3.10 assassin Discharge COC 500k AVG dmg good clear


First of all hello
welcome to my newbie guide
so today i will be covering my COC discharging assasin build
so basicly first off heres my pob https://pastebin.com/ri0gsYvc
and also i will gladly answer any questions i can in game or here just wisper me @cammy454 and u should end up hitting me up so currently i have found that this build has these pros
1. can clear groups with power
2. evades/dodges/blocks most attacks
3. has atleast 5k ES
4. looks more badass than a ice nova coc
5. its CI so fuck chaos ya know
6. feels more satisfying knowing its a little hard to kill bosses but 1 shot any pack almost everytime

here are the cons
1. minimum cost is around 10ex
2. leveling can be a bitch as i dont have a lvling guide for u(just lvl as any spell or cyclone)
3. due to trying to dodge everything we get one shotted pretty easy
4. dmg vs bosses can be iffy if u dont have the correct items so dont atempt this unless you got the moneys
5. cant seem to dodge spell attacks what so ever
6. requires certain rares to get the build going like a 6 link chest
7. cant use sexy herald of ice due to mana reservation i tried i know its heart breaking
8. just like any COC build it needs a high budget and high crit to succed at its job

Now with all that out the way we can move on to important stuff the golden rules

Rule #1
make sure your chest has atleast these mods or u will fail for sure marked 1 for most impportant and up for least important
1. 10% chance to gain frenzy charge on hit
2. increased energy shield
3. to maximum energy shield
4. strength
5. any res you might still need some how

Rule #2
So to ensure you have max charge gains you must have the two rings i have with atleast these mods on each of them

chance that if you would gain a power charge gain maximum number of power charges


chance that if you would gain a frenzy charge gain maximum number of frenzy charges

the rest of the mods on the ring can be anything but if u wanna min max try and get as many beneficial mods like gain 1% of lightning as chaos per power charge or something

Rule #3
Your weapon must have the mod of attacks cannot be evaded this is because we dont wanna give a fuck about accuracy and we wanna be able to hit those smokey bois if you really cant afford the sceptre or to get the craft mod on it then you can get all the mods on the sceptre apart from the craft and then just run precision it will carry u for the mean time but make sure thats the next thing you get cause then u can have the crit from the precision and the epic no hits missed septre which helps with our watcher's eye jewel which will be in the next rule

so basicly the mods you want are as follows
1. Hits cannot be evaded
2. increased spell dmg 70-80 %
3. attack speed 20%+
4. increased critical strike chance
5. increased spell crit chance or increased multi up to you tho the inc crit will make power charges happen more

Rule #4
To increase our chances of living we need to have this watcher's eye jewel
Basicly we rely on disaplines regen sometimes it takes too long i tried leech but that just sucked as it would only happen when a discharge went of although ive kept it ive also added this jewel which is great to basicly the mod you want is

+25 energy shield gained for each enemy hit while affected by disapline

a more ES or defence type mod you might also wanna get if ur mega rich is the % of mana gain as extra energy shield while affected by clarity

thats basicly all you need on your watchers eye but you can go further by adding a mod for precision as well but that would be like a mirror.

okay so we have covered the golden rules for making the build work now onto

so in here is my current character's gear forget about the septre im using i am a poor boi

and now flasks

switch the life flask for a quartz flask with staunching or a sulpher bleed flask to make wise oak work you can either balance all your res somehow which is difficult with the stuff we use or you can just make sure your cold and lightning is the same and the highest you have as we only use frenzy and power charges cause screw trying to get endurance charges i tried war lords mark instead of assasins and it just felt like shit i will also mention now that if your chest still doesnt have the frenzy charges on hit yet then you can use blood rage once you have the chest you can run something like phase run or some other skill you like

!!!BTW the base you need for your chest will be a regalia with redeemer influence!!!

Chest crafting guide
so the best way to craft the chest is to have these fossils and this resonator
and a shuddering fossil which i ran out of to show you

so basicly the last thing i can say is before you use this pob https://pastebin.com/ri0gsYvc make sure you use the fork comunity update here https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/releases it a great tool and it ensures you get the right updated stuff like cluster jewels etc
and now i can say good luck exile i hope you kill sirus or shaper with this build link me your vids in the comments it will make me happy :)
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