as you can, pick up all rares you find and stash them for chaos recipe, sell your heist targets to faustus and stockpile them rogue markers.
We buy only demolition/brute force/lockpicking/agility as we dont want to waste time on unlocking rogues, and those 4 contracts are already pretty much cover everything we need.
Do this until level 68-69 or until you run out of contracts that you bought until level 68.
If you did everything correctly and your build is speedy enough you should spend only couple hours on it but it will generate you atleast! 100c day1 (most likely more, closer to 150c) which is enough to buy 2-3 exalts in the past leagues or maybe 1.5 divine in 3.19? Or enough to buy most of the items you need to push to the red maps.
Now just exit rogue harbor and forget about it existence!

Strategy 2: Heister junior
tldr: buy lp demo from 53, add CT and decept from 59. Always check for priceless artifacts, pour your soul into it and acquire a lot of $$$ to absolutely smash map (as well as succumb to the endless grind). 2-3 days.
Ok this is the first real “heist strat”. It involves something the we call “endless heist” in the bizz, yadada?, and a delevel recipe.
Start of this strategy is pretty much the same. You going to have to jump to rogue harbor to grap demo/lockp contracts every level starting from 53 to generate starting currency pool later.
After finishing campaign (killing kitava or not is a personal preference and will depend on a build you playing. All builds in this thread are build around not killin kitava) you should aim to be level 61 or so (i like level 61 due to a bunch of valuable uniques become available at lvl62 areas).
Now you start runnin heist like a normal sane person would, as fast as you can. 1-2c trades are no longer worth it.
Contracts priority: LockPicking, Demolition, Priceless artifacts > CounterTh(gianna), Decept(gianna) > brute force in 3.19 > all others.
Those levels 59-60-61 are perfect for a couple of reasons. Main is that you can do less tier 2-3 contracts such as CT, decept and focus on more t1 such as lockpicking.
So, you run a couple of contracts and suddely levelup from 61 to 62, what now? 1. Buy contracts. 2 Delevel. How? Sell a wisdom scroll with a scour orb to any vendor and you’ll get a book of regression that will bring your level down by 1. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a free passive point, so dont allocate the one you get at lvl 62. Oh, and be mindful of your gem levels. Try to lock them at level 59/60 and dont level them up more.
This strat is really good at making a bunch of currency early if you can stomach heavy repetitive grind. Main currency comes from a LOT of chaos recipe (it is possible to get like 4 recipes from 2 contracts like no biggie). Add to that other random drops such as raw currency, maybe a good unique here or there, some essences (drops in value real quick sadly due to amount of ess nodes on atlas tree), plus a lot of excess rogue markers that you can sell in bulk and you got yourself a bank.

Strategy 3. I take whats mine and take some more
TLDR: be lvl 59-60. Focus on Deception, CT, Perception with gianna. You want to get as many Gianna reveals as humanly possible and start running bp’s day 2 or 3 to make godzillion amounts of $.
This strat is kinda sorta “big boy” strat of the heist, so i wont be going super in-depth.
You start pretty much the same as first 2, but priority of contracts changes. Deception, CT and Perception with gianna are t1 with lockpicking/demo being the only t2 to supplement you with fusings/chances to buy more giannas contracts.
The reason this is so good is that, as i said earlier, gianna’s reveal discount is extremely good and cost about 5c iirc. Yea, you dont get to touch them 5c, but imagine that every deception contract (that takes about 70-80 seconds to run with portal in, portal out, selling, portal in etc.) will net you 5c, while the cost of contract is only 1chance? Mmm juicy.
But, this strat is also the hardest as you will need to have a build that can actually do bp’s after all that heisting is done, so do it only if you know you can do it.
When you have like 100-150 gianna reveals and a bunch of rogue markers (you’ll need to supplement some from trade for sure). you can switch to doing BP’s.
You’ll need to judge how much it will cost you to reveal a wing vs just buying a new gem BP so be careful with that also, as rogue markers early are quite expensive.
As for level of blueprints im not quite sure if it’s worth it to level all the way so you can comfortable do 81+ or 70+ is already enough and difference is only amount of wings. Maybe someone can help me with that!
Mind you that this strat will also require using TFT most likely (google up the forbidden trove discord). It’s either tft or hating yourself, trust me.
After all of the above is taken into the account there’s a second decision: do we open side rooms chests or we b-line to the end and snatch good rewards.
And the answer is.. honestly, up to you.
Both of those strats are pretty much equal, with b-lining being more easy, yet will require you to run more contracts and more bps for the same profit while at the same time being much more random in terms of rewards. And revealing chests will yield more constant rewards but at the cost of increased investment into each BP + increase of time and additional pressure points where you can die sometimes.
It’s worth it to reveal currency and cards and maybe “?”. Other rooms are next to worthless imo.


Hit EA Raider for endless heist.
Small update for 3.20, as nothing really changed. Now goes only up to level 67 since i havent played it at lvl 93 (and honestly not sure if i will), so not to confuse people i just deleted it.
Just did kind of a "winter cleaning" on it, shuffled some gems around, got a better pathing + passives, etc.

Check notes for additional notes.


POB for CA+TR Raider based around doing endless heist at level 61-62. just to give you guys some baseline while i work and write this guide
This version imo is inferior to hit EA in endless heistand i wont be updating it.

Blueprint and level83 heist farmer by Asmodeus:

Check his video for more info and PoB, not gonna yoink his views/moneys, but i can vouch for this build as one of the absolute best for heist.

Feel free to try those one, but i didnt like them.
POB for Galvanic Arrow Raider based on Asmodeus LAde + Havoc LAde but with some changes here or there. On paper it looks really solid, but! EDIT: i tested it and it felt kinda bad, leveling is alright, heisting is eh. EEEH.
I dont really know how to transition it in to a ilvl80+ bp farmer and that build is a bit more demanding in terms of gear.

POB for PC. Once again focused on 61-62 heist. Honestly, i didnt like how it performs in heist, but it levels really quickly tho.

To-Do list for a guide

Info on a heist goons, types of contracts and types of bps (done)
Info on a heist strategies (This section is serviceable now. I need to think on how to better structure the info there. Not sure if i can finish it before league start. Feel free to ask me anything tho, maybe it will actually lead to something good!)
Basic info on what you need for heist
Formating a build and outlining goals and milestones for hitEA and/or TR+CA (for heist they are pretty much the same except for the fact that you need to craft a bow for TR+CA and with changes to currency im not that happy with it). (wip)

Some tips and tricks
Some other stuff
Maybe make it pretty somehow (actually does not look super terrible now!)

I’ll try to complete this thread by the end of this week. Feel free to add various random info in the comments!
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I'm at work, so cant share my POB's at the moment but wanted to add two things.

1) New death rush ring will be BiS granting adrenaline for 100% inc damage & 25% move/attack speed on kill. At least this is my opinion.

2) It would be nice if you could outline best time to transition from doing endless heist (59/60ish level or 66/67 level) to moving forward, completing acts, and leveling into buying your own contracts/higher level blueprints. Also, related, is it more efficient to build your own rogue markers up at this point or just purchase from trade?
Stringtheory wrote:
I'm at work, so cant share my POB's at the moment but wanted to add two things.

1) New death rush ring will be BiS granting adrenaline for 100% inc damage & 25% move/attack speed on kill. At least this is my opinion.

2) It would be nice if you could outline best time to transition from doing endless heist (59/60ish level or 66/67 level) to moving forward, completing acts, and leveling into buying your own contracts/higher level blueprints. Also, related, is it more efficient to build your own rogue markers up at this point or just purchase from trade?

1. Yeah, it definitely would be bis for almost every heist/labrunner build. Im just not sure how common it would be :(
2. Yeah, ill try to do it in the heist strategy section.

As for rogue markers - most likely buy.
Ofc you will accumulate some rogue markers while doing endless heist and but you will burn through them in no time with the right build after you switch from contracts to BPs+giana contracts.
Very interested to see an updated TR Raider build for 3.19. I havent played in a long time, but TR looks pretty fun. I hope you keep working on this and put a new guide in the next couple days!
Deausx wrote:
Very interested to see an updated TR Raider build for 3.19. I havent played in a long time, but TR looks pretty fun. I hope you keep working on this and put a new guide in the next couple days!

I updated TR+ca pob. Keep in mind that it's still goes only up to 61-62. When i decide on a build to run this league i'll try to outline progression till lvl 92 or so.
What about Explosive arrow ?
any chance it will work after changes and could be compared with TR or other >
AdamRFT wrote:
What about Explosive arrow ?
any chance it will work after changes and could be compared with TR or other >

I actually leveling a ranger right now to test hit based EA on a raider since i was quite unimpressed with performance of GA (it wasnt bad it just wasnt THAT good). Will post a pob and update when i finish
So I've been wanting to go back to my roots and use a ranger bow build like back in the day and wanted to try LA or IS but nobody seems to make any guides for them anymore due to just how OP the other builds are for Ranger.

So my question to you is, is this build usable outside of Heist? Can I just tweak it slightly or anything to get this going in maps and for bosses? The only help I have is using poe.ninja but everyone there is lvl 100 with GG gear and it's just impossible to work off of for me.

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