[3.10] Raider/Pure Ele Cyclone/Fast/24M Dps/Deathless all content/Immunities/Simulacrum Video ready

Welcome to my original Turkish Delight build.

I hope you will enjoy with my build.

Flicker Strike version (I m using this atm)



New Simulacrum video: Wave 10-20

New Shaper video (3850 life, 60% fire res, 40% lihtning res, cheap gear and without my lethal pride)

Shaper - Deathless

Uber Elder - Deathless
(Game crashed at 5. second in fight. So its starting 2. portal. Ofc died when game crashed :) I will add new video for pure deathless, later.)

Awekener lvl 8 - Deathless

Minotaur - Deathless (4-5 seconds boss died)


Uber elder - Deathless video ready

Awakener level 8 Sirus - Deathless video ready

Shaper - Deathless video ready

Minotaur - Deathless video ready

06.04.2020 - Added Cluster jewel info. Alternative cluster info later.
07.04.2020 - Added Bandits and Updated POB
08.04.2020 - Added New shaper video with cheap gear and 3835 life
08.04.2020 - Added Ascendancy
24.04.2020 - Added New Simulacrum Video (Wave 10-20)


Fast Mapper
Perfect Boss Killer (Facetank 99%)
Perfect Survivalibity
Easy to Gear
Pure Elemental
72% evade 54% dodge attacks 30% dodge spells
Immune to Curses
Immune to stuns
Immune to chill
Immune to freeze
Immune to ignite
Immune to burning ground
Immune to poison
All immunities without flask
Lvl 1 to 100 only 1 Weapon.
Dont need Starforge.

Can't do elemental reflect maps
Chaos resist -60%
Expensive for 24M dps


This is cyclone build. Why not Slayer?
Why not raider? :)
Raider have so much speed buff and evasion. Gives more fun and survivalibity. You can see in my videos how Raider is perfect cycloner.




Its not only levelling item, best endgame melee unique weapon for me.
You can drop it for free. Search on web "How to get oni-goroshi".

We have 2-3 physical damage per level. Its mean 200-300 physical damage at 100 lvl.

When you ignite an enemy: Getting "Her embrace"
If you have fire damage (a few fire damage is enough. we are using herald of ash. So we have fire damage already.) We are igniting enemies on critical strikes.

What is Her embrace:

Cannot be Stunned
123% of Sword Physical Damage gained as Extra Fire Damage
Unaffected by Burning Ground
Immune to Freeze, Chill and Ignite
20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed

How we will have Her embrace?
We will use Herald of ash.
So we have fire damage and we can ignite on critical strikes. You will have +85% crit chance with my build. 1 crit=3 second her embrace. You will always have it. You can see the buff on top in my videos. (Check this icon https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Her_Embrace)

Dont forget this. "While in Her Embrace, take 0.5% of your total Maximum Life and Energy Shield as Fire Damage per second per Level"

This is why we are using this gloves:

Focus: "Life leech effects are not removed at full life" So we never lose life while in her embrace. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE LIFE LEECH SKILLS ON TREE
You are slayer with this gloves.

Look at implict of gloves. You can get perfect implict mods on serpent gloves. +1 max frenzy charges, converted damages, attack speed, resistance... I got it for pure elemental conversion. You can take converted to fire damage version. Same damage. If you can find Elemental weakness and converts You can get +1 curse on chest or amulet enchant and you can deal more more damage.




Her embrace gives: immune to stun, freeze, chill, ignite and burning ground.
Soul of shakari gives immune to poison.
"Hex breaker" on a cluster jewel: Gives immune to all curses while channelling.

Realy amazing immunities :) Only get a bleed immunity on life flask. if u want immune to shock u can take on another flask. thats all.


POB (Check my skill tree video first. You need to get thread of hope jewel for my dps.)




Levelling Gear

Start with oni-goroshi. You dont need tabula. Oni goroshi has 6 link. And you can take movement speed on unique chest.


CLUSTER JEWELS (How to get power charges vs bosses)

Large Cluster
Feed The Furry: 30% increased damage while leeching. 15% attack speed while leeching. 0.4% Attack damage leeched as life. We have life leech effects are not removed at full life. So we are always leeching and getting them.

Martial Prowess: Attack damage, accuracy, attack speed.

Drive the destruction: 0.8% attack damage leeched as life. Increasing recovery speed too. I didnt use skill point for this node. Because I got "Soul Raker" node for leech. You need "thread of hope" jewel for this node. Check my Skill Tree video for better understand.

Medium Cluster
Medium cluster 1
Hex breaker: gives immune to curses while we are channelling.
Precise Focus: 50% Critical Strike Chance while channelling and +30% critical strike multiplier (PERFECT JEWEL)

Medium Cluster 2
Cold conduction: Enemies chilled by your hits are shocked and enemies shocked by your hits chilled. (We have cold damage. So we can shock enemies with our cold damage. Its mean enemies take more more damage)
Stormrider: 10% chance to gain a power charge when you shock a chilled enemy. 20% increased cold damage with hits against shocked enemies. (We are getting free power charges vs bosses. Because we are shocking them with cold damage (Assassins curse giving power charge while mapping but not vs bosses>>> Check my shaper, sirus or uber elder videos))

Small Cluster
Fettle: +20 to maximum life and 20% increased maximum life. Easy life.


Starkonja's Head for helmet
Daresso's Salute for amulet
Farrul's Fur Body Armour (Best for bossing, Shaper, Uber Elder run adj.) Aspect of the cat gives all frenzy and power charges when start.
The Brass Dome for lab run
Carcass Jack for mapping (up to 50% increased area of effect)
Kaom's Hearth for life boost
Fox's Fortune for super evasion boost


My Major is: Soul of Solaris

My minor: Soul of Garukhan (While Mapping). Soul of Shakari (vs chaos damage and poison immunity)


Ancestrall protector grants 18% increased attack speed while active (best choice if you "know how to use totem in boss fight")

Increased Cyclone Damage (expensive)

Increased Cyclone attack speed (expensive)

Damage penetrates enemy elemental resistance if you havent killed recently. (Best for bossing)

You can take attack speed, movement speed enchants. Your choice.


Kill them all!


***Dont take vaal pact on tree without finish lab*** We cant life leech vs traps and need life regen. Take "soul of ryslatha" on minor pantheon.


So what do u think about this build? :)
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Coming Pob link soon
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Added Pob link. Check Lethal pride and thread of hope jewels on video. I crafted jewels on pob for them.
Please dont ask me in-game. Post here and everyone can see.
Hey nice build im thinking about playing it,what do you think about Starkonja/Daresso helmets and Kaom's Heart?
Last edited by VenturaD on Apr 5, 2020, 2:07:24 PM
VenturaD wrote:
Hey nice build im thinking about playing it,what do you think about Starkonja/Daresso helmets and Kaom's Heart?

Thank you. You will enjoy with this build. If you cant get good rare one, I recommend farrul's fur. Because you getting all buffs when start. You can take kaom, carcass jack or fox fortune. they are cheap version. But we need Evasion on body armour. Cuz we are getting "Avatar of chase" Ascendancy skill. And we need only 5k+ Life. Its enough. I killed all bosses with that life. Deathless.
VenturaD wrote:
Hey nice build im thinking about playing it,what do you think about Starkonja/Daresso helmets and Kaom's Heart?

Starkonja is best uniq one for Helmet. I used it too. And you can find your enchant on it easy on trade. I need rare one because resistans :)
nice, im trying it now...
xcibi wrote:
nice, im trying it now...

Thanks. You will have fun :)
Can you clarify more about the cluster jews? Like what should i be looking for on the jews and good alternative skills on those clusters? And is there a way to farm/grind to get these clusters?

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