[3.8] Blast Rain Trickster - BOOM Uber Elder down

Hi guys, first time putting a build guide together but I enjoyed this build a lot and wanted to share it.

Of note the ascendency can definitely change as I just used Trickster because I wanted to use my Shadow toon for something and did not want to level another character.

Good DPS - Can kill Guardians + Shaper quickly and move through t16 maps quick. 1.7 million Shaper DPS+
Off-meta = Cheaper gear.
Speedy and lots of dodge.
Blast rain looks cool.

Low HP ~4000.
Close combat = harder to dodge some things.
Lots of uniques thus not SSF friendly


. My gear is currently fully shown in POB and you can inspect my character. The uniques this build uses are as follows:

Chin Sol
Mark of the Elder (optional)
Kaom's heart
Lioneye's fall
Hyrri's Demise
Devoto's Devotion
Xoph's heart (not blood as we are adding chaos damage and blast rain already converts all damage to fire).
Atziri's Promise


Weapon 1 (Chin Sol) - Blast Rain (21/20) + Mirage Archer + Slower Projectiles + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Elemental Focus + Concentrated Effect.

Auras - Anger + Enlighten (lvl 2, not needed) + Herald of Ash + Precision (as high as you want to increase hit chance but also not too much so you can't sustain mana.

Movement + Utility - Flame Dash + Blood Rage + Summon Ice Golem + Vaal Grace (we are not using regular Grace aura)

Debuffs - Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 2) + Wave of Conviction (lvl 8) + Combustion + Steelskin (lvl 10)


Help Alira - we have a lot of uniques so the extra all res is nice + crit multi.

Pantheon - Soul of Lunaris (personal preference) + Soul of Shakari or Soul of Yugul (for Uber Elder)

I do not currently have any videos but if there is enough interest in this build I will put my character back together and get some videos going.

This build was a lot of fun to play even with low life and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Of note for the DPS the 4 explosions are almost always overlapping and thus we use the 4 explosions for dps,
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