[3.20] Shockwave Cyclone Build (League Starter) | Champion | Forbidden Sanctum | Path of Exile 3.20

Hey guys, here is another league starter build. I also have a slayer version with very similar setup. Just wanted see how champion performs.

Slayer Version: https://youtu.be/uZsTDfwECLg

Build Cost
- Low Budget: 0-20 div

Shockwave: Shockwave Support is a support gem that causes the supported attack skill to release a Shockwave on hit, dealing attack damage to enemies around the enemy. It causes the supported skill to be restricted to staves and maces.

Mana: "Channelling Skills have -3 to Total Mana Cost" mod on rings and "#% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Mana" mod on a jewel
- If you have a body armour with "Socketed Attacks have # to Total Mana Cost" mod you don't need - mana cost on rings and mana leech

- Awakened Gems (Melee Physical Damage and Brutality)
- Watcher's Eye (Impales you inflict last # additional Hits while using Pride)
- Cluster Jewels
Large: Feed the Fury / Martial Prowess / Fuel the Fight
Medium: Pressure Points / Quick Getaway - Towering Threat / Magnifier

Leveling: Start with ground slam and keep playing until level 68 then switch to cyclone - shockwave setup. Leveling gems and trees are in the video. (Use a two-handed axe while leveling because staff nodes are way up there and all crit related.)
Recommended weapons for leveling:
- Limbsplit (Level 13-33)
- Reaper's Pursuit (Level 33-68)

PoB: https://pastebin.com/UP43VSqs

Build Video: https://youtu.be/rwaW9OuGN3o

Bandits: Kill All (Alira is fine too)

- Flesh and Stone now causes you to take 11–15% less Damage from Attacks from Enemies that aren't nearby while in Sand Stance at gem levels 1–20 (previously 9–11%)
- The Reservation Mastery that granted 15% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency of Skills has been removed from the Passive Skill Tree.

You may run into some problems after the changes.

Problem: Can't use all auras with this setup now because 15% mana reserve mastery is gone.

Solution: There are some ways to solve this problem.
- Get the 8% increased reservation efficiency node near the "Champion of the Cause" and lower the precision level to 17 or lower.
- Use Enlighten support.
- Get a helmet enchant with any reserve efficiency.
- Annoint Charisma.

- Curse changes:

(Footage is from 3.17)


Gem Setup:

Cyclone - Shockwave - Melee Physical Damage - Increased Critical Damage - Pulverise - Brutality

Precision (Lvl 17) / Blood and Sand / Flesh and Stone / Pride / Determination / Blood Rage

Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Maim - Multiple Totems - Ancestral Protector

Leap Slam - Lifetap - Assassin's Mark - Mark On Hit

Vaal Molten Shell (Lvl 10) - Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 1) / Dread Banner - Arrogance
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Hello, thanks for the guide.
what masters did you choose, thanks
Quick Question:
Why is Vaal molten Shell connected with CWDT, it doenst trigger Vaal?
wishdropper wrote:

Vaal Molten Shell (Lvl 10) - Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 1) / Dread Banner - Arrogance

Hey! Why is Molten Shell level 10 and CWDT level 1 ?

I'm newbie trying to figure it out. Sorry if so.
CWDT lvl has to be equal or less than the gem you are trying to proc. So if the gem if higher than the cwdt gem it wont proc.
for some reason, mark on hit makes assassins mark cost way more mana? had to keep mine at lvl 1.
Hey, do you have a PoB with clusters? Which stuff do you drop for them?
fanaT[!]k wrote:
wishdropper wrote:

Vaal Molten Shell (Lvl 10) - Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 1) / Dread Banner - Arrogance

Hey! Why is Molten Shell level 10 and CWDT level 1 ?

I'm newbie trying to figure it out. Sorry if so.

Cast while damage taken will trigger the regular molten shell, Vaal you activate yourself when you think your char is about to fall.
Pretty decent for start, lacking survability later in T14+ maps. To fix this i used Glorious Vanity to get Divine Flesh keystone (at the cost around 20% dps, in theory fixable with the right seed, depends on luck with finding some) and this single item doubled my elemental dmg sustain after i got chaos resistance high enough.

The most expensive gear are Chest and Watcher`s Eye, 5D each.


Next target is to get Enlighten to be able run Flesh and Stone aura (+15% dps), Forbidden jewels (+25% dps) and 700+ pdps staff (+20-40% dps).
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just started with this build, found it really fun and really good starter, im still learning about how to gear and stuff

wondering what i could do to improve my character

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