3.8 Groundslam zerker with staves cuz screw meta

So this is my groundslam build. its fun. I like groundslam and i like staves. so I made dis.

It's definitely got a lot of damage and is very good for bossing/farming uber elder, and it can handle blights quite well. It's not super tanky but it's got some decent defensive layering and if you choose to focus on it, you can make the block on it very strong.


There are no required uniques for this, but I highly suggest using:

This is actually what i made the build around, and it really works fine. it will take you very far into the endgame, no problem. but if you want an upgrade, well, there's only one way to go:

or this:

In terms of other gear, basically you just want high life/resists and then damage mods. its preeeetty straightforward, although to take it to the limit of what its capable of, youll want some specific rare gear.

stuff to craft/buy:
So you're going to want some conversion gear, and there are three slots that are the best for this. I'm talking rings and amulets.

these are actually relatively easy to craft for yourself, and i will explain how.

For the amulet:

You want something like these. and you can make them relatively cheaply using:

just slam those on an elder amulet until you get phys as extra fire, and other damage as extra chaos. hopefully you land a delve mod of either % increased fire or chaos damage, and then some good suffixes. if you don't you can save them for later. as long as you have an open suffix you can always scrub the suffixes and then slam or mastercraft.

For annointing, you want Rampart for that juicy Fortify buff. mmmmmmmmmm.

as far as the rings go:

Steel rings are best in slot, and if you use one of these bad boys:

you get 10% of phys damage as extra fire. if you get lucky and get assassins mark on hit you have yourself a true winner of a ring. other than that youre looking for flat phys, life and resists. if you get crit chance/crit multi thats good too.

other than that its pretty straightforward gearing.


good choice nice life, decent resists, makes you feel good.

you dont REALLY need a secondary six link so

this is always an option.fire damage good, life, good. if you can get the right corrupt it can really take you to the next level.

my personal choice for chest though is an elder rare:

good life, lets you get resists, and dat juicy juicy base crit. super helpful for the build.

for the helmet, youre gonna want to just get a base with ground slam damage enchant, and then fossil craft uuuuuusing:

you'll get something like this:

then for the gloves:

same fossils used.

you could also use:

its got life, and gives you intimidate, as well as good options for damage if you have some good abyssal jewels.

boots and belt, just get the best resists and life that you can. preferably get a stygian.

here's my gear in blight:


No you don't absolutely need the watcher's eye jewel. in fact, its 100% not necessary, but it will make it so you can intimidate without using tombfist, and it will also make it really nice to run a low level precision if you can get both mods, but that's somewhat pricey.

Gem links:

Ground slam>Ruthless>Maim>Concentrated EffectMelee physical Damage>Shockwave

War Banner>Blood and Sand>Pride>Precision

Ancestral Warchief>Melee physical damagePulverise>Ruthless>Concentrated Effect>Additional Accuracy

Leap slam>Endurance Charge on Melee stun>Curse on Hit>Assassin's Mark

If you have an Assassin's Mark ring:L
Leap slam>Endurance Charge on Melee Stun>Faster Attacks>Melee Physical Damage

Cast When Damage Taken>Immortal Call>Summon Lightning Golem> Whatever you want. I use shock nova.

ascendancy is pretty straightforward, we go berserker.
Start with Pain reaver, then go Crave the Slaughter, then Rite of Ruin. For uber lab get yourself Aspect of Carnage.

Passive tree and POB at level 92:

I know the guide is a little sparse at the moment, I'll be upgrading it and adding video soon.

Let me know what you think!
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Looking forward to trying this soon™!

Edit: Well that took way less time and fusings than I thought it would. xD

Just a lowly standard player, often found in global 2.

Current IGN: _A_Nameless_Ghoul_ or The_Harpy
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always nice to see a fellow ground slammer ^^

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