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Watch Somayd Live at : www.twitch.tv/somayd

Ok before I start, this is Somayd's build, full credits to him. I'm making a more in depth guide in this forums for those who are in budget and have more questions about this build. Note that the video guide doesn't cover the budget build version.


Video Guide - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4jOIiM7vcw


This build clears and walks extremely fast, you could clear a whole map with less than 20 times of you casting your blade vortex. You could clear maps with ease, just cast and walk, then you already completed the map. The only thing will slow you is picking up items

This build is very easy to build, you just need to follow the tree, know which gear to get then done. Playstyle is extremely simple, as long as you have 1 finger, you could destroy all the bosses.

With about an average of 2-7 Million Shaper DPS (Of course scales from your build), you could clear bosses with ease. This build is also known as "DEATHLESS UBER ELDER FARMER". Also this build is able to reach delve 1000 depth too!

Delve, Incursion, Cortex, Uber elder, anything you name it. All of it can be done WITH EASE.

-> Reflect
This build cannot do any reflected maps, that goes with physical and elemental. The reason is blade vortex is a physical based damage build. We scaled it to elemental so we can't do both reflected maps.

-> Budget
In order to reach it's maximum potential for this build may be costly. It requires 2 void batteries and a synthesis ring - circle of fear with 2 specific stats. Some people will complain about "how is this even a budget build if you need these much?" well worry not, I have ready a budget build for you complain queens.

Pob Pastebin
- Build guide build
- My own version (Requires lower budget)
- Budget build

*note - I've set a couple of leveling passive tree in the budget build pob, if you are new to this game, i would recommend you to check the budget build version.


Build guide
Somayd's version, deathless uber elder

Poorjoy solo clear (my variant)

Next few videos on here will be the one with mark of the shaper ones.


Note : This build have 3 mandatory items to start with, without these items, you will need to look for a different variation of this build.


No doubt these are the best weapons that it can offer to our build.

Dual wield them for maximum potential

There is no other competitors that can compete with this weapon for this build. It's about 3ex but if you look at other multi modded items, it's way more expensive compared to this build. You don't need 8ex sceptre or anything like that, just a 3ex wand will help you clear all content

Why this wand is the most suitable weapon?

How this wand works?
We use this wand because of +1 power charge and +25% spell damage per power charge.
With the reduced spell damage, we will start up with a low damage first, but once we charged up to 9 power charge, it will give us 225% increase spell damage, and 145% increase spell damage after reduction, so dual wielding the wands will give us about 285% increase spell damage, which no other weapon in this game can offer us.

What is power charge then?
Power charge is a charge exist in this game which give us 40% crit strike chance per power charge, making us almost critical striking everytime we hit an enemy.

If you still want more information, here is the wiki for this topic, I can't explain it 100% accurate here.


If you're on a small amount of budget, look for

This weapon is pretty good after you have at least 7 power charge

Body Armour

Recommended chest piece is Carcass Jack

This should be pretty cheap, if you want a 5l, just go buy Jeweller's Touch (a prophecy) as it's not very expensive too.

Farrul Fur's is a good chest piece for this build, but it's specifically made for bossing. This is only for someone who have a lot of money to burn.

For you ssf people, a decent body armour with life and resistance


Any rare gloves with life and fill resistance, it is highly recommended to have a cold conversion gloves. Here is an example

If you're buying a glove without the conversion, make sure there is an open prefix. The crafting cost 1 divine orb. Find a crafter if you don't have the crafting recipe available.

The crafted modifier (Physical converted to cold) is very important in this build, it gives us significantly increase the amount of damage by about 120k, just from a single modifier, which is insanely good.

Update :
This gloves gives insane amount of dps, but beware running this glove will result in lost of defensive stats, this glove is viable for leveling and speed clearing lower tier maps

Any boots with life and fill resistance, recommended to get as much movement speed as possible but it is not needed


[Mandatory item]
this item is needed to run all of our auras together. The eldritch battery also helps us because we would have 0 mana after we reserved all the auras.

If you are on ssf, you won't be able to reserve all the auras if you don't have this item, just drop some auras then you are good to go.

If you don't have a level 2 Enlighten gem, you can drop this item, after you get it you can run an extra aura

[Mandatory item]
This is 90% of the speed come from, this is classified as a mandatory item due to the benefit it gives and this build does feels bad on the absent of this item.

On anointment there are a lot of varieties you can choose from
Overcharge (+1 max power charge) - Saves 4 points
Disciple of Unyielding (+1 Min endurance charge, gain endurance charge on kill ) - More survivability

[Mandatory item]
Herald of ice synthesis ring is the mandatory item of this build, without this ring you can not reserve all of your auras at once. You would want a minumum 36% reduced mana reserved and look for buff effect. Here is an example

Yes indeed it is quite expensive, so here is my budget ring that i am using

This cost me about 5c, dirt cheap ring. But you cannot reserve a high reservation aura like Zealotry. It also gives us a lot of spell damage.

The second ring you would want is a ring that gives you life and fill your lack resistance, if you are using Mark of the Shaper like me, you must use an elder base ring. Here is an example of the ring I am using

Note : If you use the synthesis ring, you don't need to go for elder, it's optional.


Of course everyone knows it, best belt of the game is a headh-
nah, actually this belt will just helps you do the content you need, this belt gives speed for us to complete the map faster.

For bossing, you could use a stygian vise like

If you have a slightly higher budget, you could go for a shaped spell damage on flask effect like this belt


I drink my flask pretty often but i am not alcoholic, You would need
1 Divine Life Flask
Atziri's Promise
3 Utility flasks
Here is the flask i am using

For deep delve, I will drop atziri's promise and sulphur flask for Taste of Hate and Rumi's, you should prob have a good understanding of the game if you reached that point so you I don't need to give more guidance for you guys.

I don't have taste of hate atm but you know how it looks like

For you new players just go back to the flasks i am using, don't ask any more questions, deep delve is 1k depth +


[Highly recommended item]
First i recommend a cold conversion watcher's, it gives significantly high damage and defense boost.

This may be expensive for some players, but it's not mandatory

For those who only have 36% of reservation on synthesis ring, get this jewel

This is received by doing act 8 quest.

For rare jewels, aim for
- Spell damage
- Crit multi for spells
- Maximum life
- Increase cold damage


All gem links
Main 6L

Links above are based on damage priority, but if you have badge of the brotherhood, you would want to have blood rage on you so you can generate frenzy charge.

For bossing replace intensify with conc effect.
Helmet (My setup, for those who use mark of the shaper)

If you are using the synthesis ring, replace Herald of Ash with Zealotry and Culling strike with a golem of your choice (recommended stone golem for health regen)


Weapons (My setup)

You can use whatever gems you want in the second weapon slot, for me i use

Keep immortal at level 3, wave of conviction at lvl 1-3 , and cast when damage taken at level 1

You could replace immortal call with level 20 steelskin but you need to activate it by yourself ( Lvl 20 Steelskin is extremely important for dealing bosses! Check playstyle section for more info )

Boots (My setup)
You can use whatever gems you want at boots, i personally use

as a curse support and

as a damage support

note - arcane surge does not work on this build


- Help Alira, gives us elemental resistance and crit chance.


1st - Mistwalker
2nd - Unstable Infusion
3rd - Deadly Infusion
4th - Opportunistic


Major God - Lunaris
Lunaris gives us a good physical damage reduction, dodge and avoid projectiles, it's a all round best defenses for us.

Minor God - Garukhan
I choose this upgraded version of Garukhan, mainly movement speed

Second choice Minor god - Gruthkul
Good physical reduction, it increases our survivability

------------------------------------------{Additional notes}-------------------------------------------------

Dangerous map mods are included
Elemental Reflect (hard skip, totally a no go if no reflect sextant)
Physical Reflect (proceed with caution, it is likely you will still get killed from your physical damage)
Monsters avoid ailments (flaccid clear, if you meet the porcupine guy, congratz your exp, if hc, say hello to standard)

If you make this build specifically for bossing, you can replace the body armour with Farrul's Fur

Yes this build can go CI, I will be convering on this later on, but currently I have no plans to add it on the build guide.

In deep delve you need to be careful with both the mobs and the mods of the node. I have experimented my build on another person's delve, I tried 1.5k, you are only able to take 1 hit before dying to the mobs. Damage in 1.5k depth still one shots the enemies (for my current setup).


General clearing
Cast 3 times your bv, make sure to move on each cast so intensify doesn't overlap, after the 3 cast, immediately activate withering step and go clearing, you need to recast your bv once every 4 seconds. Whenever you cast your bv, immediately go withering step.

Good steelskin cast timing is very important as it may decides you survive the fight or not. Make sure to have a level 20 Steelskin so you won't get killed from bosses.

Swap ice bite and intensify for hypothermia and concentrated effect, pre cast when you face the boss, the recast is same as when you do clearing, make sure to time your steelskin attacks that you can't dodge them yourself or boss attack animations.
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-----------------------Possible QnA-------------------------------

Q: You said this build can't do reflect, but doesn't assassins ascendancy opportunistic solve it?


Yes it does help, but assuming that you have 100% crit chance, you won't have to deal with those. But since in this game we have capped 95% crit chance, so if we don't crit, we would take a savage hit. Due to the build doesn't have a large amount of spell leech, this build is not recommended to do reflect maps as it is inconsistent and annoying.

Q : I die a lot in this build, what did I do wrong? what can improve my defenses?


Here are my list of defenses that you can use in gem wise
Steelskin (highly recommended for farming endgame content, had to be self cast)
Immortal call
Curse setup
Withering step (active this whenever you finished casting your bv)

Aura options (aura swaps, hc recommended, swap with zealotry or herald of ash)

Flesh and stone (sand stance)
Arctic armour

Flask options :
Taste of hate
Flaskes that is effective dealing against certain bosses

Playstyle :
Timing your steelskin is extremely important, steelskin is able to mitigate a huge chunk of damage that is thrown on you. When you finished casting your blade vortex, immediately go withering step and walk around the bosses, do not facetank it because you do not have a great spell leech.

This build is squishy (a statement, not a question)

How do you generate frenzy charges


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Guide says you can't do reflect, but shouldn't the Opportunistic node negate that with enough crit?
This build is very squishy (you will die a lot), and Somayd is very rude (including berating and belittling) to people who ask questions about his builds in his live stream (he perma bans people without warning for no legitimate reason other than asking questions he doesn't like). Given his history of silencing people in his stream who ask reasonable (and even good) questions about his builds, I recommend players exercise caution when following his guides.
All that and a bag of chips!
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Guide says you can't do reflect, but shouldn't the Opportunistic node negate that with enough crit?

Short explaination : Opportunistic does help prevent taking reflected damage, but this is inconsistent so I would highly not recommend running it.

Long explaination

These are all according to my knowledge
Assuming you have 100% CC (crit chance), then you would never take any reflected damage

But our CC is capped at 95%, so we still have a 5% CC that you would take a reflect damage. And of course, our build does not hit the capped CC.

Assume that the monsters does not attack, if we deal about 100k damage to the monster and it reflects 10% of the damage, so we would be receiving 10k damage, after mitigation (depending on the res) let's say we receive about 2.5k damage, and for a 5-6k build that would count as a savage hit. To counter the reflect, we would want to have a high life leech so we would be able to recover our health pool but we don't have that option in our hands.

Yes you still able to do reflected maps but I can not guarentee that you will not die from it. What if your rng is bad and you'd not critting? So that is why I'd say "don't do reflected maps"

Reddit reference for your question : https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/93t2zy/damage_from_your_critical_strikes_cannot_be/
This build is very squishy (you will die a lot), and Somayd is very rude (including berating and belittling) to people who ask questions about his builds in his live stream (he perma bans people without warning for no legitimate reason other than asking questions he doesn't like). Given his history of silencing people in his stream who ask reasonable (and even good) questions about his builds, I recommend players exercise caution when following his guides.

First of all, please DO NOT INSULT any other players in the forums, if you do hate certain people don't publicly insult them, I am not Somayd I am just a fan of his helping to make a build guide for this build where the video guide can't cover all / a budget build.

Secondly, banning people have a reason behind it, usually comes from backseatting him which he'd already stated in the chat rules. If you just do whatever you want in the chat, don't come blame people that he ban you without a proper reason. For the asking questions, it is usually a, stupid one to put in short words.

Also it is his stream, some streamers ban certain emotes or stuff that they doesn't like but you don't know until you'd get hit. He does what he likes only and if someone does something he dislike, why would he keep you in the chat?

For saying the build is squishy, I debunk that. It is based on how you build it and the defensive layer setup, I don't know how you build it but from my experience playing the build, so far my deaths are usually result in doing stupid stuff like doing avoid ailments with porcupines.

Please, kindly be polite and don't insult people here, if you want to, go to reddit, here is discussing the build not person.

Also, I made this guide, so this is actually technically NOT HIS OWN GUIDE, except the video which he made.
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CryexArchon wrote:
For saying the build is squishy, I debunk that. It is based on how you build it and the defensive layer setup

Which defensive layers are you talking about? Without Mistwalker, there aren't really any other. This build does not stack high evasion, usually someone will end up with about 15% chance to evade. This build does not stack a high life pool. Usually someone will end up with 5.5k life max (due to the excessive use of uniques without life). There is no chance to blind, to doge attacks or spells etc. So this build, as written down in your description, will feel squishy. Nothing to argue imho.

Clear speed on the other hand is absolut great.

Some things i stumbled upon: I dont get why it is necessary to convert the 25% phys to cold with the gloves. My setup might be wrong, but POB tells me this is a net loss of dps. Doesn't sound much surprisingly to me, since we are not penetrating any ele resistances.

In the guide he talked about getting a crit chance Watchers eye. However, POB tells me that i am already at 100% chance to crit and unsurprisingly doesn't raise my damage. Maybe it is only me, but using a watchers eye to buff only HoI does not sound that good to me.
Which defensive layers are you talking about?

There is a lot but i didn't cover most of them, deaths on this build are usually from bosses.

The original build uses self cast Steelskin for a layer of defenses

Because I'm very lazy, i just go for a lvl 3 cwdt Immortal call with 3 endurance charge for that, with that setup it is still able to take a hit in 1.5k delve with double extra, flat added and penetration.

On the boots setup where i said it's free, you can run curse setup like enfeeble for that, example cwdt - enfeeble.

necessary to convert the 25% phys to cold

If i remove that craft, I lost about 117k dps. From what I think (prob) is your aura effects like Herald of Ice or Hatred, I don't really know but that's what I think the problem comes from. That goes same for the watchers, but I go for convert instead so I can't really debunk anything for that.

using a watchers eye to buff only HoI

Watchers doesn't buff HoI? I think that's a mistake you accidentally said. If you mean by Hatred it is very worth it because i gain about 200k dps from it just for 1ex, i have no complains for that.
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That might have happen. Thanks for pointing that out. However, i still think its a valid point to double check if the crit chance isn't already at 100% before buying the watchers eye. Otherwise that would only buff the HoI. And since the single target damage of this build is really nothing special that might lead to frustrating boss dps :)

Hromsorrow would be an option to fully convert phys to cold by using the hatred conversion watchers eye and annointing Winter Spirit. But that would be another unique without life
CryexArchon wrote:
Watchers doesn't buff HoI? I think that's a mistake you accidentally said. If you mean by Hatred it is very worth it because i gain about 200k dps from it just for 1ex, i have no complains for that.

For clarification: I am speaking about the base crit Hatred Watchers eye. When you are already at 100% crit chance with BV, it will still buff your HoI, but obviously not your BV anymore.

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