[3.14] Kami's Life | LL | CI CoC Ice Nova Assassin | all Content | deep Delve | max Block

3.14 changes
Vaal RF
Now Sacrifices 60% of your total Energy Shield and Life (previously 30%).
Now grants 10-19% more Spell Damage (previously 15-28%).
Now has a Soul Gain Prevention duration of 6 seconds (previously 12).
Vaal Discipline can help here to recover your ES faster

Cluster Jewel
The Cluster Jewel notable Magnifier no longer grants 10% increased Area Damage.
The Cluster Jewel notable Vast Power now grants 3% increased Area of Effect per Power Charge, up to a maximum of 50% (previously uncapped).
The Cluster Jewel notable Widespread Destruction now grants 6% increased Area of Effect (previously 10%).

Frost Bomb
Frost Bomb now only grants 15% Cold pen instead of 25%

explode chest
The "Enemies you Kill Explode, Dealing x% of their Life as Physical Damage" modifiers can no longer appear on Crusader-influenced Body Armours or as Synthesis Implicits. To replace this, modifiers that grant "Enemies you Kill have a x% chance to Explode, dealing a tenth of their maximum Life as Physical Damage" have been added.

Harvest nerfs ofcourse

Buffs in 3.14
Ambush and Assassinate
Now grants 15% more Damage with Hits and Ailments against Enemies that are on Low Life (previously 25%). actually a tiny dps buff, if you go for these ascendancy points instead of mistwalker

Hey Guys,
I wanted to make a complete and detailed build guide, from a near zero(1-70ex) Life Based Coc Ice Nova Assassin up to a real dps or tank Hero (50-1000ex) LL/CI Character.
With this build it's possible to do all Content. It doesn't matter if its Delve 1k+, kill Sirus A8 or farm juiced T16 maps.

I played CoC Assassin already like 20 times in many different variations, some where Tanky as hell with okayish dps, some were very high dps but squishier, some were for a balanced gameplay.

In the end you normally choose 2 out of the 3 stats listed for your prefered playstyle, unless you wanne balance it:
-Life / Energy Shield
-Defensive and smoother gameplay mechanics (max Block, Aoe scaling, Chain Explosions, Dodge)

After choosing your 2 options the only limiting factor is your Budget.

In terms of Life/ES Pool:
Make sure that a Life based CoC (5k HP) never can reach the High EHP Pool of a LL (6-8k ES)or even CI Charakter (8-10k ES), but they tend to be way more Budget friendly and easier to gear.

In terms of Damage:
LL Builds are with distance the strongest version of a CoC build dps wise, but they tend to be mostly squishy, cause the lack of defensive mechanics like Dodge or Block.

In terms of Defensive and smoother gameplay mechanics:
Max Block -> only make sense if you go the full defensive CI route.
Dodge -> Only viable and recommended if you play the Life based starter
Aoe Scaling via Tree and Cluster Jewels-> pretty nice to have for smoother gameplay. In combinations with Herald of Ice and explode Armour (Life or CI) you're getting chainexplosions.

If you want the build to see in action you can visit my twitch site where I stream from time to time:


CI Version
https://pastebin.com/MU1J0WTg @JuJu, thx for a min/maxed PoB
-High Defences
-max Block
-Stun immune

Life Version
-"Tanky" 5k Life with huge dps
-attack capped without flask
-crit capped only with Diamond Flask and Bottled Faith or crit Watcher's Eye (swap added cold for inc. crit for Budget version)
-max Dodge
-stun immune through Boot enchant and helmet craft
-Blind on hit from Pandemonious
-weak against random one shots (rare) and Dot effects

- rare rings can be added for more ES without sacrificing to much dps or circle of fear with inc. maximum ES as implicit

Before you want to start this build, there are a few mechanics you should know. I recommend to carefully read the next few spoiler before you're starting to buy or craft your gear.

How the Build works, Aps and CdR

1) you hit an enemie with Cyclone -> try getting 100% Hit Chance

2)on that hit you try to get a critikal strike -> try to get 100% critical strike chance for Cyclone

3)the hit with cyclone crits and your CoC gem activates so you cast on crit Ice Nova thats linked to it in your gem setup.

4)After that you Cospri's Malice is going to trigger and shoots Frostbolt

If you wanne go deeper in the substance of how CoC works:

Cooldown reduction is a very important stat in our build, cause there are Breakpoints we can hit to cast more often Ice Nova with Cast on Critical through Cyclone.

BP0 At 0-13% CDR you need to stay below <6.06 APS

BP1 At 14-51% CDR you need to stay below <7.57 APS

BP2 At 52%-57% CDR you need to stay below <10.1 APS

In the End we need to get the BP1 Breakpoint, so wee need atleas 14% CDR

you can get the stats on Boots, Belt or the awakening gem @lvl.3

If you have higher aps with your cyclone then the BP you got, you start missing casts from Ice Nova and loose a bunch of dps

for the aps calculation in PoB Fork:

1) import build
2) go to cyclone as your main skill
3) activate all flasks
4) activate Mistwalker, Tailwind, Onslaught, Frenzy Charges only if you got it from Gear, Gems or somewhere else

Stun Immunity for the ES based build

Since 3.11 Cyclone doesn't grant us anymore Stun Immunity while channeling, so we need to grab somewhere the "% Chance to avoid being stunned" mod from Gear, Tree or Cluster Jewels. We should aim for 100% Stun avoid, otherwise it will feel clunky to play.

Options for CI/Life:
Options where you can get it:
- 80% Boots enchant (if you've killed recently)
- 20% form passive Tree (arcane swiftness)
- 35% as prefix crafted on the Chest
- 40% from Channeling Cluster Jewel (unwavering focus)
- 50% from Flask Affix
- 25% as suffix crafted on the gloves or helmet
- 50% Cinderswallow enchant

I prefer to get the bootenchant and the arcane swiftness note on the tree.

Options for LL:
Eye of the Chayula Amulet

usefull tools

you should always look on poedb, to see there ilvl base and influence you need to craft a specific mod

Path of Building

Path of Building Fork

After reading carefully and understanding the mechanics, you can start picking the build version you want to play and start crafting or buying your Gear together.


Major God
Soul Of Lunaris

Minor God
Soul Of Shakari


Help Alira:
5 Mana Regenerated per second
+20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
+15% to all Elemental Resistances

or kill all Bandits, depending on your Gear


1) Unstable Infusion
- +1 Power Charge
- Power charge generation

2) Deadly Infusion
- crit chance, crit multi and Movement speed from power charges

3) Opportunistic
- more Damge on Single Targets
- reduced Damage taken while there are atlest 2 rare

4) Mistwalker
- Movementspeed
- Immune to crit



Stat Priority:
- Energy Shield (ilvl.84+)
- -9% Cold Resistance to nearby enemies (Redeemer)(ilvl.85)
- +1 power Charge (Warlord)(ilvl.75)
- Resistance
- Intelligence

- 40% Ice Nova Damage (~7% more Damage)
- 30% Reduced Mana Reservation for HoI / Precision / Hatred

Preferred Crafting Method:
Dense + Frigid Fossil

Body Armour

Stat Priority:
- Energy Shield (ilvl.86)
- Recover #% of Energy Shield on kill (shaper ilvl.75)
- Quality / Resistance / Intelligence
- Attacks have +1.5% to Critical Strike Chance (hunter / elder ilvl.84)
- Enemies you Kill Explode, dealing 3% of their Life as Physical Damage (legacy mod, crusader ilvl.85)

Preferred Crafting Method:
Dense Fossil + preffix block and reforge with a crit from harvest


try to vary the aps for your CdR Breakpoint


Stat Priority:
- Energy Shield (ilvl.86)
- Recover #% of Energy Shield on block (shaper ilvl.68)
- chance to Block Spell Damage (shaper ilvl.75)
- Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence
- Socketed Gems have 15% reduced Mana Reservation (shaper ilvl.80)

Preferred Crafting Method:
Dense Fossil + preffix block reforge rare with defence mod


Stat Priority:
- Energy Shield (ilvl.84)
- Accuracy (ilvl.85)
- 50% Damage against chilled enemies (Incursion mod)
- Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence
- chance to Unnerve enemies in hit (Hunter ilvl.85)
- culling strike (warlord ilvl.73)

Preferred Crafting Method:
Dense Fossil


Stat Priority:
- Energy Shield (ilvl.84)
- Movement Speed (ilvl.86)
- Resistance
- Tailwind (Hunter ilvl.75)
- Cooldown Recovery Speed (shaper / crusader ilvl.80)
- Intelligence

- 10% Movementspeed for mapping
- 10% Damage Penetration for Bossing
- 80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently (if you don't be stun immune otherwise)

Preferred Crafting Method:
Dense + Shuddering Fossil


Option 1 (for vary playstyle)

Stat Priority:
- Energy Shield (ilvl.74)
- increased maximum Energy Shield (crusader ilvl.82)
- Assassins Mark on hit (shaper ilvl.80) / Frostbite on hit (redeemer ilvl.80)
- Accuracy (ilvl.75)
- Resistance / Dexterity / Intelligence
- critical stirke multiplier (elder ilvl.80)
- cold damage to spells (redeemer ilvl.75)

Preferred Crafting Method:
Dense Fossil

Option 2 (for offensive playstyle)

recommended to take atleast 1 ring with reduced Mana reserved, unless you got a reduced mana reserved Helm Enchant to get Hatred running.

Option 3 (for hybrid playstyle)
+ Elder ring


Stat Priority:
- Energy Shield (ilvl.80)
- increased maximum Energy Shield (crusader ilvl.82)
- Cooldown Recovery Speed (shaper ilvl.75-84)
- increased Energy Shield from Body Armour (shaper ilvl.80)
- increased Spell Damage during any Flask Effect (shaper ilvl.80)
- Resistance

Preferred Crafting Method:
Dense Fossil


Option 1 (recommended for Budget Life/CI)

Option 2 (recommended for LL)

Option 3 (High Budget)

Stat Priority:
- increased maximum Energy Shield (ilvl.77)
- Accuracy (ilvl.75)
- to Level of all Cold Skill Gems (redeemer ilvl.82)
- Cold Penetration (redeemer ilvl.82)
- crit Multiplier (ilvl.74)

Preferred Crafting Method:
dense + frigid Fossil or alternation

- Tranquility
- Charisma
- Deflection


take out Wise Oak if you Need a flask for anti freeze


Watcher's Eye

- Watcher's Eye with ES on hit

For the Moneyboys as second stat:
- Discipline Spell Block
- Precision crit Multiplier ~12% more dps
- Clarity 18% maximum Mana as ES ~700ES
- Hatred crit
- Hatred Cold penetration

Frozen Trail

- take your corrupted Blood implict here

Militant Faith

Great Jewel to boost our dps. It converts "Conduit" to "Inner convition" which let us grant 3% more spell damage per Power Charge. Also we get through the unique Modifier Res and even more dps

Thread of Hope (large)

- Light Eater
- Heart of Ice
- Arcane Focus
- Utmost Intellect

- Breath of Rime
- Deep Wisdom

Large Cluster Jewel (optional)

Blanketed Snow:
-10% Cold Penetration

Corrosive Elements:
-Cold Skills have a 25% chance to apply Cold Exposure on Hit
-15% increased Elemental Damage

Widespread Destruction:
- 10% AOE
- 20% increased Elemental Damage

Medium Cluster Jewel 1(optional)

Master of Fear:
- Enemies are unnerved and take 10% increased Spell damage

Wish for Death:
- culling Strike -> 10% more dps

Medium Cluster Jewel 2(optional)

Medium one with Channeling tag

Unwavering Focus:
- 40% chance to avoid being stunned while channeling

Precise Focus:
- 30% crit chance
- 20% crit multi

Medium Cluster Jewel 3(optional)

Vast Power:
- 20% increased Area Damage
- 3% increased AoE per Power Charge

- 10% increased Area of Effect
- 10% critical Multiplier

Small 1 & 2

Energy from Naught:
- 100 Energy shield

Gem setup

Make sure I listed here a general gem setup, this varies on your weapon setup, curse ring and mana reservation pool
6-Link CoC setup

- swap in awakened added cold instead of inc. crtitical strike for a big dps boost, but only if you can keep your flasks up during fight for 100% Crit chance. Awakened CoC gem is only needed if you aim for the 52% CdR, make sure with the gem level the CdR increases.

4-Link Aura setup

You can place Precision instead of Discipline here if you're playing the Life based build

3-Link Movement and Vaal RF for dps

use Vaal RF on Bosses for more dps

4-Link cwdt setup

3-Link Cospri setup

4-Link Vortex setup

Make sure that depending on your Gear and version of CoC you play the Gem setup can vary.

Leaguestart Day 1-5

usefull Leveling Gear

Day 1-5

Day 1
leveled with Freezing pulse and then swapped to a self cast Frostbolt Ice Nova setup.

Reached maps after 6.5h with all sidequest and 3 labs done. Bought now a Tabula and 2 Widowmaker, switched to a CoC setup and start farming maps.


Day 2

farmed 16 watchstones and now farming red maps for the missing 16. So far I got no problems with doing T16 maps, dps is pretty good, but need to upgrade tomorrow my defences cause Life CoC is squishy against 1 shots with 4k Life.

- completed Uber Lab
- lucky 6 linked my Carcass Jack (5 Link is still fine)
- bought GG Militant Faith for 2ex
- alt spammed ilvl 75 Belt Base till I hit the recovery mod to equip a onslaught flask for aps and MS
- upgraded the Rare Gear for more Life and Accuracy


Day 3

- killed A5 Sirus easy Deathless
- changed gloves for one with the delve mod, used 1 harvest craft to augment the lightning res for future gearing
- changed passive tree to allocate 4 jewel sockets for life/ crit multi and res
- changed Boots for Atziri steps to have more spell dodge
- changed onslaught flask for a phasing flask


Day 4

played the hole day up to, 2 Conquerors left for a full Atlas. spent 3h in the morning to upgrade my Gear. Atm feeling really tanky after some adjustments, dps skyrocketed even more.

changes so far since Day 3:
-lvl 21 Ice Nova gem (10c)
-Pandemonious with Annoint for insande dps boost and blind on hit for defence
-mark of the shaper for a good defence and offence choice
-elder ring with life, crit and chaos res through harvest crafting
-rare helmet to fix the missing accuracy, some more chaos res and stun immunity during fight
-enchanted boots for stun immunity which is pretty good during mapping
-new belt with a bit more Life, Res and dps
-thread of Hope which let us get a big dps boost without using more passive points

never felt that tanky so far with 4.6k Life. Did Sirus A7 toady with 1 unavoidable Death. Hopefully I can reach 5k Life @ lvl95. I think I did my best so far with the budget I got. I also bought awakened added cold and cast on crit for future projects, which arent necessary now.

The next steps I'm going to do is to buy a watcher's and then swap my inc. crit gem with a dps one. After that I'm mostly done with gearing and just grinding currency.

So far the only Problems I have are ground degen and random one shots every 20th? map or so.

Day 5
So you ask what I changed? -> I wanted more AoE, so I rebuilt the tree and lost nothing but got much more AoE.
After the end of the thay I swapped my inc. crit gem for an awakened added cold. This results that we arent crit capped anymore. So to compensate that we got 3 options.
1) keeping up Bottled Faith and Diamond Flask during Fights
2) get a hatred crit Watcher's Eye + Diamond Flask
3) get a Attack Crit Armour + Diamond Flask


I choosed the Bottled Faith, cause the currently 9ex watcher's eye cost are not worth it in my opinion, also I had to sacrifice 1 Jewel Socket. A other Armour is with attack Crit and mostly explode is to expensive atm and I also dont wanne lose the AoE from Carcass. So I choosed the bottled Faith which is good dps upgrade and the Price of the Flask is also increaseing atm.

For now I dont see any big improvements without sacrificing defence mechanincs or investing a ton into some GG items.

A few options could be done with a big investment:
- +2/4 Carcass
- explode/ crit Armour
- Cluster Jewels (Sacrificing ~500 Life)
- Awakened cast on crit lvl 3+ to swap for a belt witout cooldown recovery speed
- awakened added cold @lvl 5 for +1 cold gems

Question & Answer

Is this build beginnerfriendly?
No, calculating attcks per second, cooldown Recovery rate, Crit Chance and Hit Chance is pretty important for the build. For that you also need the basic knowledge of Path of Building and how to gear your own character with items and possible mods on them

How important is attack speed / Hit chance / Crit Chance / Cooldown Recovery speed?
Its very important and essential for the build to get going.If you only lack one of those stats to hard, the build gets starting clunky and feels just bad. To understand the mechanic of these 4 stats, you should read the spoiler 2 and 3 times to understand how it works, or google for same people with problem or build guides on youtube

When should I switch to LL / CI?
Pretty good question and hard to say, cause this depends on
- your Budget
- the Content you want to clear with it
- if you want defensives like Max Block
- the items on market unless you craft everything on your own
As far as I can tell from my experience I wouldnt recommend to switch for LL until week 1 with atleast 70ex Budget and week 2 for CI with atleast 150ex Budget. With lower budget you cant get good ES/dps gear, and a CoC starts to shine with investment dps and defensive wise.
You got mostly no advantage with a Low Budget LL/CI build if you still have 6k ES and no other defesive mechanics and wondering when you die.

Should I Dual wield ar go for Sword & Shield?

This depends on your playstyle, for a Life CoC I recommend going for dual wield, cause you can put Life Leech, Frostbite and Frostbomb in there for a smoother gameplay. A Shield would us mostly grant more Life in there, but nothing else unless a bit of attack block chance.
For LL I recommend to go with Prism Guards to get more Auras going, unless you want a more Defensives from a 350+ rare ES shield. Dual wield LL builds are also possible to do, but they are pretty squishy.
On CI the only option to go for is a rare shield with high ES

Why is my dps so low?
This depends mostly on your gear and stats.
1)first of all you have to be sure that your Hit Chance for Cyclone is near 100% otherwise you will not hit with cyclone. Accuracy is your friend here, try to get it from tree and gear
2)The Next things is that you have near 100% Crit Chance in fight with cyclone. Global Crit Chance or crit chance for attacks is here your friend, and you can get it from Diamond or Bottled Faith Flask, Hatred crit Watchers, suffix from influenced Body Armour, cluster Jewels and increased crit gem. If you dont have near 100% crit chance for cyclone you wont trigger the Ice Nova from the 6-Link setup.
3)attack speed is the next pretty big point in the build. This interacts with the cooldown you got for Ice Nova to be able to trigger the next cast. For the moment I recommend to go for a maximum of 7.57 aps with atleast 14% Cooldown recovery speed. If you have just 0.01 more aps then that you are going to skip a Ice Nova Cast, cause the Cooldown of Ice Nova wasnt ready when you attacked. If you are on Leaguestart and have 0% Cooldown recovery speed, you shouldnt hit faster then 6.06 attacks per second with cyclone.
For attack speed we havent much choice to get it unless from passive tree, gear or precision watchers.
For Cooldown recovery speed the only options we got is from belt up to 20%, Boots with 15% or an awakened CoC gem(scales with level)

If you can say yourself that all these stats are fine on your caracter, you should check your gear vs others from poe.ninja as an example or compare the gear your got vs the one in the guide listed. Then you normally should see room for improvents. I cant tell you how oftern I recommend to use pob and add some other gear, higher gems or other passive points/cluster Jewels in there to see how it can improve the build.

Why am I so squishy?
Also a pretty good question. First of all squishy is spongy expression for others, you have to know what killed you to work against it.
But there are some defensice mechanics you can build into your caracter to make it in general more tanky
1)High Life / ES pool, the more you can get the better. This is the only way that protect you against oneshots
2)Max Block / Dodge, the way to go to minimize the chance for getting hit or oneshooted, and with a good shield you get uup to 5% of your ES back
3)Stun Immune -> protects you against Stuns, so you can just smoothly cyclone through enemies without stops
4)Life / ES leech -> small but good ability to get some regen to go
5)ES on hit watchers -> pretty good during boss fights to get some ES back from your hits you deal to the enemy
6)Elemental Ailment Immune -> A pretty underestimated stat that makes you Immune to all Ailments like chill, freeze, scorch, brittle, ignite, sap and shock

What Budget do I need to start this build?

For Life you need a 5/6Link with 2 widowmaker and knowledge about the build to start farming white maps -> watch Leaguestart spoiler day 1-5

Are Cluster Jewels needed?

No, but they can give you some nice dps, AoE or ES boost to your character. I dont recommend to use em on the Life or max block ES version, cause we are lacking to much passive points or sacrifice to much Life/ES to get it going

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Video with t16/bossing and delve, please. Will be nice to swap into it from typical CoC
I want to try this build, but need to see video first to see how it compares to other builds.
dat gear is insane.
Rampage Rank 7 lv 100 BONJWA_TOP_DAWG
Talisman SC Rank 7 Lv 100 LaBonjwa_Neymar
Video with t16/bossing and delve, please. Will be nice to swap into it from typical CoC

comming soon, but atm I try to make the Theory at first, it doesn't look much different from a typical life based version, the "only" difference is that if you should lose in some way ES, you get it "instant" back from the defensive mechanic if there are mobs.
Would love to see some videos and some detailed gear guide so I know what to aim for until I can get your insane gear, thanks for the guide!
u have 35% cooldown recovery (20belt - 15boots)
yet ur pob has 8.77 aps

or do u have more cooldown recovery from somewhere else??

edit: nvm, u can get 20+ on awakened coc
Rampage Rank 7 lv 100 BONJWA_TOP_DAWG
Talisman SC Rank 7 Lv 100 LaBonjwa_Neymar
Last edited by Mainoffender on Jan 8, 2020, 12:42:09 AM
on pob u have MoM with 175 unreserved mana
whats up with that?
Rampage Rank 7 lv 100 BONJWA_TOP_DAWG
Talisman SC Rank 7 Lv 100 LaBonjwa_Neymar
Mainoffender wrote:
on pob u have MoM with 175 unreserved mana
whats up with that?

You take it, because if you socket the Timeless Jewel next to the socket, it converts the MoM Keystone. The new effect of the keystone is that it double your block Chance, but you take half of the hitdamage.

I will that later on explain in the guide when I got more time
Gear section is updated, will explain it the next days a bit more

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