[3.18] Dex Stacking Hollow Palm Cyclone Scion


I have created custom builds for many years, but this is the first powerful enough to properly submit here. More of my content on my Youtube channel RPGIGAN https://www.youtube.com/c/RPGIGAN/videos

Dex Stacking Rage Scion

This build stacks dexterity to buff Hollow Palm Technique, which requires the use of no gloves, weapon, shield, or quiver in exchange for increased physical damage.

I chose Scion in order to access both Raider's spell suppression, onslaught on full frenzy, and phasing, and Juggernaut's stun and chill immunity and access to endurance charges. The Scion starting point also allows access to a lot of dex, also stacked using a Brutal Restraint.

We gain rage through Rage Support, and utilize Berserk as a skill when attacking bosses or rare enemies for a huge increase to attack speed.

Pros and Cons

+ Uber Elder/Maven/The Twisted, etc viable
+ Great for clearing map mobs as well/farming
+ With the exception of the rings and belt, most of the gear are uniques, making the build very accessible

- Poor chaos resist (usually not an issue)
- Rings are expensive or hard to craft. The only place to up your resists are on your rings and belt.
- You need to use an alternate skill while leveling. I recommend caustic arrow, because bow nodes on the passive tree are along the same path when beginning.






Original build guide, which is missing blood stance and vulnerability on hit, instead relying on Awakened Blasphemy Support:

This footage upgraded the build by adding Blood and Sand and changing a ring to get vulnerability on hit. It also added Summon Skitterbots for chill and shock:

Defeating Hall of Grandmasters
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