3.7 - 3.8 Scourge Arrow Raider (All Content) Solo Delve 3.1k+ by Ontop


That forum guide is only a text adaptation of Ontop's video guide (also that is an English translation of the original build written in Russian)

For more detailed information its recommended to watch a video guide (RU language)
>>>>>>>>>>> https://youtu.be/yatf6oTdVhQ <<<<<<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>> https://www.twitch.tv/maydie13 <<<<<<<<<<<<<

AUTHOR PROFILE https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/maydie13



1)Availability and price of gear.
2)Very, very Impressive single target damage.
3)Build is focused on cold damage, which by itself is a great defensive mechanic that allows you to permafreeze all the bosses up to T16 Guardians.
4)Decent survivability
5)A lot of respec options - Ranger is versatile enough to switch into MF Burial maniac, any Pathfinder build, Labrunner etc.

1)Relatively low HP pool, about 5.5k
2)Player reaction speed is important (part of your mistakes can be negated by evasion/dodge ;D)
3)As result of two lines above, cannot facetank stuff.
4)Uncomfortable gameplay in closed space.
5)Respec is required after passing acts (which might be pricey early in league)
6)You need to unlock a few of veiled crafting mods for your endgame bow.


Full build video guide (russian)
Most important changes for SA Raider in Blight League. Quick overview of patch notes (russian).
Uber Elder(3.7 (Boss fight is the same in 3.8))
Aul, The Crystal King Depth 820
Aul, The Crystal King Depth 970, Extra Life/Ele Res
Aul, The Crystal King Depth 1300
Aul, The Crystal King Depth 1500


As one of my friends saying, Ranger without twink leveling gear is like a wheelchair slowly crawling on its screaking wheels into the first Labyrinth for turbo engine.
Most comfortable "wheelchair" in my opinion is a Toxic Rain.

Weapon, during all 10 acts we gonna need 3 bows with fastest base attack speed:
, which we craft using vendor recipe below and thats more than enough.

Next most important slot for leveling is boots with movement speed. After getting one pair, with enough luck you can reach maps by just improving %movement speed via another recipe.
Regarding other gear pieces, we just looking for items with hp/resists, added physical damage and attack speed on quiver / jewelry / gloves are also nice addition.

8 Points

17 Points

Going to the Quick Step through Heart of Oak, receiving some life regeneration, attack & movement speed as well as 20% Stun Avoidance. You can take Primal Spirit if you either need stats or just like to always have your flasks charges like I do.

26 Points

Heading towards Hunters Gambit that also has 20% Poison Chance besides the damage.
We need chance to Poison to maintain Virulence stacks of your Herald of Agony that you take in Act 2 and link it with Pierce + Vicious Projectiles (you'll need another copy of Vicious Projectiles to use it as 4th link in your Toxic Rain setup later)

36 Points & 1st Lab

Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics before running first Lab, Revenge of the Hunted for extra HP pool. 700-800 life is enough for 1st lab as long as you not trying to facetank Izaro's hits.
Best option for your first ascendancy points is Rapid Assault, then changing Onslaught gem in links for damage gem and we good to go.

48 Points

Building up our life pool and resists. Method to the Madness is a massive damage boost.

59 Points

Grab everything useful in Shadow area, side with Blood Siphon you feel prblems with survivability, right side otherwise.

71 Points & 2nd Lab

Nothing useful left on the top, so we start moving into the Duelist area. Toxic Strikes for better Herald of Agony stacks sustain. Thick Skin, Farsight for higher life/damage.

77 Points

Golem's Blood provides more life and good chunk of life regen to counterpart degen from Blood Rage.

89 Points

Same as in 59 Points, damage vs life.
Heavy Draw got a nice bonus in form of extra AoE. At this point you should be about to finish the acts and start mapping, so its better to fix your resistances and visit 3rd Lab.

95-99 Points & 3rd Lab


In case if respec went wrong, Herbalism life vs Master Fletcher damage.

96 Points


Respec into the Scourge Arrow. Taking nodes with elemental damage: Primeval Force, Force of The Nature.
Point Blank is a big multiplier for close combat.
Dazzling Strikes source of permanent blind and good chunk of crit chance.
To sustain your mana don't forget to take one node for Mana Leech inEssence Sap cluster (or life & mana leech node under Vaal Pact).

106 Points


112 Points & 4th Lab

Tree is getting close to its final form, investing into frenzy charges before doing Uber Lab.

115 Points (+Lioneye's Fall)


Tree for Lioneye's Fall Jewel.


Scourge Arrow - our main skill (which you of course didn't forget to level up since Act 3, right?!)
Elemental Damage with Attacks - best support gem for elemental attack build.
Mirage Archer - keep dealing damage regardless of what you doing - kiting the enemies, picking up the loot etc.
Ice Bite - some flat Cold Damage, and additional Cold Damage for each Frenzy Charge; Chance to Freeze might be useful with low critical strike chance.
Added Cold Damage - A lot of flat Cold Damage.
Hypothermia - Multiplies damage against Chilled enemies - since almost all of our damage is cold, it works all the time after first hit.
Curse setup

Storm Brand - Leaving it at lvl 1 because its used to trigger curse and generate Power Charges.
Projectile Weakness - Increases damage taken by enemies from Projectiles. Increased damage taken on the enemies almost equal to More multiplier for your damage.
Curse on Hit - Quality is important to boost effect of linked curse.
Power Charge on Critical - Power Charges generation.

I'm only using that setup against bosses, otherwise damage for clear is enough.
You may also use classic setup: Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Assasin's Mark.


Immortal Call - To reduce physical / elemental damage spikes.
Vaal Grace - Panic button when everything is bad.
Cast When Damage Taken - Level it as much as your Strength allows. Make sure your Immortal Call lvl requirement is equal or lower than CWDT trigger threshold.
Increased Duration - Boosts duration of both IC and Vaal Grace.


Hatred - More Cold damage.
Herald of Ice - For more comfortable pack clearing.
Precision - Almost no mana reservation, a bit of crit chance and accuracy.
Blood Rage - Free attack speed.
Frost Bomb - Leave it at lvl 1 for -25% Cold Resistance and -75% ES/Life regen against tough targets. Same targets to use it on as for Storm Brand setup.


Soul of the Brine King - For leveling and early mapping, when life pool and evasion / dodge are too low. Allows to not die in stunlock.
Soul of Lunaris - Late major Pantheon option.

Soul of Ryslatha - Sustain for Life flask charges without killing anything (Lab / Bosses), strong healing when on low life.
Soul of Garukhan - Free movement speed and dodge.
Soul of Yugul - Helps to not die from Uber Atziri's reflect (still don't attack mirror clone).
Soul of Shakari - Poison immunity, caustic ground damage reduction.

Choice is up to you.

Early Gear

Cheap and efficient, thats main criterias for the build and they are used from starting items, up to the most of Advanced section items.
Its time to replace our Magic Thicket Bow.
Best option by cost and effectiveness to begin with would be

Attack speed value up to 1.95 makes it BiS item for SA in that price category, no physical damage means you can run physical reflect maps, plus some extra lightning damage.
Nuro's Harp is slower alternative with nice cold damage and higher crit chance.
At the moment of finishing acts those bows should cost nothing, picking up one with highest attack speed (important for Channeling speed of SA).

Next important slot is Body Armour. And the price/quality contest winner is, of course

Buying or farming one in Blood Aqueduct, Channel Map.
Corrupted 6L also isn't bad alternative, easier to get more resists / life but harder to sell later.

Gloves: any pair with life and missing resists, pay attention to gloves base because Storm Brand setup requires 3 blue sockets, and CWDT need 3 reds. Its obviously not worth to spend tons of chromatics on item you will replace in 1-2 days, so better to pick up an easy to color base.

Boots: life and as much movement speed as possible; getting a good boots for cheap is really hard, any extra resistance is a huge bonus. Same thing about base and colors as with gloves slot.

Belt: Leather Belt/Stygian Vise with life, resists and/or elemental damage, craft missing ones on the bench if possible.

Rings & amulet: life, elemental damage, extra resistances as a nice bonus. Note that good jewelry is relatively cheap first days in league, it will be much harder to find something good and cheap later.

Quiver: life, crit multiplier, resist, craft elemental damage using crafting bench. Quivers aren't in high demand so there should be a lot of them to choose from, for reasonable price.

Helmet: if you capped on resists by getting everything above, use

for higher survivability. Its way more expensive than

which provides more damage and speed, but choice is yours. If you didn't managed to cap resists just use Rare helmet with life and missing resistances.

Total price of basic gear should be in range of 50 chaos, which easily can be farmed just by doing chaos recipe.
This setup is enough up to early red maps, then you'll start having problems with life pool, and so its time to move into Late Gear section.

Late Gear

All gear examples presented below, as well as gem setups are included in PoB profile.

First lets talk about priorities.

As i mentioned before, the earlier you in league, the lower the jewelry prices. So if you gearing early in league its better to begin with purchasing a good rings / amulet. If in your case its not a first character or league economy is established already, start changing your gear from Body Armour/Bow. Overall order of replacement is following:

Bow+Armour > Helmet > Lioneye Fall/Watcher's Eye > Tombfist > Jewelry/Quiver


How to craft similar bow
Preparing a base for multimod isn't hard, for that you'll need ilvl 75 Shaper's Imperial Bow (This iLvl is enough to get all mods you want and not presented ones you do not need). Its only worth to get higher iLvl base if you believe in your luck and ready to invest more currency into this craft.

First, rolling suffix "Of Shaping" (Attack Speed + Chance to deal Double Damage) with alterations; regal, annul second stat. Its better to hit it without a prefix, then your chances to annul correct mod will be higher. If you regal critical strike chance equal or higher than crafting bench one, you don't need to annul it.

That was an easy part. Next, you need a recipe for multimod which you can get from

One recipe from Alva's Temple of Atzoatl, rest from unveiling Syndicate items.

• 25-27% Crit Chance - Atzoatl - Factory Room
• (51-60)% increased Cold Damage & (10-11)% chance to Freeze - Unveil any Weapons
• Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate (14-16)% Elemental Resistances - Unveil any Weapons
• +2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems - Unveil Catarina Weapons


Besides that absurd amount of flat cold damage it provides 10% of Attack & Spell Dodge. Impressive Evasion stat. BiS for sure.

Note that combination of 5L Bow+Armour is better than Bow+Tabula.


Our goal here is an Evasion base with enchant Scourge Arrow creates an additional spore pod at Maximum Stages.
Relatively easy to craft with Pristine (life) and Frigid (for Nearby Enemies have -9% to Cold Resistance) fossils.


Tombfist - cheapest of useful bases that should be considered for +1 Frenzy Charge corruption. Murderous Eye abyssal Jewel in those will add another 10% increased damage taken via Intimidate debuff.


Boots from Temple of Atzoatl with hybrid 30% movement speed & Spell/Attack Dodge mod. Life and resists of course.
Enchant options:
80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently - for mapping.
Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently - for bosses.

Its very simple, more life, more resists.


Wise Oak - good option for both defense and offense.
Ideally you want to balance all of your Uncapped Elemental resistances to be the same number, if you can't do it then at least make your Cold resistance to be your highest value.
Replacing Sulphur Flask.


Lioneye Fall - Additional crit, leech and Blind chance.
Watcher's Eye - We have only 2 auras, Precision and Hatred. Mods for them, starting with most important:

• Hatred - Crit Chance
• Hatred - Cold Pen
• Hatred - Flat Cold
• Hatred - % Cold

• Precision - Crit Multi
• Precision - Attack Damage
• Precision - Attack Speed

Also there is some other mod(s) to consider.

Grace - Chance to Evade, since we are capped on Dodge with Vaal Grace, pure chance to Evade isn't bad bonus to have during the buff.

This gear setup is enough to annihilate any endgame encounter literally in a few clicks.

Advanced Gear

In general, this section just assumes even more stats from every gear slot.

Apart from the other slots I would like to mention the Bow, or rather the method of crafting one.
Prefix Socketed Skills deal 20% more Attack Damage can appear when using Serrated Fossil. Catching both 20% and shaper's Double Damage would be easier by using Shuddering Fossil as second. Then pray to annul everything else. That bow should add about 10% More damage. You decide if its worth to craft.

Its not even about the quiver itself but an additional arrow roll. It will improve pods' ability to hit targets and so boost your single target damage.
Quiver base: Spike Point for higher damage.

%Elemental and Cold damage, crafting with Prismatic,Frigid,Pristine fossils.

Mapping / Boss tips
DO NOT FACETANK, main advice for those who will be playing the build for the first time (or Ranger in general). Even though your main defensive mechanic is completely negates the damage by dodging / evading it, you definitely not want to pray for it to work every time. High attack and movement speed allows to kite any danger instead of facing it.
Another thing I want to mention is reflect mitigation in Atziri fight. Things to help with it:
Soul of Yugul - 25% reduced Reflected Damage taken, 5% reduced Cold Damage taken if you've been Hit Recently
- with balanced resists mitigates Cold damage taken
- Left Ring slot, or use Shaper rings with reduced reflected damage taken mod.

Position yourself further from the target to deal less damage due Point Blank.

I prefer Frenzy skill for Atziri kill.

>>>>> https://www.twitch.tv/maydie13
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Brilliant build thx for sharing i watched your impressiv success in delve
Now i start your build
Keep this good work up
Greetings to russia ❤️🇷🇺 from germany
great guide and build thank you!
So any suggestions for Anointments? Quite many options for the build but i cant choose which is the best. :D
Maybe its a stupid question...but is the additional arrow worth the investment on the quiver? Wouldnt it be better to go for more life/res or dmg? Great guide man!

Just few things about the PoB:

1. The socket where you use your watchers eye cost you 2int nodes + the socket. If you use the socket near Heartseeker, you can save 1 point.
2. Why not use the Bowcluster (King of the Hill/Master Fletcher) instead of Primeval Force/Forces of Nature. You would get much more dps.
3. You use the legacy Watchers eye with flat -mana cost. instead of the non channeling. May confuse some people.
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can't wait to re roll my deadeye for this! Quick question.....for sub1k delve, do I go +2 support gems, or the dex stack roll? I've got everything crafted but the step above. Thanks for your help.
Hi, awesome guide! A few months ago I played a cold stacking SA Ascendant so I'm really interested to try this out :)

What are your thoughts on the Ferrul's Fur version? I have these already:

would i be able to swap SA with TS using this guide? of course swap a few gem links to make sense for TS.
PrinceCuddles wrote:
would i be able to swap SA with TS using this guide? of course swap a few gem links to make sense for TS.

Wait for maybe more experienced players to answer, but I played SA (from a different guide, where it is Scorn bow based) and TS(last leagues).

Since this is cold stacking build, so there shouldn't be any problems switching to TS, tree itself looks almost identical to TS build (or builds, since there are quite a few variations you can do, depending on your taste(like taking full life circle, if you want)).
the build is completely killed

The dmg on scourge arrow is so immensely low now...

I checked on pob and its not even over 500k with updated nerfed bow mods

Thats soooo horrible
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