Today we've gathered several pieces of concept art for some of the cosmetic effects introduced in our recent Twilight Mystery Box. If you're interested in taking a sneak peek into the development process of the box, check out the artwork below!

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Beautifull! Good chose of mtx

PS: wish supporter packs were this cool, sad.
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I don't like the concept art. I politely express my opinion and GGG mods edit my comment and change it to something that's exactly the opposite of what I posted.

Tencent would be proud....
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No offense but Heists still crashing fix that please.
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That stuff looks so good, Hope it gets in the game.
I love the two aura effects so much BUT...the Nightfall one in specific covers almost your whole character from toe to head. The Sunrise aura sits nicely at the bottom by your feet and is beautiful and detailed. I wish they'd fix this with the Nightfall aura but I don't see that happening.

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