3.8 Bone Husk Wallking (HARHAR) disaster area

So the core of this build is just another spectre summoner build. We all know they're great. But these spectres are just hilarious with the Necro changes and the way they interact with Blight is just the best. These used to be a bit 'meh', but this is their time to shine.


Decent clear

Not very good single target. Let Skeletons do that.

Friendship ended with open areas, now inside areas are my best friend.

For farming blight: get yourself on a dungeon-style map and sit on one side of a door. They can't get through the door. You win.

For Farming anything else: wander around and witness what feels like the world coming to an end as spikes and explosions fly around you.

The Spectre

We're running Bone Husk! Find them in the ossuary. They fire this bone mortar thing which leaves behind an impassable square bone lump wall thing, which then explodes into a billion kagillion spikes. It's awesome, you're awesome, don't ask questions just do it.


Raise Spectre > Minion Damage > Feeding Frenzy > Minion Speed > GMP > Ice bite

Raise Zombe > Carrion Golem > Meat Shield > Minion Life

Vaal Summon Skeletons > Minion Damage > Feeding Frenzy/deathmark

Blasphemy > Frostbite (swap for temp chains/enfeeble for defensive curse)

Hatred, Desecrate, Convocation, Summon Flame Golem, Flesh Offering in remaining slots


Essential Items:
So the only really absolutely essential item is a QUARTZ FLASK. Because as awesome as your own personal wall builders are, you don't want to get stuck on the wrong side of them. If you have a spare gem slot you could take phase run instead.

Good items:
Triad Grip with 4 green sockets. Can be a pain to get because they're off colours, but really takes the build to the next level. If you can't get these, just run it as a full phys build and swap out frostbite, icebite and hatred for physical damage equivalents and find another way to get frenzy charges.

Bones of Ullr - levels on spectre and Zombies, again not essential but nice to have.

Sidhebreathe - of course.

2x Convoking wands with all the good stuff.

Bone Helmet

Stygian Vise.

There's probably a BIS armour but I haven't found it yet. Vis Mortis is not really essential any more and it's expensive as fuck for obvious reasons.

Will add later, just pick up all the minion stuff and a bunch of life and jewel slots. In Ascendency go and grab the obligatory +2 minion skills node because duh, then get the bone armour node and finally the aura node. You now have a stupid amount of defenses. Congratulations all your rare items just got cheaper.
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I for one am now a believer in the husk.
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Man this looks super funny, but please show us some video :)
Tried this, Targeting feels super clunky. Clear is pretty slow compared to other spectres. Swapped them out for vendigo's flickerstriking with unending hunger jewel is pretty insane on them. Unending hunger on bone husk adds almost nothing to them. They're fun but not optimal spectre
Thank you for making me use these Spectres! I did totally fall in love with them, they are amazing and non-meta!

Did someone tried Fork or chain, maybe i am a bit too sleepy but it felt like it did not work?

Cannot try it until a few day but i can access the forum, if someone can test if it affect all 3 spell of this mighty spectre!

Spell Echo + Min dmg + GMP, its a breath, i am only in T6 but doing Hosile territory map [8 mods] (SSF HC) and it feel wonderfull

I use Zombies for single target and Skitter Infernal legion for clear, its amazing...

tough i only have screaming eagle as gear and still awaiting for my last trials to spawn!
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I did 40/40 in Legion with Bone Husks.

If you ever think about going Spell Projectile and use the normal Mortar - DON'T!

The Nova Projectiles can chain, fork and scale like crazy with physical conversion and extra damage. Just go for some pseudo 7 link with maim in your body armour or sire of shards staff for extra projectiles.

Bone Husk -> GMP -> Chain for clear, slower proj for dps -> added fire dmg -> vicious projectiles -> minion damage.

Get used to the delay of their novas and time it a little. It bursts like crazy.

Use Animate Guardian with Kingmaker to give them culling strike and fortify for yourself.

I used Ball lightning for lightning Elemental Equilibrium and Hatred for even more damage.

They also scale well with Spirit Offering. I can just Imagine how well they perform in Blight maps but they instantly clear Legion pylons.

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