[3.11] Phoenixscales Cold BV Inquisitor - All Content ready!



This will be a comprehensive build guide for my favourite character this league, a Cold BV Inquisitor. It has been a blast to map and boss with, and I hope I can inspire you to make something similar to this!
All my gear is selfcrafted, and while the super endgame version is in the 50ex+ range, you can certainly do everything with far less currency to start with, as it maps very fast and safe to ramp up your currency and garden crafts!

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask here on the forum or ingame. I can also help with bench mastercrafts, as I have most of them unlocked.
TL;DR: Path of Building

Current version, 15.2m Shaper DPS: https://pastebin.com/y6Z81vYF
Endgame goal & leveling Progression, 24.3m Shaper DPS: https://pastebin.com/Cxh8pR2T

Build Concept

- Level 28 Blade Vortex (21/5/1/1 from Gem/Staff/Body/Amulet).
- 150% Increased Effect of Hatred, 40% Increased Effect of Auras on you, 22% Increased Effect of Non-Curse Auras, with a Level 24 Hatred (21/2/1 from Gem/Staff/Amulet).
- Ignoring Enemies Elemental Resistance on Crit, 100% Crit Chance.
- Sources of Increased Damage Taken from Ascendancy, Helmet, Flask.

- Staff and Glancing Blows for an easy 75%/50% Attack and Spell Block.
- Taste of Hate and Helmet Mod: 30% of Physical Damage taken as Cold.
- Enduring Cry gives 3 Charges as well as 2k Life over 1 second, with 2 uses for solid sustain without Leech/Flask Charges.
- Permanent Tailwind/Elusive for some Attack/Spell Dodge as well as Movement Speed.
- Damage is taken as 50% Life and 50% ES, increasing the effective Life Pool.
- Capped Elemental and Chaos Resistance.

- Curse is applied automatically (Ring on hit).
- Curse Immunity when on Consecrated Ground, which is always since we're an Inquisitor.
- Corpse Explosions to avoid On-Death Effects (Porcupines, ugh!).
- Elemental Reflect Immunity.
- Relaxed Unleash Blade Vortex Playstyle, having to press BV only every ~3s.

Why does this build feel amazing to play?

- The playstyle of this build is very worry-free. There is no need to pay attention to a Curse Flask, you are Elemental Ailment Immune, on Death Effects are limited to Storm/Flame/Frost Bearers and Volatiles.
- It maps very fast and satisfyingly due to the Explosions scaled by Hatred and spread by Herald of Ash.
- You always have something to upgrade. Every Item is a rare item, which gives the opportunity to use Harvest to its fullest extent. This gives a very good sense of progression and satisfaction once you complete your next upgrade.



Body Armour:










Skill Tree Progression

Budget Gear
I will give some examples for each slot that increase in effectiveness and cost.


A staff like this can be incrementally improved. Start with just the temple mod "Spell Damage & Non-Chaos as extra Chaos", upgrade to +1-2 Level of all Spell Skill Gems, and work your way towards +3 Physical Spells. Afterwards I would suggest Crafting Crit Mods and the last Redeemer mod. (see crafting section for crafting advice)

Body Armour:


Any helmet will do for starters, get Life and resists. On a redeemer base you can start with Reforge Caster for a Unleash mod, and then work your way from there.


Hrimsorrows are very good on a budget for the cold conversion of 50 percent, and you should work towards Temple Gloves with 25% Cold Conversion and Slam a crusader mod. Any Conversion is fine for a budget, and you can easily reroll the Crusader mod with Remove Physical -> Add Physical without a chance of bricking the item, since the temple mod only has a cold tag.


I suggest getting a hunter Base and Reforging Crit from T2 Viper seeds. This will guarantee you Tailwind Boots, and you can simply reforge and try for better secondary stats such as Life, Resists and Movement Speed. Once you have the money go for an awakened Hunter/Redeemer Base and Reforge with Crit or simply find good secondary mods like 35% MS, Life or Attributes and Augment Crit twice to guarantee bothTailwind and Elusive.


Cold Conversion Watchers Eye
Tacati Staff
Explodey Chest: Roll Phys taken as Lightning on a ilvl:85+ Crusader Base, 2* Remove Non-Phys Add Phys for guaranteed Explosion Mod
Unleash Helmet: Reforge with Caster Modifiers on a Redeemer Base
Tailwind Boots: Reforge With Crit on a Hunter Base for guaranteed Tailwind Mod
Dexterity and Strength on Gear: You will need 155/159 Dexterity somehow.

Harvest Crafts are in Blue, Metamods in Orange.
This will show the Crafting Process for the Endgame Gear.

1. Staff Base was bought with the Temple Mod 'Tacati's' (105-110% Spell Damage, 5% of non-Chaos as Extra Chaos) and '+1-2 to Level of all Spell Skill Gems'.
2. Clear Suffixes and the last Prefix to have a clean Base.
3. Metacraft Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers. This allows only '+1-2/3 to Level of all Physical Skill Gems' and 'Gain % Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage' to roll as the last Prefix.
4. Augment a Physical Modifier.
5. Remove Physical -> Add Physical until hitting '+3 to Level of all Physical Skill Gems'.
6. Metacraft Prefixes cannot be changed.
7. Craft Critical Strike Chance for Spells. and Augment a Crit Modifier for guaranteed Crit Multi.
8. If not T1 or unhappy, remove the crafted Mod and Remove a Critical Modifier. Repeat Step 7.
9. You should have Crit Multi T1 and a crafted Critical Strike Chance for Spells now. Simply craft Remove Caster -> Add Caster until you hit T1 Spell Crit, it should take about 12 attempts on average.
10. Redeemer's Exalted Orb and pray for 'Hatred has % Increased Effect' T1. If you don't hit this mod on T1/2, go to 11. Otherwise just divine and you're done.
11. Remove Influence -> Add Influence until T1 (Chance to hit T1 is ~7%).

Body Armour:

I plan to make exemplary videos of everything I have done with this character to showcase it as best as I can. Those videos will come as the guide is written.

T16 Toxic Sewer Runs: https://youtu.be/1tTvWnH6wnc
T15 Drox: https://youtu.be/Jbc-ZJCLX9o
T14 Baran:
A8 Sirus (deathless, though a bit sketchy): https://youtu.be/NKkjsH3dhOY
8x Janaar, T4 Primal Boss (no life leech on gear): https://youtu.be/LKHTyDFVQG4
6x Namharim, T4 Vivid Boss (no life leech on gear): https://youtu.be/yjeFia5uzZ0
Elder Fight (lvl 83):

Aul, the Crystal King (lvl 83, only second half cause i forgot to record):
Kurgal, the Blackblooded (lvl 83):


- 17/08/2020: Added leveling progression (sort of), new videos
- 15/08/2020: Uploading Videos.
- 02/08/2020: Further additions have been made to all topics.
- 01/08/2020: Initial post creation and additions over the day.
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Hey there, any specific reason you picked inqui over assassin ?
Blaidan wrote:
Hey there, any specific reason you picked inqui over assassin ?

Hey there!
I think it mainly comes down to a choice between the Main Defensive Mechanic, ease of gearing and QoL features you want.

I would characterise the Inquisitor version as follows:
- Main Defense is Glancing Blows Max Block (75%/50%) which mitigates about 30% damage on average.
- Ailment Immunity, Ignore Monsters Elemental Resistance.
- Higher possible EHP pool (about 6k-6.5k Life and ~2k ES with good gear).
- Ease of Gearing: Only requires 1 Weapon to be Harvest Crafted
- Damage Ceiling of perhaps 12m-15m DPS with good Gear, 25 with insane Gear.
- One additional Aura (Zealotry), opening up additional Watcher's Eye options.

I would characterise the Assassin version as follows:
- Main Defense is Dodge with about 40-60% Attack Dodge and 30-50% Spell Dodge, depending on Elusives uptime.
- No extra Damage from Critical Strikes.
- Lower EHP Pool, perhaps raisable with more conversion of Life Nodes to ES, about 5.5k-6k Life + 2k-2.5k ES.
- Ease of Gearing: no Dexterity on Rings needed, no Elusive on Boots needed, no Reduced Mana Reservation on Amulet & Helmet.
- Damage Ceiling of perhaps 20m-25m on really good gear, and 30m-35m on insane gear.
- ~35% additional Movement Speed compared to the Inquisitor due to Elusive and the Ascendancy.

My choice fell on Inquisitor mainly because I value defense and QoL very highly. Ailment and Curse Immunity make for a very relaxed and safe playstyle, and I don't like being one-shot from an Attack/Spell I didn't dodge by chance. Since I stack additional damage reductions on top of glancing blows, in my opinion mitigating damage is a bit more consistent than just trying to dodge.

Also, sorry about the long response time, I was busy with life stuff for some time.
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Is there a certain way I put points into the skill tree? I have no idea what to go for first. Kind of dumb when it comes to looking at skill trees without the level progressions on POB

most parts of the skill tree are really Gear dependant. I would follow the progression in the updated pob either here: https://pastebin.com/Cxh8pR2T or in the first post.

Once you reach this progression, I would prioritise the skill tree as follows:
- Allocate the Jewel Slot for the Doryanis Timeless Jewel and the Agnostic as soon as you have the jewel, its really good.
- Allocate the Cluster Jewel nodes as soon as you reach 67 and can spare the 7 points for 2 Jewel Sockets and the Life leech. The build is fine without it, but its just an added Defence.
- Allocate the Thread of Hope as soon as you have one. Those 3 Nodes are probably the highes damage increase apart from the PH Clusters.
- The Herald Reservation and Spellblock/Mana Regen Nodes are the most important ones in the Intuitive Leap circle and should be allocated first.
- Go for the Staff nodes and Glancing Blows once you have a Staff equipped. Since I could equip mine at Level 52, thats when I did that. If you choose to level with a staff, you can allocate them earlier, as they are very good damage nodes.
- I chose to allocate the scion life wheel from levels 88-94, as I felt comfortable with my EHP Pool until then. You can choose to sacrifice some damage if you feel you lack tankiness via EHP.

If you feel like you don't know what to start with crafting or buying in the jewel slots, I'd recommend starting with the Thread of Hope, an Elemental Damage or Cold Damage Large Cluster Jewel and the Intuitive Leap. The Large Cluster Jewel is easily rerollable with the "Reforge Life" from Vivid T1 Seeds, which guarantee a Life roll. The PH Cluster jewels are harder to craft and the bases are a bit more costly, you can stick with only Vengeful Commander on a budget.
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I am staring this build now.

Some of the parts of the guide seem to be missing, but I think I can get most of the I go from the PoB. Will let you know how it goes. First time playing BV, but love cold dmg in general. Cheers

Are you planning on updating this for 3.12? Apart from cluster jewel changes, doesn't seem like a massive hit to anything related to BV.
Is this viable as a League starter?
Hey, if you are interested in a 3.12 LS update for this build, I'll probably update it tomorrow when I have some spare time.

When looking at the patch notes, the Cluster Jewel with Vengeful Commander and the item crafting are probably the most affecting changes, and the high-end of damage will probably suffer quite a bit. Overall the build should still perform very well and scale well into the lategame, just like in harvest.
Sidenote: apparently, multi conversion glove crafting has been changed according to patch notes, it might be necessary to use a phys to lighting gem after these changes.

I probably won't leaguestart with this, since I rarely replay last leagues' builds, but keep an eye out for the leaguestart section or tell me if you want a dm once I update it.
It should be a solid leaguestarter if you can get your hands on a pair of hrimsorrows and some dex gear, and in my experience bv has always performed well on leaguestarts.

Greetings, Saevarna
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