[3.10] Kuraun's Facebreaker Infernal Blow Chieftain Build Guide

1. Huh?

1. Lacking in damage.
2. Fragile.
3. A lot of investment needed to make the build "decent".
4. Meme build 600000 Billion DPS haha
5. Crap Build

Helmet: Abyssus
Gloves: Facebreaker (Try to get at least 750%)
Weapon: Nothing
Shield: Rare shield life and res
Boots: Rare with life and res
Amulet: Rare with life and res
Rings: Rare with life and res
Belt: Rare with life and res
Body Armour: Rare with life and res

1. Life Flask
2. Lion's Roar
3. Cinderswallow Urn
4. Basalt Flask
5. Quicksilver

Make sure they can remove bleed, shock, freeze and/or curse.

These are only suggestions. Feel free to change it to suit your purpose.

Skill Tree, Bandits, Pantheon and Ascendancy Notes
Level Around Lvl 70: https://poeplanner.com/ABQAAMEAFBEAAF3G2FhjPfyMz_ZIXz8UIO8OUEfkURo-6dV5OX7i0iHyQYIH2XwUcSpjr3q-rQNd-OvqGPcyfNl2rM9-rY1yqcT2r6cczitQDc3-VA48OlK8nxiR_EsUTQHnNugttMcZUWMaVWEhhO_awUMxTP9OKmLstoovzMGChNlHfr02ZU2-p49gdO0FLXrvQKAhYMC_BIePmTJOG5esr1uvDY2Hdkp9Z6Djn3fXVvpNz_Uv9qIbN90NFSAJM9E24iwAAAAAAA==?fbclid=IwAR1oTkEqJt2OJe40wlEpXOYnpfs6qeF3kl2zXTQEVEHlMd-azaTVQbVE9wU


1. Ngamahu, Flame's Advance
2. Hinekora, Death's Fury
3. Ramako, Sun's Light
4. Tasalio, Cleansing Water

Feel free to choose the pantheon notes you find most helpful.

Bandits: Kill All

My Gear

Skill Gems
Gloves: Herald of Ash, Portal, Determination and Flammability

Boots: CWDT, Increased Duration, Immortal Call and Phase Run (All should be lvl 1) (Try this set-up! It's really good!)

Shield: Shield Charge, Faster Attacks and Culling Strike

Helmet: Ancestral Protector, Melee Physical, Faster Attacks and Maim.

Body Armour(By importance): Infernal Blow, Melee Splash, Melee Physical, Multistrike, Elemental Focus and Maim

Wanderlust, Goldrim, Tabula Rasa and the cauteriser are excellent leveling uniques. As you level try to use two handed leveling uniques to increase your damage.

Leveling is abysmal. Good luck.

None so far.

Build Info
Greetings exile. Welcome to my extremely bad build guide. I made this as a joke. This build will NOT get you anywhere. If you already built the character and only jut read this... Sorry.

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dont waste our time with that shit
has a pob?
without pob, without video...

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