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[3.11] Hybrid Trickster : Caustic Arrow + Bane


This build is a very powerful and safe Caustic Arrow (CA) Trickster build, using both Life and Energy Shield (ES). The POB linked in this guide is the late game version of the build, but you won't need that much investment to complete all content

The concept

You main skill will be Caustic Arrow (CA), a bow attack that fires an arrow dealing chaos damage and exploding in a caustic cloud. Your main DPS will be the cloud, dealing chaos damage over time.
CA benefits A LOT from level, meaning we want this gem level as high as possible !

Key points

- Very tanky build (6k3+ life/4k5+ ES, dodge, evasion)
- Fast mapper
- Clear all content (2m5+ DPS)

- Lack single target
- Dot build

Difference with other CA build

- Use Glorious Vanity to get Corrupted Soul keystone
- Pierce count of 5 (more pierce = more AOE for CA)
- Use Bane to apply curses + more damage




Late Game Gear

This is an example of the gear I used

Craft Your bow

You will need a 6L bow with +3 lvl. The easier way to get it is to craft it :
- Buy a 6l white bow (with ilvl > 64 and ilvl < 83)
- Use Corroded - Prismatic - Metallic fossil on it until you reach +1 lvl to socketed gems and +2 lvl to socketed bow gems


To reach +4 or +5 lvl, you will need to use a Faceted Fossil with the above combinaison
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Any video? This looks great, probably i'll start with CA Trisckster might try this one with bane
2m DPS in 2020 cute :)
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Nevzat wrote:
2m DPS in 2020 cute :)
Playing OP Assassin and finishing at 14 challenges is even more cute. :))

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