⚔️🩸 Crit Bleed Lacerate Deadeye 🩸⚔️ | Fresh 3.13 Build

PoB: https://pastebin.com/R4viHkzT
Uber Elder: https://youtu.be/71ya5EP7Jx4.
T16: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI_AAhuS8Cg
will record A9 soon


This build is a take on the new Rupture node from the 3.13 reworked Deadeye ascendancy.

Rupture causes critical strikes (which inflict bleeding) to inflict rupture up to 3 stacks. Rupture Stacks multiply bleed damage while also making it expire faster (But the net change is positive). The node works well if you inflict bleeds and crit consistently.
Since we are already crit we also utilize Perfect Agony for a good amount of dot multi.

The build is less gimmicky than it may sound because Deadeye provides us with 3 other very good nodes which give enhanced tailwind, Gale Force charges and mark effect.

So far it's been very enjoyable to play, both for mapping and bossing. It's zoomy with 4-5m bleed dps.
The build cost me a total of 30ex to make including everything.


Gear Breakdown

This foil is basic, you buy it with the elder mod + decent phys + other decent roll for 1ex then multimod and optionally do non-attack to attack to remove multi mod. Costed me 5ex total.

Saviour is a good cheap choice for off hand which mainly helps a lot with clearspeed by giving you multiple lacerate arcs.

For clearspeed. The corruption is cheap make sure to get it.

Works great with perfect agony. The enchant is cheap.

Poacher's mark is super important since you get mark effect. Assassin's mark is good too.

GaleForce + Spellslinger
Spellslinger is an instant spell that has no mana cost, so if you put it in your left mouse cast it generates Gale Force charges while you are moving. You can also use blood rage.


-High end foils
-Drop Haemophilia and Farruls, Equip good explody and replica atziri's acuity. Then unspec perfect agony area and fatal blade for a second cluster setup.

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