3.17 TOXIC RAIN CHAMPION - Fast, Tanky, Deadly! - League-Start to End-Game

Toxic Rain Champion is all the rage this league due to the popular videos of Lightee and Zizaran.

I created Lightee's build in Standard and made some tweaks to make it more relevant to most players as Lightee focuses on HC. I have made it have more DPS while still keeping great defence which would be better for most softcore players.

Here is an end-game video for those working towards it:

3.16 Mapping/Clear Videos:
1. STRONG! Shaper Guardian Clear: https://youtu.be/e0b5pya5Ll8
2. FAST! Toxic Sewer Clear: https://youtu.be/TV18hYNSwUE
3. FUN! "Null and Void Gloves" Clear: https://youtu.be/jfw9TmXdJA4
4. TANKY! 100% Delirium T16 Clear: https://youtu.be/jSix1yigLws

3.16 Bossing Videos:
The Formed: https://youtu.be/I1hJzH6Rqik
The Twisted: https://youtu.be/7Zu3gDocxOU
The Feared: https://youtu.be/RA46ox24OCg
Sirus A9: https://youtu.be/pjV3DRlYXaQ
Maven: https://youtu.be/FeJ4tES1fZA

Pro's and Con's

- TANKY! This built can face-tank most content in the game.
- FAST! Movespeed is fantastic... +200% when all things active!
- DEADLY! T16's just MELT, Deathless Sirus A9, Maven, Formed, Twisted, Feared.
- ALL CONTENT, ALL MODS! A true "Alch and go"... can do all map mods.

- Lots of balancing of gear - resistances, strength, intelligence, life, DOT, mana reduction)... but most builds have this challenge.
- Can be expensive to min-max.
- It's not Tornado Shot.

Gear Overview

Note that this gear can be interchangable with other stuff... see detailed gear section further below.

Gear Detailed

Crafted with extra DOT or Attack Speed. Quill rain can be used early game.

DPS quiver with life/res stats, or Maloney's for frenzy charges, culling strike, or vaal haste, or other combo of your choice. I personally enjoy run with Maloney's because I use QOTF chest (no frenzy generation).

For Maloney's, I usually run with Caustic Arrow + Awakened Arrow Nova Support + Frenzy

A couple of other great options are:

Caustic Arrow + Awakened Arrow Nova Support + Chain
Caustic Arrow + Culling Strike + Frenzy
Caustic Arrow + Awakened Arrow Nova Support + Vaal Haste
Frenzy + Culling Strike + Vaal Haste

It all depends on your preference of playstyle.

I swap in Culling Strike for bosses.

QOTF for speed, or armour with great stats (life/res), or armour with frenzy on hit, or armour with additional curse and you can run frenzy + curse setup (eg Poachers Mark) in Maloney's quiver.

Devouring Diadem means we can spam our skills without mana issues, and no need for a mana flask (yay). It provides great QOL for the build.

Otherwise a -9% chaos pen helm for DPS, or Viridi's Veil for more defence.

Chaos DOT and craft increased AOE. Or some gloves with DOT and Culling strike/attack speed. Null and Void gloves add a lot of fun if you want to spice things up.

Boots will spell suppression to ensure we cap at 100%. Other stats of your choosing.

Chaos DOT, +1 dex or chaos gems, other stats of choosing. Corruption annoint.

Life/res. One ring with Curse enemies with despair on hit.

Life/res or other stats you need. Headhunter if you want or mageblood.

POB and Masteries


Life: +50 to max life
Life: 10% inc max life / 10% reduced life recovery
Duration: 10% more skill duration
Flask: Life/mana flasks gain 1 charge every 3 seconds
Bow: 20% chance for phasing on kill / 8% inc movement speed while phasing
Bow: 20% increased area of effect while wielding a bow
Reservation: 15% inc mana reservation efficiency of skills
Chaos: 20% inc effect of withered
Spell Suppression: Prevent +2% Suppressed spell damage

Below is a post from BuDiu, who, within just one week of the league was the #1 Champion and reached level 100 with his insane setup:

#1 Toxic Rain Champion

Wanted to share some vods I made of the build:

Latest PoB:

Apologize in advance for the quality and random voices talking in the vods, just friends in discord and im not exactly into streaming and making content.

Maven kill:

A9 2 player HP sirus for a friend:

The Feared maven invitation with rare mods:

Wave 29 and 30 of new Simulacrum:

Uber Atziri:

t16 delirium double beyond:

Now I see some comments here and there regarding some aspects of toxic rain as a build in general, and I do agree that it will take some extra investment to cover some relatively important layers.

For example, if you are just running like a level 10 Vitality and popping blood rage, you are basically going to struggle with gettign your HP back once you run out of flasks.
Scaling your life regen higher is one way to help with this, but another very strong layer of life recovery is using a Life on Hit while affected by Vitality watchers eye, or a rare ring with 20 life on hit mod.
I would also HIGHLY recommend using a enduring cry. It's really nice way to gain some hp on demand. 2k hp over 1 second + endurance charges.

Another thing people seem to struggle with is mana problems.

There are a few ways to approach helping with that...

You can craft on rings -7 and ammy, and you can increase this to -8 with life mana catalysts.
If you manage to get a ring that was unveiled, it goes up to -10 which can be upgraded to -12 mana cost with catalyst.

You can also get rare jewels with 5% reduced mana cost mod. So if you find a jewel with like %life, mana reduced costs and other damage mods, that's a solid alternative to help lower your mana cost up to zero.

If you are having trouble against damage over time, you could consider investing in ways to prevent that.

Elemental Ailment immunity is possible.(ignite damage) You can get up to 45ish % on boots. You can craft it on certain armor slots. You can get passives on the tree and so on.

Poison, you could use the Soul of Shakari pantheon, which i do sometimes depending on the content im running. I personally use soul of Arakali for Major Pantheon, it really does help.

For bleed and corrupting blood, you could get a corrupted blood immunity jewel. Highly recommend.

The cheap, temporary alternative to some of these ideas, is to just have flasks help with this...

Feel free to post any questions, suggestions, comments, jokes, or abuse.

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All the guide is in PoB https://pastebin.com/YgAscx7X
And this build source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nNguBo4JjQ


The purpose is to simply create a forum thread on it so people can discuss if they like, questions etc.

Lightee's version is built for HC. This has been tweaked to be more relevant for the majority of players who have access to trade playing Softcore, with more damage and still great defence.

EDIT. This build has been so heavily upgraded from the original build now I would almost consider it a completely different build to Lightee's.

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Hello.. can o go on pure Toxic rain balista with that build??? and how is champion compared to raid??? i guess champion is tankier and raider is faster with more damage? thx alot.
andrelb1 wrote:
Hello.. can o go on pure Toxic rain balista with that build??? and how is champion compared to raid??? i guess champion is tankier and raider is faster with more damage? thx alot.

You could go Ballista's but you would want to path to totem nodes. Your overall DPS would probably be lower but it may be an easier playstyle if you like it. There is another build on this forum that goes ballista's I believe.

Deadeye would be good... yes, it really comes down to your preference of more DPS but being a bit squishy, versus a little less DPS and face-tanking most of the game. Going by Remi's POB for his Deadeye build, I am currently matching his DPS while being more tanky, my gear is high-end, but so is his. I haven't tried Deadeye yet though, so I'll give it a go.

But overall I'm lazy so I like to just stand on bosses and face-tank things :)
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brunowa wrote:

- TANKY! This built can face-tank most content in the game...

- Hard to cap resistances when prioritising other stats....

I dont know what to make out of it, so this build is tanky yet hard to cap resis so I will get 1 shotted often...
I got all my ballista's swiped when in boss fight, can u tell me the right way to do
How can I deal with ailments?
I got all my ballista's swiped when in boss fight, can u tell me the right way to do

They are bugged right now. But looks like they might be getting fixed hopefully in the next patch.


See comment from Bex. Best you can do right now is drop them out of the way or behind you.
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