[3.10 DHC] Caustic Arrow Occultist | 12k ES, 6K Recharge, 700k+ Shaper DPS

PATH OF BUILDING : https://pastebin.com/pXmhGnJU (this is pretty much just my character with a few changes to the skill tree)

Update:died to disconnect, killed shaper deathless in standart first try, uploaded a T16 "stress test" video

wanted to share my Caustic Arrow Occultist build, that has been really good in the Hardcore Delirium League. It isn't a clearspeed monster, but can run almost all maps no matter how hard they are. Already killed several t16 shaper, elder and sirus guardians with absolutely no problems at all.

Gameplay videos
T16 Beyond Clusterfuck, 10 Beyond Bosses, Abaxoth,....
Shaper first try deathless in Standart after i died
T12 Toxic Sewer Beyond, Delirium Clusterfuck
T13 Shore Beyond, Delirium, 3 Breaches, Legion

Defence / Offence in hideout without flasks

My current gear

the only required items are soul strike, +3 bow, bated breath and the cluster jewels

Note on Cluster jewels : get one large cluster jewel with chaos damage, roll it until you have 2 good notables and 2 passive skills are jewels, get two medium cluster jewels with damage over time multiplier, roll 2 good notables and 1 passive skill is jewel, get two small cluster jewels and roll energy of naught (+100 es) on them
Note on gear : besides the required items you should get as much energy shield as possible. On rings you should try to have an open prefix for the faster start of energy shield recharge craft. Solstice Vigil is like 20ex atm, i bought it for 10ex, you don't really need it. An Chaos Impresence or an amulet with %es and/or +1 to level of all chaos skill gems is good too. Also cap your resistances obviously. As helmet enchants you should try to get caustic arrow dmg or aoe, temp chains effect, despair effect or whatever else might be useful. Try to get skills fire an additional arrow on soul strike.


look at my gear, quality on vicious projectiles is useless btw, if you cant buy empower lvl 3 or 4 use concentrated effect instead
Auras : Blasphemy Temporal Chains & Despair, Flesh and Stone (in Sand Stance), Discipline
As Vall Skills i'd recommend Vaal Discipline and Vaal Molten Shell if you have a good Granite Flask.

How to craft +3 bow

1. buy any 6l bow above itemlevel 64(if you have money buy elder bow and six link it, make sure to have high item level (84-85))
3. do this until you have a bow that you like preferably with an open prefix where you will craft 36-40% chaos damage over time multiplier(you get +3 every 5-10 attempts, so if you have money also try to get good suffixes)

Path of Building (for skilltree+ gear or gems)

(this is pretty much just my character with a few changes to the skill tree)
On Softcore i would recommend completly speccing out of "Foresight" (ES wheel above scion) and all ES nodes there and going with another cluster jewel tree for more damage.


Major Soul of Lunaris (get the 10% chance to avoid projectiles!!!)
Minor Soul of Gruthkul

use whatever skill until lvl 24 (for example blight from 1-12, contagion & essence drain from 12-24)
after that
lvl with bane (unlocked after first act3 mission @ lvl 24) link :
bane - despair(curse1) - temporal chains (curse 2)- controlled destruction- void manipulation- swift affliction
use 1 doedres damning
with the rest of the gear cap res/ get damage / get life
Note: Clearing mobs is easy with this setup but bosses aren't completly faceroll, you can also add an essence drain 4 link to maximize boss damage
ascendancy :
1. profane bloom
2. vile bastion
3. malediction
4. void beacon
Use this bane setup until level 70-75 or whenever you feel comfortable switching

Map mods i don't run :

1. no regen, no matter how easy the map is skip
2. monster hits always ignite, i don't have ignite immune flask and ignite stops es recharge, so i skip on hard maps
3. 60% reduced recharge rate on hard maps
4. no tripple dmg mods on red maps
5. no double dmg mods on t15-t16

discord : nexx#9045
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thx for the build.

I've been playing this build for some years now and I love it. I'm in Std so my stuff in endgame and I don't use the clusters yet.
CA is a huge luxury, as it is : ranged, AoE, DoT. And no accuracy needed.

But I feel it's a "all-or-nothing" build.
Thx to good ES pool and fast recovery, I can survive harsh situations (like you, I've tried some T16+ clusterfuck maps + some delves at 600 depth), but I can also get killed in one hit by phys dmg : see for instance the Oak boss of Fungal Hollow and Mesa. Where a melee char with just 5k life would survive, thx to some mitigation.
Fire dmg is deadly, indeed (hello Purifier guardian), but we are a Witch after all :D

So our only defense is our ES bubble, as we have no evasion, no dodge and no armour. I wonder if a setup with less ES but other defenses would be better. The clusters are an opportunity to test that, probably. Energy from Naught is the most obvious choice, but another node like Spring Back could be efficient if you stack 3 or 4, for lightning fast ES recharge.

Also, I have used the Asenath's gloves : very good to clear the Mine (but they're expensive), and I've recently used the Asenath's helmet to cast Temp Chains and Despair when I fire CA. It works well.

These were just my thoughts and suggestions,

Gl & hf :)
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