[3.14] Archmage Cremation Scion still good, slight nerfs

Image credit: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/RY36YW

Net change:

Pinpoint and intensify supports fixed for cremation projectiles = big buff

-4% Elemental Penetration = slight nerf

4% of life recovered on flask use = huge recovery buff.

Replica Nebulis gutted = that variant is dead but league starter variant is fine

Video on patchnotes:

1. Don't run Nebulis archmage setup, but 3.12's league start will be perfectly viable and feel stronger than 3.12.
2. Apex mode jewels are a must but may be hard to find (remains to be seen)
3. Instead of running Replica Kaoms (same reason as point 2) a cloak of defiance will do just fine.

3.13 League starter guide:




3.12 Bye Heist League (Archived)

Archmage Nebulis Scion + Intensify Sire of Shards Archmage (cremation)

3.12 League Starter

A8 Video Up:


Video Guide:


3.12 Replica Nebulis Variant for endgame:

Divine Flesh/Incandescent heart variant with Replica Nebulis and Cold/Fire conversions.

3.12 Update for the Replica Nebulis Variant (Final):

3.12 End of League Showcase, 4 Conquerors + A8 speedrun

3.12 HOGM farming

3.12 Cortex Map + Boss

3.12 Checklist

This build can do (so far):

1. A8 Sirus
2. Uber Elder
3. Elder/Shaper
4. A8 Conquerors
5. All Elder/Shaper maps
6. Uber lab running
7. 83 Heists
8. T16 Maps
9. Hall of Grandmasters

3.11 (Old and no longer as relevant for the current league. Please ignore):

Indigon Archmage cremation (4 second cycle jank)

I'm actually done with the league atm but I'll check this thread occasionally to answer questions.

Here's a 2 min A8 Sirius kill:

Here's the POB for this optimized build:

With 3.12 necromancy ascendancy is no longer ideal to build into and glancing blows has been nerfed. However, as the full build (the one showcased with cremation) does not require either, this doesn't really affect the end game setup that much.

With all the new items coming in with Heist I expect that there will be more things to test and the build will probably be improved.

Budget POB (7.2m dps):

Most recent A8 Sirius (Deathless, 3.5 mins).
Build is no longer budget and damage kinda shows.

A8 Sirius Deathless done! This is my 3rd A8 Sirius kill and my 7th this league, it could be faster mainly because I completely forgot I had Vaal RF (lol).

Previous A6 Sirius Deathless, I talk about the build at the end of it:

I'll stream this whenever I can, hop in if you've got questions to ask.

This build is my 2nd build after my 7 year hiatus for POE, the first being:

Activity Checklist So far (scaled up version):

1. A8 Sirius (2 mins 10 seconds best timing)
2. Uberlab Izaro
3. Shaper
4. All Shaper/Elder Champions T16
5. Synthesis- Cortex Boss
6. All Conquerors A8 (1-3 seconds each conqueror)
7. Catarina
8. Simulacrum wave 20 deathless with 2 bosses.
9. Max Delirum Juiced Map
10. Uber Elder
11. Uber Eternal Lab
12. 38 challenges
13. 300 delve + Delve bosses.
14. Hall of the Grandmasters deathless without a block chance reduction support.
15. Get 9th in 1v1 Duels (lol)

So starting this league I wanted to make a really tanky character that didn't need alot of expensive shit to output decent damage, and with staffs being the main weapon of choice to build a spellcaster around.

So I ended up with this monster of a Scion that has ridiculous levels of defence (this would probably do fine in HC) but at the same time have enough mapping speed and bossing DPS.

I'm only running 1 rare item. I know this is crafting league and all of you are trying to rock mirror tier pieces in every slot but I'm a weirdo and I really like uniques. This makes the build very very accessible as the only difficult piece of gear to attain is the enchant for 1 additional corpse for VD/cremation has 1 extra geyser on Indigon, you don't need it per se, but it functions as as 33% more damage mod, the build still runs fine without it though, add another spell echo to the volatile dead 5 link to summon 12 balls.

There's also no requirement for a 6 link as well for this build. Optimally you'll be using 5 links on both chest and staff.

Estimated budget to get this up and running is 2 Exalts with the majority of the cost being the Omeyocan. You should be able to get a Kintsugi and Pledge without 5 links cheap and use harvest to link/color them easily.

I'm doing t16s reasonably fast, have done all Shaper/Elder map bosses, do all map mods except no/reduced regen and elemental reflect and have done A6 Sirius deathless.

So here is what this build can do for you.

For Defenses:
1. Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics with Omeyocan and Flasks = 70% attack dodge and 60% spell dodge.
2. Bone offering with Necromancer ascendancy = 57% attack block and 75% spell block (with glancing blows) despite having acrobatics.
3. Kintsugi + Wind dancer = 40% DR if you have not been hit 4 seconds ago.
4. If you have been hit, evasion flask + Kintsugi/Wind dancer bonus = 60% evade chance.
5. 60% uptime of Immortal Call providing 35% physical and spell DR. (it's up about 60% of the time and is bound to left click for autocast.
6. Constantly being at full Mana despite Indigon/Archmage AND Righteous Fire, this gives you 30% DR in the form of Mind over Matter, 40% if you have a clarity watcher's eye. (I don't have one btw)
7. Max res for everything except Chaos (Chaos is at -15% with flasks up).If you balance your res well as I have you'll have all of them at the same value and be able to run Wise Oak.
8. Agnostic ensuring you're always at full hp.
9. Pathfinder ascendency keeping flasks up almost permanently.
10. 3.8k Life, 7.8k Mana.
11. Blind procs on Storm Brand.
12. I plan to either squeeze in Vigilant Strike or Hardened Scars annoints for 20% DR from fortify.

Effective Hit Pool:

For damage:

Just look below. I summon 12 of these babies every 4 seconds (Indigon cycle). It's usually about... 500k damage tooltip because the screenshot below has Vaal RF up.

This is just with EO/RF. I can permanently sustain RF as long as the map doesn't have no/reduced recovery mods.

What surprising about this is that VD scales flat spell damage very well and Archmage adds a whole tonne of it when interacting with Indigon. This allows you a 4 second nuke cycle of 12 homing missles that can shotgun/splash.

The only downside to this skill is that it's absolutely terrible at dealing with boss fights where there are alot of adds. For that I have a 6L Sire of Shards cremation setup with Unleash support which deals with those fights very well.


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So how do you level with it through acts?
So how do you level with it through acts?

Because the build is very heavily focused on EHP, alot of your initial nodes will be mana/health.

You have two options, go split arrow and level with a bow and stack heralds.

or you pick a spell like freezing pulse then traps/mines.

Pick up archmage early and level it up.

When you hit 48 you'll be able to equip a sire of shards (they're cheap so you can grab one with good stats as you level for 1c)

After you do that, run ball lightning on slower projectiles/GMP with archmage and start building a second ball lightning setup (pledge of hands) with spell echo/slower projectiles/archmage for bosses.

Once you have BL, start doing labs. It should be easy.

Always ensure your res is capped out with the rares you pick up and with the health/mana nodes you pick up you should be able to survive till blood aqueducts. Farm blood aqueducts till you're 71 and accumulate currency. Once you hit 71 you should be somewhat close to the end state of this build (maybe no omeyocan or indigon, but the rest is affordable and you should have it then).

After you've hit 71, clear the story and start mapping. Once you get indigon/omeyocan and gotten Uberlab completions, congrats you're ready for t12-14 maps.

After that is just pushing for better flasks, trying to get jewels to balance your res for wise oak and just level to 90+.

Swap to a VD setup whenever you're comfortable. This build runs BL on both Sire and Pledge just as comfortably as it does a VD/Cremation swap. The only time you 100% have to swap is when you get your indigon. You can't run indigon with BL+archmage because you're not a Hierophant with -50% mana cost.

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Thanks! Will try it out.
Seems like a crazy build, defo will try it out!
bosmano775 wrote:
Seems like a crazy build, defo will try it out!

Thanks! I'm starting to figure out because this build's mechanic of scaling damage by using archmage and indigon to create 4 second interval burst. It doesn't require any commitment to one particular skill or so I've actually started using Bladefall + Bladeburst with amazing results as well.

Pretty much the same passive tree and gear, just different skill/support gems.

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A8 Sirius Done!


too much to cast manually. how to automate some skills?
moonbeast495 wrote:
too much to cast manually. how to automate some skills?

Hmm I find that since you can only cast VD once every 4 seconds you should be able to cycle through your different skills while you're waiting to cast VD again.

But if that still doesn't do it for you I guess if you could do a dual wield wand setup and run 6-L VD on chest you could technically craft a "trigger socketed spell" for noth wands and socket in Wave of Conviction/Bladefall/Conductivity/Desecrate/Bone Offering.

Swap out the staff block nodes for DW block nodes.

As long as you can keep your ramped cost close to your max mana pool on a 6-L you're good to go.

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could you make a video of any map clearing?

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