3.11 *-*Knights and Friends*-* Necromancer Build

Hello exiles,
English is not my native language, i apologize in advance for the typos.

Let's get started:)

Pro's & Con's
+ No need for too expensive equipment,7-8 ex is enough.
+ Very good single target damage.
+ ~7.5K life, plus other defensive layers.
+ You can easily kill Shaper and Sirus.
+ Flexible game structure.
+ Any kind of map can be made.
- Mediocre clear speed.
- Not beginner friendly.
- Zombies, Golem and A.Guardian do not stay summoned upon re-log.

Shaper > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoMa7giBe1c

Gear & Gems & Flasks

Our main source of damage is the raise spectre, which we placed on a 6-link helmet: Raise Spectre + Multistrike or Elemental Focus Support + Elemental Damage With Attack Support + Melee Physical Damage Support.

Level 21 raise spectre is not mandatory for this helmet, you can use it at Level 20.
4. for spectre, the gem level should be 25 in total.

Key features that should be in our helmet: +3 to level of socketed minion gems (if you have Level 21 raise spectre it can be at +2) > socketed gems are supported by level x minion damage > socketed gems are supported by level x minion life > minions maximum life > minions increased damage > elemental and chaos resistance.

We'll use Redemption Knight as Spectre. Location: Veritania Map. They are quick, have a high survival ability, are particularly strong in single target damage and do excellent work with Hatred.

There may be 5 or 6 links. We'll use it for our skeletons, which is another source of damage. The sequence in order of importance will be as follows: Vaal Summon Skeletons + Minion Damage Support + Melee Physical Damage Support + Ruthless or Level 4 Empower Support + Maim Support + Fortify Support (if you use kingmaker with A.Guardian use Multistrike instead of Fortify)

It's not a very good armor, I know. You can do or buy better.

Key features that should be in our Body Armour: Life and Armour (it's very important) > Elemental and chaos resistance.

If you have a body armor with '+1 to maximum number of Spectres', 5.spectre should be used for defensive purposes. My preference is Diabolist. He has a high survival ability and creates a powerful Enfeeble effect against enemies. Location: Act 1 > Upper Prison

3 link Convoking Wand of course: Summon Stone Golem + Feeding Frenzy Support + Elemental Army Support

Key features that should be in our Wand: Minions deal increased damage (at least 70%) > Minions attack speed.

Not too expensive 4-link boots will do our job: Raise Zombie + Animate Guardian + Meat Shield Support + Minion Life Support.

Key features that should be in our Boots: Movement speed should be at least 30% > Armour and Life > Elemental and Chaos resistance > Regenerate x life per second.

Animate Guardian Equipment: Leer Cast Festival Mask + Victario's Flight Goathide Boots + Ambu's Charge Crusader Chainmail + Springleaf Plank Kite Shield + Southbound Soldier Gloves + Singularity Platinum Sceptre or Kingmaker Despot Axe

A pair of gloves that give life, armour and resistance is enough. It would also be good if it contained DeX, if possible.

4 link: Immortal Call (level 6) + CWDT Support (level 4) + Desecrate (level 7) + Bone Offering (level 6)

A shield containing everything necessary for our build.

3 link: Hatred + Arc + Generosity Support

Minions taunt jewel with Stygian Vise

We'll use two unset rings. You need to have the +3 level feature in the ring that we will use for Flesh and Stone (Sand Stance)

I like to use Shield Charge. You can also use another gem to increase the speed of movement.
Key features that should be in our Rings: Life > Elemental and Chaos resistance.

We need DeX for Hatred, our amulet should contain plenty of DeX.

Amulet Anointment > Death Attunement

When choosing jewels you should opt for life and minion accuracy rating.


Ascendancy & Pantheon & PoB
Level 92

Pantheon > Soul Of Solaris

PoB > https://pastebin.com/q9gE9y68

Bandits > Kill All

Play Style
We need to stay as far away from the fight as possible while we clear the maps. Let the minions do their job. We have to act constantly to avoid damage and use our flasks in a timely manner to mitigate the impact of the damage we are receiving.

We'll use Arc to Elemental Equilibrium and shock our enemies. We're gonna keep our skeletons fresh. Remember, your most important task as a player is to survive! Our zombies and A.Guardian will be with us constantly to protect us and mitigate the damage.

Every time we enter the game we need to revive our Minions(except spectre).
After entering the map that needs to be cleared, perform the revival process, otherwise your minions will die quickly. When we reach the T15 map level, our elemental resistances should be at least 120% and chaos resistance at least 75%.

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