3.8 Cyclone Pure Lightning Brain Rattler 4 mil+ Shaper DPS Berseker

So this is my first build post...If the details suck, and they probably do, I'm sorry.

I first started theory crafting this build during 3.7 with gear I had because of the big melee buff. It turned out pretty darn well but I am sure there are ways it can be improved upon.

DPS and Defensive Stats

In Path of building with my current gear my Cyclone DPS is at 4.179mil.

This build also uses Vaal Ancestral Warchief/ Ancestral Warchief from these we get an additional 3.3mil DPS while these are socketed in my current chest piece.

This puts my total DPS at 7.4mil.

With my current gear I have over 6.5k life. My Life regen is over 500 and I am leeching over 2k life a second.

Sorry but this being my first build post I can figure out how to post screen shots of my POB stats.

POB Link

My Current Gear
All of the rare gear this build is using was crafted by myself. Some of it is solid but I am sure you could put some currency into it to make some nice improvements. I ran cyclone on a 5L on my chest until I go a 6L Brain Rattler. Running a 5L on your chest can easily save you some currency and still keep you at over 3mil+ DPS into end game.

Weapon (This weapon is really easy to get close to perfect rolls)

Helm (A new Enchant can be a huge DPS buff)

Chest (This can be changed once you have a 6L Brain Rattler)

Gloves (These are really solid gloves and I found them with all the rolls except the craft obviously)

Rings (I crafted both myself using essences)




Flasks (I do have a legacy Lion's Roar, but even with a non legacy version it is a huge DPS buff. I also think that the flasks can be changed depending on what your play style is.)

Jewels (on jewels I looked for global phys, attack speed, lighting damage increases, life, and resistances. Depending on your gear you can change what rolls you need here.)

Kill All


Pain Reaver
Crave the Slaughter
Rite of Ruin
Aspect of Carnage

Possible Change Ideas
This build does take Resolute Technique(RT) witch means we can not crit. Without RT and my current gear my hit chance drops to less than 70%. If you re-work gear and can increase your hit chance without RT you can stack crit and push the DPS to much higher than 4mil+. This type of re-work can take a huge amount of currency to make work effectively.

Once you have a 6L brain Rattler you can change out Shroud of the Lightless chest for something like Belly Of The Beast, Kaom's Heart, or a rare chest with some nice rolls.

This is definitely not the Fastest or highest DPS build out there and overall is not very expensive. I play mostly standard and sometimes dabble in soft core leagues. So on that note I can't say it is hard core viable.
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Looks very interesting might give it a try! Good shit.
Hey really enjoying the build right now in HC I made alot of changes to make it more viable for HC: https://pastebin.com/r4M4Ht7T still leveling and updating it just wanted to give you credit for the build or if you wanna post a more HC build version thanks :D
Hi, nice but what about ele reflect ?
What do you think of adding Herald of thunder to the build for extra lightning damage and also using circle of regret to gain extra lightning damage, extra attact rating

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