[ 3.11 ]ichigo Hollowfication build Max block gladiator - HollowPalmTechnique




If you're having a hard time with the build, feel free to PM me in-game:


Thanks for reading the guide, leave any comments/questions if you want to know more about the builds! ^_^

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Please come back to Bane :P
I'm going for that build later this league for sure! Looks easy to play and fun at the same time. :)
Thank you for great work. I have never played block build before and i couldnt even imagine that this can be that strong and fun!
Awesome build, I'm starting it. Ichigo is a nice guy replying all questions.
hi, is there a progression tree i can follow, build looks awesome thanks for this.
Is there a chance you can add an "min-max Gear" section. I have the exact same gear as you and I don't really find what upgrades to aim for. Any ideas?
Wow, what a wonderful Guide Author!
He contacted me personally in-game-chat and gave me tips and also updated his build to reflect my wish.
5 star!
STRONK DPS,can even facetank sirus rating:8/10 Very solid build you should prolly do it cs it's tanky as hell and lots of damage :).
on the new pob you list a gem. 15% increased dex and +48% dex typo or?

I just moved some points around from my old build.

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