Unofficial Path of Exile Mac Client - Download - v.2 Released

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So I have been working hard on a Mac port for Path of Exile using Wine. Now It is Available for download :)

The Wrapper is a Standalone Wine Wrapper, no need for any other software! When You download the app, just launch it and it sill install just like the PC version!

The Wrapper is 350MB Approximately, because it is standalone it has all the files needed to run the game built in!

Download Links:[Removed by Support]

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[Please see the Staff Disclaimer at the top of the page]

When you finish downloading, drag the Application to your Application folder and Launch and Install! When it Finishes installing it should auto play, if not quit the wrapper and relaunch :)

Changes In Version 2 of the Wrapper:
Wrapper no longer needs users to install the MSI file. Just Launch the App and let it download the game!

Added support libraries:
ogg - OpenCodecs: flac, speex, vorbis, WebM (Could Possibly fix some crashes involving sound problems)
xinput - Added XBOX Controller Support
dsound - DirectSound
windowscodecs - MS Windows Imaging Component
usp10 - Uniscribe
comctl32 - MS Common controls

Added more Support for DirectX

Version 2 Now fully works! Loading up has no graphical issues, including the installer/updated. Let me know if there are any other crashes you experience!!!

System Requirements:
Supports ATI and NVIDIA
INTEL Only, does not support PPC

Lowest Graphics Card I have heard it runs with is:
MVIDIA 9400m gfx card (courtesy of ThaMas)

Runs on:
Leopard 10.5
Snow Leopard 10.6
Lion 10.7
Mountain Lion 10.8 (possibly will still work)

Space Needed: Atleast 6GB of Space

New Version Released? You can Update your Wrapper Without Redownloading!!
To Update your Wrapper:
Right Click your Path of file and view the contents.

Open and Go To Advanced.
Select Tools and Open Winetricks

Look at the Posted changelog and install whatever is listed as being added.

Usually files and support libraries are added when crashes are reported and I find out what it is depending on, and what it is crashing from. So if it is crashing from sound and visual problems, I can usually find out what it is referring to and what it needs installed to stop the crash.

Path Of Exile Running on Mac:

[Removed by Support]


Original Porting Notes
In Order to Get Path of Exile fully working under Wine on Mac you will need to install:
d3dx10_33 - d3dx10_43
d3dx9_24 - d3dx9_43
openal32 (ABSOLUTELY NEEDED! Game will crash with errors without)
vcrun2005 (Visual C++ libraries)
vcrun2010 (Without these, the game gives errors upon launching)
dotnet20 (MS .NET 2.0, not 100% sure the port needs it, but I have it installed incase.)

I am also running it under Windows 7, it can be run under WinXP, I haven't seen any difference between to two so I have stuck with Win7.

If You want to port it yourself and you come across sound problems. Add this EXEFLAG: --nosound

Best Version of Wine to Use?
So Far I have found 1.4 to be the best version to use for Path of Exile.

Let me Explain some of them:
1.5.2: Buggy and very very laggy!
1.5.1: Very laggy
1.5.0: Seems to run almost perfectly
1.4NoXInput2: Same as 1.4? Seems to run very smoothly
1.4-rc3: Same as 1.4? Seems to run very smoothly
1.4: Practically Perfect, have not come across any issues
1.3.0 and under: The Game does not recognize the graphics card correctly and will not show water effects.

There are other versions I tested as well, over 20, and i have come across, lag, framerate problems, and crashes. 1.4 seems to be the best version to use.

I Have Only played through the first part, so If there are crashes that come later please report them and I will see if I can help you fix it!

It is ported using Wineskin. Of course it may have some bugs, but it will be almost completely functional.
Mac User? Play it on your Mac Now!
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thanks for this, will try it out hopefully later tonight.
i need to get this game up and running for some friends that only have mac's and this will help immensely.
I've done porting before, and I was sick of rebooting to play. So I decided to port it for mac.

I'm currently Uploading it for direct download (and if people want to help seed the torrent later that would be great)

If people run across bugs, crashes, errors, etc I will let them know how to send me the Logs, and I will help them get the game fully running on their mac.

Also It should be Mac OS X 10.6 or Later.
Mac User? Play it on your Mac Now!
Waiting impatiently for the direct download.
A download for the game with that serious bug will still be appreciated as to start stumbling bugs, crashes to report of my/our own.
A rundown of the changes, tweaks, and other methods used to port would be good.

Distributing a port without any explanation of what was done is generous but bad form.

Additionally, offering to go through logs is also generous, but it would be better if there was an open support system so that others can learn what is going on with the port and potential problems that can arise.
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where can we download this hopefully legit mac port?
Father...Father, The Sleeper Has Awakened!
Okay So I have fixed the bug and I will be uploading it today. Stick with me I have a slow internet.

Also I will release the information on how to successfully port it yourself as well, including how I did it.

Here is a Video of it Fully working:
Mac User? Play it on your Mac Now!
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Well, I purchased the game at the Supporter level, because I love to support indie game developers, only to find that it wasn't ready for Mac yet, so I will be pleased to be able to play this soon! The trailer and music look and sound great. Hope you all are well, Cheers! Antonie.
I run parallels for on my machine for work so i tried it on there... the performance is mediocre but it works... cant wait for the mac port... PS. I tried running wine and it seems impossible, make a video of you installing PoE :)

Edit: ..and all of its prerequisite components plz! <3
Father...Father, The Sleeper Has Awakened!
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Yeah Parallels doesn't run it too well. I am at 60% Uploaded. My Internet went out about an hour ago while uploading, having a thunderstorm here haha!

I Will Also Create a Video on how to port it yourself if you would like to. But I am uploading the wrapper so you can install very very easy! :)

I will create a video on how to install PoE into the Wrapper as well. :)

Upload should be done in about 50 Minutes, internet is very slow :(
Mac User? Play it on your Mac Now!

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