3.18.0 Hotfix 2

y3lw0rC wrote:

Again no numbers no proper info... It feels like the reductions were so marginal that GGG is even too ashamed to write :D

as if you could do anything with those numbers xD
In game development it is recommended to test changes and additions before launch.
Overtuned mobs but they don't reward you for that either.

It's jarring enough that in archnemesis, you got big reward loots for killing these rares, but you don't now. It's worse when they don't drop anything at all.
Am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with being the tester after release?

Everyone wants some fully fleshed out linear experience I'm so sick of the whole YouTube guide everything is already known by some streamer in alpha ahead of time crap.

I like the unknown and the untested.

Sure some of it was ridiculous and maybe the introduction of crazy mod combos was a bit early but geez the amount of naysayers is ridiculous. I guess I'm just either the minority or the only one fine with it willing to post.

Great nerf, Map rares were 10 times stronger than Map boss now 9 times stronger :D. Best hack and slash ever. Fix it
worst league start since ultimatum, test ur stuff from a semi beginner friendly and casual player point of view, or keep doin this and lose players
whats a point of making enemies harder without reward ? and it doesn't feel like you changed much
its not interesting to insta die
or kite a rare for 15 seconds to get nothing in return, whats the point of this ?
and you literally didn't test shit, you tested in deploy...
need more challenge
I don't think your hot fix worked.....this shit is still unfriendly to everyone.
is..is it working guys? i cant tell if its working.

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