[3.20] ⚡Velyna's Storm Brand Inquisitor⚡ Leaguestart | Smooth Mapper | All Uber Bosses Down

Rahfta2 wrote:
I've been leveling this to see if I want to use it for a league start. I've just been using gear I find or craft.

I wanted to share that after you get your second ascendancy Herald of purity is a nice add. Not only do you get damage mitigation from the extra targets but your damage increases due to having faster cast speed/brand activation from onslaught.

I go from 1,491 tool tip damage to 1,789 tool tip damage on my brand, while running purity which is about the same addition if I were to start running wrath. For some reason I can't get PoB to show damage increase from having onslaught with brands.

You may want to give it a test.... I was thinking of replacing precision with it.

Overall I'm really enjoying your build. Keep up the good work.

Interesting! glad your enjoying.
added new video links
updating after manifesto + notes
Seems fine, losing damage like everybody else but shouldn't change much.
Looks like alot of our skills and cluster jewels are getting slammed pretty hard. Looking forward to seeing the changes to the build!
Looks like alot of our skills and cluster jewels are getting slammed pretty hard. Looking forward to seeing the changes to the build!

Skill wise all supports are getting hit so I'm not sure this is any worse here.

Cluster jewels are losing a lot of activation speed and attachment range though Grand design is gaining a 20% increased damage. Probably doesn't even it out but I'm not sure its too huge a nerf.
Looks like alot of our skills and cluster jewels are getting slammed pretty hard. Looking forward to seeing the changes to the build!

Nothing should change the build fundamentally, just less damage same as everyone! Will tinker a bit to min/max further but leaguestart is 100% safe as is.
The Grand Design change is a minor nerf, you definitely want cast speed over increased damage. The Brand Loyalty nerf however is worse for us, and Holy Conquest feels really awful without the cast speed and move speed. Those are just the cluster nerfs, we have a lot more problems like increased mana cost since we stack some auras, trigger now comes with mana cost, flask nerf/rework. I just hope that overall DPS won't be pitiful numbers once PoB is updated.

Edit: PoB updated. Comparison without changing anything yet, wow this seems bad. My endgame guy went from combined DPS of 17M to 3.1M, almost unbelievable. Brand mana cost currently sitting at 86.
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Patch notes summary:

Support changes, will update our links once PoB is ready.

Cluster nerfs hurt but its fine.

Biggest issue is mana, we might have to drop HoI for low level clarity?

Very likely we go with a BIG wand craft endgame instead of trigger.

If we use a redeemer wand for exposure and change the wand links to a CWDT/steelskin/golem setup the trigger cost goes way down. Combined with the clarity I think thats solved. The bigger wand gives us back some lost damage too.

Anything I missed let me know I'm working on lots of builds at once!
Used my level 100 endgame Guardian with HH as reference for changes. PoB for reference: https://pastebin.com/2B4ENgHC
Messed around with medium clusters, wand, gems. Mapping damage with HH went from 3.1M to 8.2M. For bossing dmg, swap HH with Crusader crystal belt to hit 8.6M. Should have no problem casting brands since Arcane Surge now gives a ton more mana regen, just get enough unreserved mana.

Notable changes for me are: -Previous setup was 3 medium brand + 1 medium curse clusters. Now changed to 2 medium aura + 1 medium brand (Seeker Runes + Grand Design) + 1 medium curse clusters. The medium brand is to make up for the loss of brand attachment range due to nerfs.
-Swapping Awakened Controlled Destruction for Awakened Added Lightning Damage in Archdemon Crown since ACD now significantly reduces our crit chance.
-Changing Trigger Socketed Spell on wand to Increased Cast Speed, since now the trigger cost makes it unreliable. For my setup, I'll be manually casting Ele Weakness, Molten Shell, Lightning Golem. Doom from casting Ele Weakness is a small bonus.

Skill tree, unique gear, flask setup remain the same. Getting more cast speed now has greater effect than before due to all the cast speed nerfs on gem and brand cluster. While I have worked out my version of the late endgame build, I've yet to think about the early endgame, non-level 100 version. I'm guessing that version will have damage reduction in the range of 2M-3M.
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