3.10 Shrapnel/Artillery Ballista Build-League Starter+Boss Killer+Good Clear Speed

How this build works:
You have 6 shrapnel ballistas that absolutely eviscerate anything near them, then you have a distance option with artillery ballista that clears screens. Very safe build with 6500 life+fortify+snared/chilled mobs+very high close range dps so uniques don't live long.

Clearing: Use artillery ballista to clear and blast through delirium stages, weapon swap for bosses and tough named and drop shrapnels.

Bossing: Drop 6 ballistas near boss+pop vaal haste, dash away and shoot/avoid boss abilities. T15 metas die before ballistas drop. I've played many builds in 3.9 and nothing is even close to the boss damage of shrapnel ballista.
Awakening 6 Sirius down.


T13 Meta Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_ZOVwAULSQ

*Fast clear speed
*Great boss damage
*Great league starter just using Shrapnel Ballista from lvl 4
*Sirius down with sub 10ex gear

*Have to run a mana flask
*Phys Reflect maps are you're bane
*As with any bow build, can get 1 shot in very hard maps if you aren't careful.

Skill Bandits/Tree/Ascendency/Pantheon:

Bandits: Kill all

Skill Tree:
POE Planner: 34 pts www.poeurl.com/cJ1y
60 pts www.poeurl.com/cJ1z
POBuilding: https://pastebin.com/SGjRBmie
Delirium Gems: I run 12 to bow dmg large jewel with 2 medium slots for Eye to an Eye+Repeater and Sleepless Sentries+Ancestral Might.

Acendency: Unstoppable Hero>Fortitude>First to Strike Last to fall>Master of Metal

Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris/Soul of Gruthkul

Early Leveling:

Dont bother with artillery ballista first,level the gems in alt weap slot---just focus on shrapnel ballista.
Bow: Quillrain until 62 for Chin Sol
Gems:Shrapnel>>Pierce>Visc>Maim>Brutal>Impale in that order
Quiver: Use a skirmish for +1 totems for leveling
Head: Starks Head
Neck: Karui Ward is your best neck for leveling
Boots: Anything with good move speed
Rings: Life
Belt: Life
Gloves: Hrimsorrow is good for str
Chest: Tab Rasa if you don't have atleast a 5L Quillrain....otherwise Foxshade for movement speed or rare life chest.

6L:Shrapnel>Maim>Brutal>Viscious Projectiles>Dmg on full life>Impale
6L alt weap slot:Artillery>Visc>Elemental dmg with attacks>dmg on full life>combustion supp>conc effect
2L: Blasphemy Support>Projectile Weakness
3L Ice Golem>Cast when Damage Taken>Steelskin
3L: Vaal Haste>Vaal Grace>Increased Duration
3 gems anywhere: War Banner+Flesh and Stone+Dash

Endgame Gear:


The belt gives you perma onslaught---which is awesome. Figure out how to cap resists with rings+boots+gloves.

Helm Enchant you want is Shrapnel Ballista Fires an additional arrow.

Annoint I use Primal Manifestation---once you get to T12+ you will need the extra life on your totems.


Bosses: I run 2 life flasks and drop dying sun for a Sulfur Flask, chaos dmg fights I use Atziri's Promise instead of sulfur.

Clearing: I run Dying Sun


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nice build, probably gonna use it as league start next league.
why do you get the frenzy nodes on the bottom of the tree if kills with ballista's dont give you frenzy charges?
Ensnaring arrow builds frenzy charges which then applies the damage to ballistas. However those would be my lvl 95-100 pts....so not high prio
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Cool build, I'm thinking of using this as a league start for Delirium. What recommendation do you have for order of the skill tree? I was thinking south to Ironwood, west to Iron Grip, east to Point Blank, and then north to the claw wheel. Then interchange between offense and defense in getting the rest?

I was also thinking of dropping the huge life wheel near Scion start for Delirium, to redirect points for any of the new jewels notables that might be too good to pass up. Are there any alternative wheels i could drop to redirect points in your opinion? Thanks!
Hey, neat build planning to league start with it. whats your thoughts on switching first to last with the taunt nodes so your ballistas taunt if I'm planning to go full totems? (I just vibe well with the totem playstyle.)
Get max number of totems first, anything ensnaring arrow last.
See my path of building links for how I would level this build.

If you go full totems use a Kaoms for the life.

Your totems will draw all the fire as long as they are active. Their dps>your dps

The frenzy wheel is definitely last on this build. I suppose you could drop some of the life----but at what cost? I personally don't like dying....that's why I love this build!

I will be actively playing this build in Delirium---so if I find some really awesome gem wheels I'll for sure post them.
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I will include at least 2 of these in the build....Eye to Eye and Sleepless Sentries for sure---will have to see what the other nodes look like in the trees to decide on others. Damage will be out of control with Eye to an Eye and add a 6th totem....gross.

Sleepless Sentries
20% increased Totem Damage
20% increased Totem Duration
Attack Skills have +1 to maximum number of Summoned Ballista Totems

Eye to Eye
25% increased Projectile Damage
35% increased Projectile Damage with Hits against Nearby Enemies

Iron Breaker
Enemies have -10% to Total Physical Damage Reduction against your Hits
35% increased Physical Damage

(Physical Damage Reduction cannot be negative)

Deep Cuts
15% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks
Impales you inflict last 1 additional Hit

(When an Impaled enemy is hit, the Impale reflects 10% of the physical damage of the Impaling hit to that enemy. Impale lasts for 5 hits)

Master the Fundamentals
+10% to all Elemental Resistances
35% reduced Elemental Damage
35% increased Physical Damage

Force Multiplier
5% chance to deal Double Damage
25% increased Physical Damage

Furious Assault
8% increased Attack and Cast Speed
25% increased Physical Damage

Vicious Skewering
Attacks have 10% chance to cause Bleeding
10% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks
15% increased Effect of Impales inflicted by Hits that also inflict Bleeding

(Bleeding deals Physical Damage over time, based on the base Physical Damage of the Skill. Damage is higher while moving)
(When an Impaled enemy is hit, the Impale reflects 10% of the physical damage of the Impaling hit to that enemy. Impale lasts for 5 hits)

Smite the Weak
40% increased Attack Damage against Maimed Enemies
Attacks have 10% chance to Maim on Hit

(Maimed enemies have 30% reduced Movement Speed)
Now deals base damage and has an added damage effectiveness of 38% at gem level 1 (from 33%), up to 44% at gem level 20 (from 38%).

Even more damage.
Up to level 62---picked up a Chin Sol in place of the Quillrain...dps got insane. By level 68 I'll have both Eye for an Eye and Sleepless Sentries. As it stands now with Eye for an Eye active and six totems with only a 4L I killed Doedre the second he landed in sewers.

At this point with the added damage to ballistas I may go full ballista build and not bother with ensnaring arrow. This way I can run Kaoms---hit 7k health and have damage that will push boss phases almost instantly.

I also found a new quiver https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Maloney%27s_Nightfall

60% increased damage to blinded enemies---if I ran in sand stance this would increase defense and damage. The nice thing about this quiver is it has far better stats than skirmish.

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