Regikoko's 3.15 Eye of Winter Totem Hierophant Build (Budget and Expensive version)

This is a Hierophant, Eye of Winter totem build. It has good clear and good single target damage when aimed properly. I have yet to push this build to its limits but so far have had no problem leveling it despite the recent 3.15 nerfs. I will continue to update this guide and post videos of the boss kills with this build. I will continue to play this throughout the league and my goal is to complete all content with it.

I edited the build slightly to increase survivability since I was having trouble staying alive. I dropped Thread of hope and some other damage nodes for The Agnostic keystone and the mana nodes next to if you just want pure damage here is the PoB link its about 20k dps difference (

Path of Building

Just a note the damage calculations for Eye of Winter only shows the damage for 1 projectile. We have up to 6 totems firing tons of projectiles in the area the actual DPS numbers depend on how well you place the totems and how many shards hit the target.

Expensive Build:

Budget Build:


Main Skill 6 link
Eye of Winter
Added Cold Damage/Awakened Add Cold Damage
Increased Critical Damage(if not yet using soul mantle replace this with spell totem support)
Cold Penetration/Awakened Cold Penetration
Divergent Multiple Totems Support
Increased Critical Strikes

This is our main skill and source of damage it sends out a trail of projectiles that when it reaches it final destination or collides with terrain will detonate sending out a circle of projectiles. The final explosion can shotgun enemies allowing for big single target damage. The goal when using this skill is to set up your totems in a way that the final blast land as close to the enemy as possible. The support gems are pretty much just typical damage gems with multiple totems allowing us to fire as many projectiles as possible.

Curse/Debuff 6 link
Sniper's Mark
Frost Bomb
Arcanist Brand
Spell Cascade

Sniper's Mark allows us to deal more damage with projectiles to the target we mark with it and since Eye of Winter fires projectiles this will allow us to maximize our DPS. Frost bomb applies Cold exposure giving negative to enemy cold res, further increasing our damage. Arcanist Brand simply makes it so both abilities will fire simultaneously saving us some clicks. Spell cascade increases the hit area of our abilities. finally enhance/empower further increase the effectiveness of our abilities. Drop enhance and/or empower if you are not yet on a six link.

Movement Ability 2 link/Golem 2 Link
Flame Dash
Second Wind
Anomalous Summon Stone Golem
Minion Life

Even with the movement skill nerf Flame Dash is still pretty good but since it now has a longer CD you'll want to make sure you save some charges for troubling situations. Second wind gives us more Flame Dash charges and a tiny bit or CDR. Stone golem is one of the ways we keep ourselves alive. Not only will it tank the occasional hit for us but provides a power buff that causes us to regenerate life. Since we take glancing blows to max out our block chance we will still take reduced damage from blocked hits this + the vitality aura allow us to quickly recover from that damage increasing our survivability and minion life helps keep our little helper alive.

Cast When Damage Taken 4 Link
Cast When Damage Taken lvl 3
Immortal Call lvl 4
Void Sphere lvl 4
Second Wind

This is pretty basic we take Immortal Call to help reduce further damage once we've taken a hit. Void Sphere on the other hand acts as sort of a black hole pulling enemies and slowing them with hinder not only providing a small crowd control effect but keeping them grouped up allowing our Eye of Winter explosion to finish them off. Second wind is there to help CDR of the skills although Increased Duration support may work better I have yet to play with this so it may change in the future.

Aura/Buff 3 Link+1
Vaal Haste

Clarity provides us with mana regen which is really important since we take Mind Over Matter causing some of our damage to be taken as mana this will improve our survivability while also allowing us to maintain mana for our other skills. Vitality similar to stone golem provides us with more life regen. Enlighten is there to increase our unreserved mana and Vaal Haste provides us with a nice burst of damage when available.


The budget version of this build uses

Once you get a lil richer you'll invest in a rare staff for this build it must be a staff with implicit block chance Any kind will work as the damage on the staff won't matter but the block is a nice survivability boost you can go for pure damage if you want. Then you'll want Spell Damage, Cast Speed, Critical Chance for Spells, + to spell skills, + to cold skills, and crit multi


Soul Mantle is the body armour you will use with this build it is a key part of the build it adds spell damage, +1 to totem limit, and curses you when you're totems die (resummoning totems counts as them dying) although this may sound bad when you combine this with a way to become immune to curses and the self-flagellation jewel which adds damage per curse on you it becomes a power house and a heavy source of damage for this build. That being said make sure you have curse immunity which we will discuss further down in the guide before using this armour.


For gloves you'll want a set of rare gloves preferably Fingerless Silk Gloves for the bonus to spell damage but can use any old pair of gloves until then the stats you'll want are high life and mana rolls and all resistances as needed and cast speed. Also if you can find a pair with increased cold damage to chilled enemies this will help even more with damage although they can be hard to come by.


For boots you'll want rare boots the base type does not matter as much although two-toned are going to be best to help with resistances. Again you'll want high life/Mana and resistances but you'll also want as much dex as possible on these to help meet the dex requirements for you're skill gems as we do not take many dex nodes on the passive tree. Movement speed of course is nice to have to help with clear speed and survival.


If you're using the budget version you'll want anything with high life and resistance rolls

The final Version of this build uses Viridi's Veil This is a key part of this build as it provides us with hexproof while using a magic (blue) ring in right ring slot which allows us to use our armour (Soul Mantle) while bypassing the negative effects of the curses we inflict on ourselves


For our amulet we use The Pandemonius. Which will provide us with a bunch of damage cold res and the dex implicit help with our dex requirements for this build. Also it allows us to blind chilled enemies on hit which helps some with survival.

If using the budget version of this build go for a rare amulet with high life/mana, resistances and whatever damage stats you can find this is what I am wearing at the time of writing this guide


For ring we will use Mark of the Shaper for a big damage boost and some life. alternatively in our right ring slot you'll use a Magic ring to synergize with Viridi's Veil. If using Mark of the Shaper you must get a Elder ring in order to benefit from the spell damage bonus on Mark of the Shaper. On this ring you'll want a Tier 1 life roll and as much res as you can get. I recommend a vermillion ring base although Cerulean or Opal can work if you want more damage over survivability.

If using the budget version of this build this will be the slot you use to get curse immunity as Viridi's Veil can be a bit costly. Using 2 Kikazaru rings will give you 80% reduced effect of curses on you. (40 each) combine that with the 20% you'll get for the pantheon (Yugul) and you have 100% reduced effect of curses. It also gives mana and life regen which is useful for this build and a good amount of lightning res on the implicit.


For the belt it heavily depends on what gear you have. If using Viridi's Veil then you will want to use Coward's Legacy it give you "You count as on low life while you are cursed with Vulnerability" plus curses you with Vulnerability with 80% increased Effect. which allows us to get a permanent buff from the passive keystone Pain Attunement. The movement speed and all attributes is nice as well.

For the budget version get a good Leather belt or Stygian Vise with life/mana and resistances. If using a Stygian try to get life and some damage added to spells on your Jewel. This is what I am using at the time of making this guide

Jewels/Cluster Jewels

For jewels you'll need to get a Self-Flagellation. This gives us up to 20% increased damage per curse on you and allows an additional curse to be applied to you. This with soul mantle is a huge source of damage.

For cluster jewel you'll want 1 large 1 medium and 1 small cluster jewel. for the large cluster jewel you'll want Prismatic Heart, Blanketed Snow, and any other passive on it make sure you get one with "Adds 8 Passive Skills" as any more will add to the amount of skill points needed to get the important nodes.

For the medium cluster jewel you'll want Repeater and Shrieking bolts. Repeater is just for damage but Shrieking bolts adds a taunt effect to your totems helping with survivability since one of the biggest weakness to this build is monsters rushing you and ignoring the totems. This one can "Adds 4 or 5 Passive Skills" as the 5 doesn't require you to put any more points in to
get the important nodes.

The small cluster jewel will be aiming for Holistic Health since it gives life and mana. You could go for Fettle for more life but the mana is nice since we take Mind over Matter it gives us a lil more survivability then fettle.

As for our other jewel slots I recommend something like this

Crit Multi, Crit chance to cold skills, cold damage, and totem damage are also useful damage stats to go for but the life and mana mods are what I prefer for more suvivability.


Help Alira This gives crit multi, mana regen, and all res. All of these stats are great for this build.


I Recommend Soul of Arakaali and Soul of Ralakesh although any of them will work

If using Kikazaru you must take Soul of Yugul and upgrade it once using the Divine Vessel on the Terrace map (make sure you get the vessel from the map the device after completing the map and talk to Sin to upgrade it) without this we don't have 100% reduced curse effect.

So for this I recommend taking Enigmatic Defender as it allows us to get more block chance, gives us some spell damage and since we take Mystic Bulwark the extra spell block gives us mana regen as well.

If you just want more damage take Doom Cast.

Leveling Tips

So when you first start off you'll want to use Freezing pulse until you get Eye of Winter. It scales with the same stats and works great for the short time we use it.

As for how to path in the tree I found it best to go down grab the life and damage nodes right next to our starting area then path over to Mind over Matter and the life and damage nodes there. Then just path towards the other life nodes in the build picking up damage and mana nodes as needed along the way.

I also recommend playing self cast until you get your second ascendancy. I went with Conviction of Power ascendancy first then once I got close to the Keystone Ancestral Bond on the passive tree I got my second ascendancy upgrade and took Pursuit of Faith and Ancestral Bond at the same time otherwise totems does not feel that great without a bunch of them.


Here is a video of me running normal Atziri. The gear I was using at the time is linked in the PoB below the video. (its pretty bad gear, I ran it as soon as I had a full set)

Ran an Altered Distant Memory here is the boss kill still have below budget gear but getting close to my next upgrade will keep updating.

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Any update on how this build is doing?
Last edited by Derpy_Mudkip on Aug 2, 2021, 1:21:13 AM
Derpy_Mudkip wrote:
Any update on how this build is doing?

So I got the six link finally and Viridi's along with mark of the shaper and the damage feels ok. The problem I am having is with survival. Mapping seems good but not sure if this will be a good boss killing build. Also it's not the greatest at clearing out the league mechanic. Been going back and forth with Eye of Winter and Freezing pulse and honestly Freezing pulse seems better at doing the league mechanic. Honestly this skill may need some tuning, Freezing Pulse may be a safer option at the moment. Luckily they use the same setup so if you wanna try it you can always fall back on Freezing pulse if its not for you.
Regikoko wrote:
honestly Freezing pulse seems better at doing the league mechanic.

I had such high hopes for this skill but FP is just better, since it doesn't suffer with "placement scaling" that eye of winter does. Glacial cascade has the same issue and that is why people keep playing freezing pulse.
Just an update been doing some testing with chain and hydrosphere it seems that it could be better with single target. Going to be taking a break from Eye of Winter. I still plan on maxing out the build this league but wanna do something a little more effective at early stages been having trouble with some things and wanna make money while still early in the league.
Thanks for the great guide, it's working really well for me so far. But I don't really understand what the issue is with positioning? How should I position them for single target? Round the boss on every side? Or what? I usually just put them in a bunch, but I guess it's not the best. And also what about hydrosphere? Would I need to switch out one gem for chain for that to work? And what would that be? Or maybe there's another way to get chain? Any help on these would be great!
Oh, and what about arcane cloak? Wouldn't it be better for defense? The added lightning damage is almost useless I guess, but the defensive part is worth it maybe ?

Last edited by Karpathos on Sep 6, 2021, 6:04:29 PM

Thanks for the great guide, it's working really well for me so far. But I don't really understand what the issue is with positioning? How should I position them for single target? Round the boss on every side? Or what? I usually just put them in a bunch, but I guess it's not the best. And also what about hydrosphere? Would I need to switch out one gem for chain for that to work? And what would that be? Or maybe there's another way to get chain? Any help on these would be great!
Oh, and what about arcane cloak? Wouldn't it be better for defense? The added lightning damage is almost useless I guess, but the defensive part is worth it maybe ?

So for positioning you'll want to set the totems up so that the orb explodes on or just behind the target ensuring more of the spikes hit the target. In order for the chain and hydrosphere there are a couple ways to get chain, you can either swap out one of the gems in the main link or wear a GloomFang Amulet (gloomfang seems like the best option). The idea is you place hydrosphere behind the target and aim the eye of winter to explode between the target and the hydrosphere. This is the part that makes it a lil tricky to aim. I have yet to try other forms of defense as i have been playing with a self cast raider eye of winter build with moderate success. TBH I found the totems playstyle to be not really my thing while doing harder content although I have been thinking of giving it one more shot if so i'll update the guide on what other defensive options are available. Thinking that perhaps dropping immortal call and second wind off the one 4 link for arcane cloak and arcane surge is a good idea as it adds defense and offense to the build.
Thanks for the answer, I'll definitely experiment with the positioning thing. Well every build of mine struggles in this new patch, and the curse immunity alone makes it worth playing for me, as I hate to waste currency removing curses from maps. But at the middle of red maps, it starts to die:) Until then it was smooth sailing, it's a great uber lab runner, doesn't worry at all about traps, but endgame bosses... yeah that's different! But the skill looks really cool, so I enjoy the build still, and thanks again for the guide, I especially like this arcanist brand cursing-frostbombing part, it's really great qol!

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