Bug report 2903977987 Fortify not working

So I'm pretty sure this is a bug, but I have fortify linked with leap slam (I also tried with shield charge) and i've noticed i get fortify maybe 3% of the time. I leap slammed and counted 32 hits in a row before i got a single charge.

Kind of hard to get on a screenshot, but it should be pretty easily recreated (or i can just get a video and upload to youtube)
Last bumped on Oct 24, 2021, 10:30:31 PM
you have to do substantial damage with the melee skill to get fortify now.

this was a purposeful change, so that casters cannot just link SC/leap to fortify and have the buff. fortify is for melee characters.
Rip, was that an actual change? Now i gotta figure out the better way for me to get my fortify lol

ctrl F 'fortify'

Fortify is intended as a defensive benefit for being a melee character, but can often be obtained by spellcasters using melee weapon types without engaging in melee combat.

Change the Fortify mechanic so it is given as stacks of Fortification, which is gained based on how much melee damage you deal.

and theres a big explanation below that.
The "Melee hits Fortify" mastery is a huge help. You're already pathed right next to the Marauder's Fortify wheel, and very close to the Duelist's as well. You should hit the Marauder's Fortify options ASAP at the very least, and probably the Duelist's eventually if you've got room for it in your build.
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