Shockwave totem 3.9 5mil Shaper Dps Satisfyingtoties! Not beginner friendly guide video added

Hello everyone this is my first build guide, well first build I made myself. I wanted to shine light on this idea as I don't know what else to do to upgrade this character. It cost me alot of currency and time to get this build to the point it currently is. Will update in the future but here we go.

The build uses the Astral projector unique ring for fast clearspeed and only requiring line of sight for the totems to start attacking anything casting shockwaves/bubbles on top of anything close to it going outwards which sets up for place and go totems which clear a entire screen.

I've done all content, t16 blight with no towers. Awaken lvl 6 Sirus currently.

Core Items

The ring allows for the totems to have good clearspeed, the belt and shield are a nobrainer with Soul Mantle. Gloves for 25% conversion combined with a watchers eye and avatar of fire for 100% conversion.

Rare Items Stats to look for
Resit resit resist is the name of the game. You need resist and life the best you can. Enchantment not necessary, just QoL for clearspeed.

Gem Links
Shockwave Totem-Fire Penetration-Conc Effect-Combustion-Increased Critical Strikes-Immolate

Flammability-Arcane Surge Lv13-Increased Aoe-Cascade
This is used to trigger arcane surge. 1 use grants arcane surge. When bossing you spam it to increase arcane surge effect while your toties blow them up.


Immortal Call lv1-Increased duration-Cwdt lv1

Flame Dash-Faster CastingPortal




This is my first guide I don't really know how to do it very well but this build needs to be out here. Its very fun fast and strong. I spent about 26ex on this build currently, most rare items where found myself I can't really help there. If someone would like to assist me with the guide so I can show video please notify me!

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Very surprised more people aren’t doing Shockwave totems, seem really very strong. I rolled a GC totem character, and was shocked that simply swapping GC to shockwave doubled the damage, even on one less link. The range is kinda insane too

Two questions about your build;

Do you think going 100% fire is worth it? I’ve been rolling with phys to cold to fire with added chaos

Do you think the self-curse is worth the cost? I always found it crazy strong for most spells, but Atzaris reflection is expensive and you don’t get a 7-link from soul mantle like most totem builds would. I’ve been debating going this route, but it seems like it would leave me even more squishy, and I think I’m too squishy as is, with stats on my body armor and shield.

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