what is a gpc?

plz told me what people mean with a gpc...

GCP is Gemcutter's Prism.
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Sorry to bring this thread back up, but I ran a search for gemcutter's prism and this was the first non-trading result.

Where/when do you find GCPs? I'm a lvl 41 witch and have yet to see a GCP.
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My current character is lvl 66 with high MF and I hardly ever find them. This one hasn't found an exalted or divine either..

I've done roughly 120 levels as a witch re-rolled obviously. I've had 4 drop in total and have got enough 'unused' gems with a % quality to make 2 more in trade.

So yep, pretty rare LOL.
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Yah same here, I'm 67 atm, done 4 maps so far, farming docks ... but never ever saw a gemcutter before. Quite frustrating if you see they selling gear for like 5GPC or even more.

I've got like 12 chaos and 3 blessed, but never saw a GPC, regal, divine or exalted orb.

Oh well, I've decided to stop playing. It's not my game. I love hack and slash, but I hate useless farming.

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