LFM for 'Capture The Flag' achievement!

I'm looking people who want to do the 'Capture the Flag' achievement, if you have it or want to help out, just hit me up, I'll be online during the days,
(EU TIME!!) I might be AFK but I will reply if I hear/see the message ping. :)

IGN: ArvstaEZY (Harvest League) EU REALM (London)

If you want to do on standard (non-league) that's fine, and we can change realms if needed, but there won't be much actual PvP since we are going for the achievement, so ping won't really matter unless you are afraid of lagging out.

Might be a good idea to say below if you are interested along with your IGN, as I will be checking this thread over the next week, before the new Heist League. Hope to hear from you guys soon! :)
Arvsta96 :)
Last bumped on Sep 17, 2020, 2:40:34 PM
Count me in.

IGN: SirGuySW (nearly always DNDd if in-game these days due to just testing).
Discord: SirGuySW#3290 (online all day).
Okay, so we got 2 people out of 6 so far, not bad!
Arvsta96 :)
I'm in also, add me as IGN: AllTheMovementSpeed
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Cool, 3/6, half way there!
Arvsta96 :)
Add me, plz.
Hey Ogo, tried to add you ingame, but it said that your character name doesn't exist? Going to try and add one of your other characters instead.

Edit: I've got you added now, will try and catch you when you're next on, make sure to add me ingame too! :)
Arvsta96 :)
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in deal!

I'm in if it is still a thing
IGN: Rudraken_Firescale (Standard) for heist is still WIP
Last edited by Rudraken on Sep 17, 2020, 1:47:56 PM
EDIT: I'm now done with the achievement, but will help others out, just add my IGN and if I'm online, give me a whisper and I'll help you out. Thanks to all who joined me today! :)
Arvsta96 :)

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