[3.15] Shield Crush Gladiator



It's around 8mil dps without rage. Two overlapping waves it's 16mil i guess. In mines when rage is fully charged it's really cool. Ive done all bosses and invitations. Attack speed is pretty important stat, may want to change the rare jewels to get even more instead of melee/area damage on the suffix. Maybe can do some better with some passives. Bleed is 95% not counting vulnerability curse so explode is sweat.
On chest obviously +1 str is better than support. I have overcapped almost 125% each guess no need it. Overleech from timeless jewel is great and it's extra 30% attack speed from the cluster jewels.
Ideally could get +3 min frenzy charges for bossing, or swap enduring cry for anomalous blood rage. I find it usless to use "Violent Retaliation" on the ascendancy tree but needs more testing. On mapping everything dies so fast block is not applied much, on bossing it may make a difference.

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