[3.19] Low Life Storm Brand Elementalist 100% Shock


I have created custom builds for many years. This is my second build powerful enough to properly submit here. More of my content on my Youtube channel RPGIGAN https://www.youtube.com/c/RPGIGAN/videos

Low Life 100% Shock Storm Brand Elementalist

This build utilizes many shock modifiers on the passive tree, and also will take advantage of the new Galvanic Field gem, which is only ancillary to the existing version I ran through 3.18. We aura stack seven auras/mana reserved buffs including Discipline, Wrath, Zealotry, Clarity, Aspect of the Avian for double damage, Haste, Herald of Thunder.

I chose Elementalist to get 100% chance to shock. Our cluster jewels also buff damage when we shock, freeze, or ignite. A small amount of fire damage is purposefully added to our wand to provide a very short and weak ignite, but enough to activate Sadist.

We will use both vaal haste and vaal discipline. We have no critical strike multiplier, instead taking advantage of Elemental Overload on crit.

Pros and Cons

+ Uber Elder/Maven/The Twisted, etc viable
+ Great for clearing map mobs as well/farming
+ The only very expensive rare item is our boots with Elusive on crit
+ High chaos res
+ Uber Atziri viable: no elemental or physical reflect!

- Needs supercapped ele resists (ie 85-90%) to take on uber bosses like Uber Searing Exarch (as it is, it struggles on post-endgame uber bosses, and I would say is not viable on these fights).
- You will need to click a lot of skills as well as your flasks at all times, due to vaal skills, brand recall, etc.
- I recommend an alternate skill while leveling. Spark is a great choice that will get you to mapping.
- Cannot easily get past wave 20 on a Simulacrum (as of 3.18)

Leveling Advice

Using Spark through act 9-10 is very helpful, although you could get storm brand much sooner. Do not go low life until after level 70. Avoid brand nodes on the tree at first; aim for anything spell damage or lightning. Get Brush with Death!!!!!! This can be taken away later with the Cinderswallow urn, but BRUSH WITH DEATH is a great way to stay alive and get ES on kill.


Keep in mind, in 3.19 Wrath will need to be "Divergent Wrath" due to mana reservation changes. Haste will be "Vaal Haste." Brand Recall will replace Elemental Army's location, and that spot will go to Galvanic Field. Please see POB. Furthermore, the boots will also have elusive to compensate for the lost spell suppression in the new league. This will mean loss of the Eldritch influences as well.





Build guide, showcasing a juiced minotaur run and some boss kills:
"As long as I have a face, Tora will always have a place to sit."
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I am trying out this build since it does look a lot of fun :). but I do not see anything about bandits. Did you kill all or help Alira?
D3viousDom wrote:
I am trying out this build since it does look a lot of fun :). but I do not see anything about bandits. Did you kill all or help Alira?

Sorry about the late reply, was on a vacation. Kill all bandits. There is a way to see this on POB, you click on "configuration" and the second one down is the bandit choice.
"As long as I have a face, Tora will always have a place to sit."
Thanks! Never realized that's where you had to find it on PoB.
Hello Dontbejello here

a couple of questions is the build working? because i see you not evening playing it and the one you have in standard don't match the pob.

Why are we using Vixen when we can get additional curse on the amulet and have better everything on the gloves like unnerve or culling and es res

POB is also on standard boss and not end game boss
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