3.18.0b Hotfix 1

GGG said rares are more rewarding from before, but rare items aren't considered rewarding. People look at hard currency. I'm fine with Archnemesis challenge at this point just give us the loot rewards based off the mod rolls they had in archnemesis league. So if I run into Juggernaut + Effigy I want my harbringer and div card rewards etc.
Good job, turning the game into D3 for the last few leagues..I'm out...
Parob86 wrote:
Suggestion for next league introduction:

Chris is playing live a red map (alch and go) & delve 200 & heist 80 contract

No words needed and we all can see if the balance is right and the game fun

But make him play an off-meta skill too, preferably something melee as well
This patch solves nothing in my opinion.

These mods are annoying as hell, unrewarding, encountered in every map and mechanic and no one goes "Oh that was a great encounter, I had so much fun fighting this!"

There is a major backlash from the community on this. Reducing some % won't solve anything.

Remove it from rares completely, the community will forgive you.

I am not playing this frustrating experience anymore until it gets removed or a new game mode gets introduced where I can chill and relax instead of suffer.
I understand this isn't the common opinion and many will disagree but what If "old crazy awesome arch nemesis mods can still remain in the game in T16 maps". We can make them in such a way that they are not activated by default but can be enabled by the atlas passive tree. Basically Uber version of rare monsters for those like us who want to take everything to the extreme (ofc with more drops).
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I have to say, this league has been pretty nice so far.

Day 1 could feel rather cumbersome at times which required skipping quite a bit of rares but the reduction to 1 rare mod by default put the game in a pretty enjoyable place.

Sentinel pairs with the rare update rather well too. I can order an on-demand difficulty increase if I'm strong enough to get a bit of a challenge occasionally but the important bit is that it's under my control, I can choose what is fun for me. I think you really hit the nail on the head with that mechanic.

What bumps the enjoyability of sentinel even further for me is actually seeing drops from the monsters and the drop type icons above them. Sure they can't always drop super-valuable stuff but at least I'm able to see items dropping that I usually don't (all sorts of league currency, etc) and that makes it more exciting. That's much better than simply hoping to get that one big drop eventually and not really seeing anything of value until then. This is actually one of the big reasons why Sentinel has pushed me to interact with the league mechanic and want the challenge. My usual has been to mostly ignore many previous league mechanics sooner or later.

The loot icons and light columns which indicate beamed monsters are also really well done, visible and enjoyable.

I'm going to be honest, I had very low expectations towards Sentinel but I have been very positively surprised so far.

I know you guys have been hard at work and are facing a lot of unreasonable hate and strong opinions from every which angle, perhaps it will help to see the positive reactions as well. There are many of us out there that like the direction of the changes in Sentinel.
This is just ridiculous. GGG won`t listen and the Arch Nemesis make sure it is no fun playing this game.

I am done with this league. Will play the next 3 month something else.

Still same, this patch did not solve anything, game is still unplayable ( in a mater of fun ).

GGG you did much much better in the beginnings, ( 2013-2018 ).

POE used to be a game that was fun, an alternative to D3 because D3 was so boring and repetive, where everyone wears same set items etc.

We ( i speak for casuals and average gamers ) want to be able to choose the difficulty.

If these Hardcore gamers want challange, make a new Mode:

Sentinel League Upgraded Mobs

So this way we all play still game and league but those who want challange can use this Mode!

I dont have time for 40/40 or ubermaven etc.

All i want is to squieze through maps and build a few characters.

Its already frustrating enough to redo all story for each char, why are you making life so hard for the majority, i dont get this!
feels like playing Diablo 3 when rare mob drop ice prison.

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