3.9 Shrapnel Ballista/Ensnaring Arrow Build-League Starter+Boss Killer+Good Clear Speed

How this build works:
You have 5 shrapnel ballistas that absolutely eviscerate anything near them, then you have a distance option with ensnaring arrow that adds+20% physical damage and snare to anything that gets into range. Very safe build with 6500 life+fortify+snared/chilled mobs+very high close range dps so uniques don't live long.

Clearing: Drop a ballista or two then fire away with ensnaring arrow. Most mobs will die from arrows before they ever get to ballista range, jumping/charging mobs die immediately when they come into ballista range.

Bossing: Drop 5 ballistas near boss+pop vaal haste, dash away and shoot/avoid boss abilities. T15 metas die before ballistas drop. I've played many builds in 3.9 and nothing is even close to the boss damage of shrapnel ballista.

T13 Meta Vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_ZOVwAULSQ

*Fast clear speed
*Great boss damage
*Great league starter just using Shrapnel Ballista from lvl 4
*Sirius down with sub 10ex gear

*Have to run a mana flask
*Phys Reflect maps are you're bane
*As with any bow build, can get 1 shot in very hard maps if you aren't careful.

Skill Bandits/Tree/Ascendency/Pantheon:

Bandits: Kill all

Skill Tree:
POE Planner: 34 pts www.poeurl.com/cJ1y
60 pts www.poeurl.com/cJ1z
Final: www.poeurl.com/cJ1D
POBuilding: https://pastebin.com/vCdmuJqX

Acendency: Unstoppable Hero>Fortitude>First to Strike Last to fall>Master of Metal

Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris/Soul of Gruthkul

Early Leveling:

Dont bother with ensnaring arrow---just focus on shrapnel ballista.
Bow: Quillrain is your best option until you can get an Arborix.
Gems:Shrapnel>Maim>Brutal>Visc>Pierce>Impale in that order
Quiver: Use a skirmish for +1 totems for leveling
Head: Starks Head until you can find a power charge gen helmet
Neck: Karui Ward is your best neck for leveling
Boots: Anything with good move speed
Rings: Life
Belt: Life
Gloves: Hrimsorrow is good for str until Tombfists
Chest: Tab Rasa if you don't have atleast a 5L Quillrain....otherwise Foxshade for movement speed or rare life chest.

6L:Shrapnel>Maim>Brutal>Viscious Projectiles>Pierce>Impale
6L:Ensnaring Arrow>Damage on Full>GMP>Maim>Viscious Proj>Pierce
2L: Blasphemy Support>Vulnerability
2L Ice Golem>Cast when Damage Taken
3L: Vaal Haste>Vaal Grace>Increased Duration
2L: War Banner+Flesh and Stone
Ring: Dash

Endgame Gear:


Helm Enchant you want is Shrapnel Ballista Pierces 6 additional targets(I've had no luck)
Make sure to use all 4 different Abyss jewel types for +40% damage from Bubonic Trails.
Annoint I use Primal Manifestation---once you get to T12+ you will need the extra life on your totems.


Bosses: I run 2 life flasks and drop dying sun for a Sulfur Flask, chaos dmg fights I use Atziri's Promise instead of sulfur.

Clearing: I run Dying Sun


Don't run ensnaring arrow until you have a Lion's eye fall to make claw skills bow skills---then mana leech becomes effective.
POBuilding does not correctly calc Ballista Damage, it will say 20k dps, but its more like 3 mill with 5 ballistas at point blank range.

If you want 7k life you can run Kaoms and drop ensnaring arrow +all skill gems at top right of tree, then add swift skewering+Master Fletcher+Deadly Draw and just run the ballistas. This is the most powerful boss killer, but the clearing is painful. I ran this build for quite a while and its was crushing on bosses----but I got 1 shots on tough maps because you had to be in melee range to drop totems and ranged mobs could unleash on you.

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nice build, probably gonna use it as league start next league.

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