[3.8] SelfCast Arc Assasin | 6-15M Shaper DPS |10 power and frenzy charges | All content | ~10ex

This is my first build, I would like to hear your opinion and advice.
Not complete yet, in progress.

VaalArc GIF here

Timeless jewels are real hell. They are completely random, there are thousands of possible combinations, it is difficult to rely on their outcome.
But we only need one specific node, so it is realistic to find the right one without spending a lot of time or money.


T16 Maze of the Minotaur + Legion encounter

Full run:

T15 Blight Map. No Towers, Monster Pack Size x2

Full run:

T17 UberElder

Full run:





I used crafted items just as a good example of base life/mana/res rares. No need to craft them, just look for something similar and cheap on the market. And please let me know if you think that presented items are too overrolled/perfect/unreachable/mirrortier etc.

General ideas and goals

Self casting. Game lacks of real casters.
Charges are fun. Lets abuse them.


+ Insane damage scaling. Hight DPS potential.
Not a league starter. Specific items and high level required.
Timeless Jewels are unpredictable.
+ Fast movement speed and clearspeed.
Taking a breath while mapping will cause charges to fall.
+ Can do all bosses and mapmodes.
+ Immune to reflected damage
No life leech or regen. We're using mana and life flasks.
+ Single Vaal Arc annihilates several lines in Blight encounter.
Relies on Elusive. May fade off just before hit, unstable effectiveness.
+ 99.99% Elusive uptime. Strongest Elusive in a game. Several layers of defence.

Gear, Flasks, Jewels and Pantheon

If possible, always prefer evasion based items.
Life/mana/res is more important than damage.



Mandatory items, you cannot replace them.

Two beautiful wands, our main source of damage.

Allows us to achieve 10 maximum frenzy charges and multiplies Elusive's bonuses by 2.

Elegant Hubris with 10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Hit. Cheapest and easiest way to sustain frenzy charges. "Of Chitus" version will also increase effect of Wrath by 50%. Possible source of so awesome bonuses as:
+40% to Critical Strike Multiplier
10% increased Maximum Life
10% increased Damage per Power Charge
8% Chance to Block Spell Damage
and more

Only two variants. They are more or less equal.

Normally we pick passives that are in the red square. But in this case they will be changed randomly.


Any corrupted helm with +1 to maximum power charges. Even don't hope for a good mods. Some life, some mana, resistances.
For some unknown reason, Skullhead is a cheap and common example with a required corruptin mod, that you can find on the market. Just as an example. Any helm is good.


I'ts might be hard to achieve 6 blue sockets on non pure int body.
Inpulsa is a cheap and good chest for any lightning oriented build. Life, Shock immune, some damage, shock effect, clearspeed. But no resistance on it, so a rare chest is preferable.

Second option is a Shaper chest with huge health rolls and at least one of the following damage affix, from best to worst:
+1 to level of Socketed Active Gems
Spells have +#% to Critical Strike Chance
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 1 Arcane Surge


Essence Worm allows us to run Wrath without sacrificing mana. We're Mind over Matter build, mana is our life. Also allows us to ignore increased mana reservation from Supreme Ego keystone.
Precursor's Emblem. Another huge step in our damage scaling. Best modes:
+1 to Maximum Power Charges (mirror tier)
(1-2) to (18-20) Lightning Damage per Power Charge (super strong)
Gain Arcane Surge on Hit with Spells while at maximum Power Charges
+3% to Critical Strike Multiplier per Power Charge
1% additional Physical Damage Reduction per Power Charge
10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Hit (very-very expensive, but allows to replace Elegant Hubris)
8% increased Evasion Rating per Frenzy Charge
There are several variants of Precursor's Emblem. To equip best evasion chest green two-stone ring is required.

Not much to say. Pretty basic rares with life/mana/resistances. Some nice bonuses:

Shaper's Faster Casting or Fossil's Adds 1 to (48–60) Lightning Damage for your gloves.

12% Chance to dodge spell hits and 30% movement speed for boots.

Fossilcrafted Increased Lightning damage on belt.


Life and mana flasks. Yeah, we have some leech and recovery on kill from other flasks, but better be safe than sorry.

Utility flask for maps, when we need speed but not damage.

Diamon Flask - huge damage increase with the possibility to add any affixes you like.
Atziri's Promise - Chaos resistance against some nasty bosses, some damage and our only source of life leech.
Cinderswallow Urn - Damage, cast speed and movement speed. Plus insane mana and health recovery on kill. Make sure to have abyss jewel with adding fire damage to spells to make it work. No need to overpay for critical strike chance veiled mod, it's weak for us. Life regen or movement speed will bring more benefits.


Elegant Hubris
See Gear-Core.

Watcher's Eye
Only three useful mods for us.
Damage Penetrates (10-15)% Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath. Huge impact on dps.
(40-60)% increased Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath. Medium impact.
(70-100)% increased Critical Strike Chance while affected by Wrath. Very little.

Unnatural Instinct
Not mandatory item, but just better than any other gem. MUCH better. Put it above witch's starting location.

Rare Jewels
Every jewel should have Critical Strike Multiplier and Increased Maximum Life. Spell damage/lightning damage/damage and Cast speed are equally good as a third/fourth affix, as well as resistance.
The Critical Strike Chance is very weak for us, ignore it.

And one Abyss jewel to put into belt. Life, critical strike multiplier and adding fire damage to make Cinderswallow Urn work.


Soul of Lunaris - Major God. Our default choice. Good in all situations.

Minor gods give rather pleasant QoL bonuses, than significant buffs. Try them all, choose the one that you liked more:

Soul of Abberath - Unaffected by Burning Ground, movement speed while on BG.
Soul of Gruthkul - Tiny physical damage reduction and enemies attack speed reduction.
Soul of Ryslatha - Increased recovery from flask when on low life.
Soul of Shakari - Immune to poison and reduced chaos damage taken.

Skill Gems

Offensive Skill Links

Placement - Chest.
Arc is probably the best spell in a game. Its both good for dealing with huge crowds and with single enemy. We can cast it without aiming. We can cast it from any angle, any distance.
Vaal Arc is SUPER powerful in current meta. Easy killing of several lines in Blight maps with one click.

*Replace Controlled Destruction with Increased Critical Strikes to overcap critical strike chance and become immune to reflected damage.
**If your chest gives Arcane Surge, replace corresponding gem with Added Lightning Damage.

Placement - Gloves.
Orb of Storm is our second damage skill. It has an impressive 2m dps, and this damage can be doubled by casting Arc inside the area of OoS.

Placement - Essence Worm
Wrath is the strongest aura for this build. With Supreme Ego (keystone from Elegant Hubris of Chitus) and Watcher's Eye jewel, this aura multiplies total damage by 1.5

Defensife Skill Links

Placement - Weapon
Lightning Warp is almost instant long-range movement skill without cooldown. The damage it deals helps us to proc Elusive, so we can safely blink into the crowd.

Placement - Weapon
Keep CwDT at level 1, Temporal Chains at level 5, and Withering Step at level 8

Placement - Helm or Boots
Keep CwDT at level 1, Armageddon Brand at level 4, and Wave of Conviction at level 7.

Placement - Helm or Boots
Keep CwDT at the same level as Immortal Call's required level.

This build have enough avoidance to make enemies unlikely to hit us. And enough healthpool and reduction to survive any hit that could be taken. But several heavy hits in a row is something that still can kill us.
So, if any damage has been received, several defensive mechanics come to our aid::
Temporal Chains Reduces enemiest action speed. More time until the next hit.
Withering Step Cancels old Elusive. Lay a new, temporary, full-powered and stronger than normal Elusive, what returns us to 75%/75% dodge chance. Our next attack will (again) replace this buff with a new one.
Blind Frequent damage of Armageddon Brand trying to blind enemies. Wave of Conviction does the same, but also reduces enemy resistance.
Immortal Call gives more damage reduction against any possible incoming attacks.

All this together reduces the chances of opponents to inflict a couple of blows in a row, and gives us time to kill/heal/run after the received damage.

Fast recap

10 power and 10 frenzy charges!
Recommended starting budget 10ex.

• ~10m Shaper dps with everything up. Arc 6m + Orb of Storm 2m + 2m
secondary damage from Orb of Storm while we cast Arc in it.
• And 20% more damage while there is at most one Rare or Unique Enemy
• And ~25% more thanks to the lucky lightning damage from Vaal Arc's buff.

• 6.8k eHP. Mind over Matter, 4.8k hp + 2k mana.
• 8% reduced damage taken. Up to 18% reduced damage taken while there are at
least two Rare or Unique Enemy nearby.
• We take no extra damage from Critical Strikes.
• 30% evade chance
• 11% attack block and 3% spell block
• 60% attack dodge and 62% spell dodge*
*40% and 42% base, plus Elusive with 125% increased effect, that buffs our
attack dodge and spell dodge on average by 20%? (Im really bad at math)
• Blind CwDT setup.
• Immortal Call CwDT setup.
• Temporal Chains and Withering Step CwDT setup.

• +130% movement speed. (85% base and 45% average from Elusive)
• +170% movement speed with Quicksilver Flask.
• Almost instant Lightning Warp.
• All bossfights and mapmods. Immune to damage reflect, does not rely on

Latest changes:
‣ Golem+CullingStrike+VaalColdSnap setup changed to CwDT+TemporalChains+WitheringStep. Still not perfect, but a little better.
‣ Some categories have been grouped to reduce the number of spoilers.

‣ Pantheon tips added.
‣ Skill Gems sections are filled.
‣ "Base" Guide is completed. In-depth? Grammar check?
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i want to try this
Hey! On paper it looks pretty solid, but all of us want to see your build in action. Could you post some videos please?
I’ll try to add a video in the near future.
Woohoo, my first video! Mom, Im Youtuber!
Used GeForceNow for recording, was a bit weird and awkward, but everything went well. And I was lucky to meet Legion Monolith! So even more to show in a single video.
I hope that better quality will be uploaded later. Right now its... terrible.
Hi I followed this build but did it a little differently please tell me what u think. I got endurance charges from being hit and spell damage 80% along with frenzy on hit from hubris.
It all depends on the location of these notables. Keep in mind, small passive skills give nothing, and investing 8 points just to get 80% spell damage? Naaah. One point to get 80% spell damage? Jesus, wow!
Wouldnt Clear Mind be a good choice of jewel for this build?
This build is already doing massive damage. Right now Im looking for some way to increase survivability, and add curse and leech. While Clear Mind adds nothing but damage it's still a possible budget variant if you can't afford decent gem with increased maximum life.
Hi, I was looking for a necessary elegant hubris and found such a jewel.

What do you think about him?

p.s sorry for my english, i use google translate :)
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