WTB Stygian Vise with T1 life/strength/reduced flask use & others (UPDATED Sept 15)

Update: Slight build change means ES is back on the table.

Need a particular Stygian Vise. Looking for one with the following affixes:

Open Prefix, plus:
- T1 Life (90+)
- Reduced Flask Use
- T1 Strength (56+)
- T1 Mana (90+)
- T1 ES

Basically just trying to get an upgrade on this to max as many affixes as possible:

PM me or whisper (IGN Skanka_the_Cougar)
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T2 STR but a VERY good Belt
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That is actually a nice belt, but would be a downgrade from my current one:

Basically I'm now trying to get this with all affixes upgraded to T1:

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