[3.13] Quad Herald Blade Vortex Assassin | Replica Alpha's Howl | About 10Ex Budget Zoom Zoom

Welcome! This is the PoB for my Quad Herald Assassin Blade Vortex Build. It focuses around Replica Alpha's Howl.

It is a fast mapper for a Budget of around 10 Ex or less (depending on the market). You can of course push this further, but this will be enough to farm quickly and have some BV and Herald Fun!

There is a slower (but more damage and more AoE) Elementalist version too:

Blade Vortex and 4 Heralds on a Budget

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Is this build for me?

This build is particularly meant for players, who struggle getting enough currency for those 300Ex BV Builds. Also you will need to know Boss Fights, its tanky but not immortal and does not deal overkill Damage as a 300Ex BV Build obv.

It is not for players who already have this much currency and know what it is like to play the super expensive Herald BV Builds.


Pros & Cons:

Budget more or less
Quite Fast
Only 2 Uniques and 1 rare amulet Crusader mod are required basically
Strong for a Budget
Quite Tanky for a BV Build

BV needs to be recasted (as always)
Not everyone likes to be close to an enemy
There do of course exist stronger BV Builds
2 Uniques are required so not cheap at league start


Quick YouTube Build Guide:

English: https://youtu.be/sqdNYXnn4T8

German: https://youtu.be/WBWITEgWYmk




Unnatural Instinct

Crusader Amulet

I list the amulet as the Mod Zealotry has 20% reduced Mana Reservation will be required in later Endgame Maps or a Level 4 Enlighten. With this mod and Enlighten Lvl4, you could even build in an aspect.


Inspired Learning
Glorious Vanity in the name of Doryani (for Corrupted Soul)
Bottled Faith

Cluster Jewels:

We use 1 Large Cluster Jewel with 10% increased Elemental Damage with 8 Passive Skills
Minimum Itemlevel 68 or higher
Large Cluster Jewel
1 Added Passive Skill is Doryani's Lesson
1 Added Passive Skill is Prismatic Heart
1 Added Passive Skill is Sadist

We use 2 Medium Cluster Jewels with 10% increased Damage while affected by a Herald with 4 Passive Skills
Minimum Itemlevel 68 or higher
Medium Cluster Jewel
1 Added Passive Skill is Empowered Envoy
1 Added Passive Skill is Endbringer

We use 2 Small Cluster Jewels with 4% increased maximum Life with 2 Passive Skills
Small Cluster Jewel
Minimum Itemlevel 75 or higher
1 Added Passive Skill is Fettle

Other stats for Jewels which are helpful are Resistances (elemental or Chaos), Attributes or Life. Ideally you want Life and Chaos Res on a Itemlevel 84+ Jewel.

For Crafting please check https://www.craftofexile.com/. It was not so expensive, except the large Cluster Jewel can be hard, I actually had to use Harvest Life Augment to get Doryani's Lesson on it.


Feel free to use the leveling trees. Those may or may not require you to use refund points (either of Orbs of Regret or quests).

Gear wise it is up to you, what you have and the same with the skills to level. However, since you can use Blade Vortex with Level 12, you should switch to it as soon as you can get it (Merveil) or at least in Act 2, after you get the Heralds.

Recommended Leveling Gear:
Tabula Rasa
Worm's Molt
Rings with Resistances and Attributes
Amulet for Attributes (Onyx, Jade, Turquiose BiS)
Axiom Perpetuum or +1 Phys Gems Wands/Sceptres (Note: You can't use Wands and Sceptres together)

I recommend to add Physical to Lightning with level 18 or as soon as you can get it.

If you have you can add Unnatural Instinct very early to have even stronger Heralds early. This may also enables the 4th Herald earlier.

Once you are in Act 2 and you freed Helena, use Honourhome Helmet with +2 Level of socketed Gems and Enlighten Level 2. This enables you to use 3 Heralds and have enough spare mana left.

In Act 2 you will get Trinity Support. Use it instead of Elemental Penetration if you don't have one.

Use Increased Duration after Library until you can get Unleash in Act 4 (Level 38).

With Level 45 you can use Enlighten Level 3. If you want you can stick with Honourhome or switch it to Goldrim or another helmet for life/Attributes/resis.

With 62 dual wield Singularity if you don't have anything better.

With Level 64 you can equip Replica Alpha's Howl (Huuuge Damage Boost). You want the Uber Lab Enchant Blade Vortex Duration or Area of Effect for smoother Mapping. If you want more Damage you want Crit Multiplier per Blade instead.

With Level 68 Equip Inpulsa's Broken Heart. Please watch the video guide.

Bandits: Kill all

Ascendancy: Mistwalker->Ambush and Assassinate->Unstable Infusion->Deadly Infusion

Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Tukohama.

You can switch Major God Lunaris to Solaris if you want it easier at Bosses. Make sure to upgrade the Pantheons you use.

General advise:

- Awakened Gems as well as all 21/23 Gems are not required. I myself don't have those yet but farm slightly juiced T16s.

- This build is particularly meant for players, who struggle getting enough currency for those 300EX BV Builds.

Hope you enjoy this MTX Fest and have a lot of fun and success with this build.
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How good is this for T19 100% delirious map farming?
Wobbly wrote:
How good is this for T19 100% delirious map farming?

I didn't try it yet, but doubt the damge would be enough, except you can get Headhunter buffs fast enough. This is not meant for farming t19 100% delirious maps. For that you usually need more invest anyway :)

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