All uniques just one chaos each

IGN: KnightOfNight
Leave an offer or contact me in game.



Quality Gems

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1 alc rift pendant ign: Transmogrification
Cheap prices. Good trades. free bump
      Add me or whisper me @ [[[[RaneoSa]]]] if you need anything.
1 alch for honour strap chain belt.
1 alch for apocalypse braid onyx amulet OR havoc heart coral amulet.
1 chaos for lioneyes paws.

Could you reserve them for me? I will be on tommorow.
-Larkony / Swagzam
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Great deal. Thanks for the trade. Bump.
IGN: HeadGinger
I really like those Pain Road boots. I'll give you a chaos for them.
IGN is Gryjoy. I won't be on for a bit though.
1 chaos for minion life + minion speed
honour strap chain belt - 3 chaos
IGN: Wulfcub
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