[3.7] WIP Toxic Rain Pathfinder League Starter, 297% MS 5.9k life All Content + Great mapper/delver

Hi exile,
Welcome to my Toxic Rain guide. I have been tuning this build for the past two leagues (Synthesis/Legion) and I've cleared all the regular content with it. I think its a phenomenal build because it does not require a lot of gear to get started and progresses nicely as you invest more into it.

As a player, I always liked builds that go fast. I prefer movement speed over move skills because I really dislike mashing a button to move and move speed makes looting so much smoother. Turns out that movement speed also makes delve and labs a cakewalk so that's that!

Quick disclaimer
This is the first time I write a build guide so things might be missing. I will be actively maintaining it until 3.8 releases. I will also try to add some videos of the build once it is posted.

Second disclaimer
This build is my own take on heitu's version (that is no longer maintened?) here https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2301424

Pros and Cons

+ Good damage (Between 5M and 10M Shaper DPS depending on Wither stack count)
+ Amazing clear speed on all tiers
+ Very good defenses
+ Can be played as starter with bugdet gear, great evolutive build
+ Amazing for fossil hunting in delve
+ Does not fear the syndicate, at all
+ If you like to craft or would like to learn, this is also a great opportunity to make your own stuff
+ Labs are a joke
+ Can get to red maps on a 1-2 ex budget (see crafting)
+ Map mods are an after thought (no regen is annoying tho)
- You will die sometimes, one shots happen
- This is not a front clearing build so backtracking is expected
- Benefits from good mechanics due to high movement speed
- The flask piano is real
- Not hardcore viable
- Bossing requires more investment

Important Stats Breakdown (on my current level 95 build)

All setups
- 5.8M to 10M Shaper DPS (see additional resources for more info on calculation). Althought realistically, you should expect 1-2M when playing
- 64% to avoid spell hits

Mapping setup
- ~6k life
- 297% movement speed
- 93% to avoid melee/projectile hits

Uber Elder setup
- ~7.2k life
- 250% movement speed
- 91% to avoid melee/projectile hits


POB Link of my current character: https://pastebin.com/FqdZtfhd

Skill Tree at 95: www.poeurl.com/cw9C

I will try to breakdown my thought process here. There are four main things that this tree will be optimal for:

- Defenses in terms of life, resists and evasion/dodge
- Offense in terms increased, more chaos damage and attack speed
- Utility in terms of flasks recharge/duration and movement speed for clear speed
- Jewel slots for a total of 6

When leveling, you can refer to this section and grab some notables based on what you feel your character lacks.

Phase Acrobatics

Together they bring
40% chance to dodge attack hits
30% chance to dodge spell hits

Those nodes are very important unless you don't plan to run very late game content and if your gear is optimal (see gear section). If you plan to farm white/yellow maps, I could see dropping Phase Acrobatics for 4 more points. I would not drop Acrobatics with Legion being so rippy though.

If you try to optimize your gear, you will likely end up in a spot where half of your pieces don't contribute to your resists, unless you invest a lot of currency into your crafts. This is why we take:
Sentinel and its neighbourgs
Resourcefulness for its neighbourgs

This will bring
+1% to maximum cold resistance
+47% to all elemental resistance

I tried to take the most juicy life nodes but the biggest contribution in that department is from the gear itself. If you feel like your survivability is low, you could try to grab some nodes in the Constitution cluster. In its current state, the tree brings
+144% increased life
+56 flat life
+84 flat life from strength nodes

Important life nodes
Blood Drinker
Blood Siphon
Prophane Chemistry
Heart of Oak
Written in Blood
Thick Skin

Out of those, I could see dropping Prophane Chemistry if your survivability is good enough. This is mostly a bossing node to benefit from the increased life recovery.

Toxic Rain scales the most with Non-Ailment Multiplier as in the calculation, it is essentially a more. The tree aims to take as much of this as it can.
Hunter's Gambit (13.5% damage per point including small nodes)
Method to the Madness (11.7% damage per point including small nodes)
Growth and Decay (10.1% damage per point including small nodes)
Atrophy (15.4% damage per point including small nodes)

This brings a total of
+51% Non-Ailment chaos damage multiplier

I would not touch these nodes if you want to maximize your DPS. Sadly it requires some extra pathing but its worth it.

Aside from this, there are two notables that are really worth grabbing because they bring a lot of dps
Master Fletcher (7% damage per point including small nodes)
Avatar of the Hunt (7.2% damage per point including small nodes)

Freedom of Movement Great node for defense and utility. The extra 5% dodge when phasing is a great bonus as we are always phasing.

The reason why I prioritize jewels so much is because they can roll a +3-4% to non-ailment chaos damage over time multiplier which, as you can see from the damage section, is where our damage comes from. They can also roll 7% increased maximum life which helps offset our lack of life nodes. This tree buys us 6 slots which is good for a 24% on well rolled jewels as well as 42% increased maximum life. More on jewels in the gear section.


- Kill all while leveling and you can afford to cap resists on gear
- Help Alira if your gear cannot cap your resists (more on this in the gear section)

If you don't know what to pick, pick Alira as a safer choice.

If you didn't know, you can respec your bandit choice later on:
Change to alira: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Book_of_Reform_(Alira)
Change to +2: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Book_of_Reform_(Eramir)

The amulets can be bought from most vendors.


1. Nature's Reprisal
2. Nature's Adrenaline
3. Nature's Boon
4. Master Toxicist

There is no real argument here as all the other notables are good with crit/elemental builds. This is the order I like, but feel free to improvise here. It is not set in stone. With this you get (I ommited some irrelevant ones):

- 10% increased Flask charges gained
- 20% increased Effect of Flasks on you
- Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds
- 20% chance for you Flasks to not consume Charges
- 8% increased Flask Effect Duration
- 15% increased Movement Speed during any Flask Effect

- 6% reduced Elemental Damage taken

- 60% increased Chaos Damage
- 20% increased Attack Speed during any Flask Effect
- 10% more Chaos Damage with Attack Skills
- 50% increased Area of Effect


Major: Soul of Lunaris
Minor: Soul of Garukhan

Here you get these additional perks:
- 1% additional physical damage reduction for each nearby enemy, up to 8%
- 1% increased movement speed for each nearby enemy, up to 8%
- 10% chance to avoid projectiles
- 5% chance to dodge attack and spell hits if you've been hit recently
- avoid projectiles that have chained
- 5% chance to evade attacks if you've taken a savage hit recently
- 6% increased movement speed if you haven't been hit recently

Feel free to debate my choices here, I did not put a lot of thoughts into it but they seem to be the best choices for this build.


My current endgame mapping gear:

Bossing gear:

Leveling alternatives:

More to come.


How to craft the end game bow
Crafting materials:
- A 6 link base
- Orb of Transmutation
- Orb of Alteration
- 2 Orb of Scouring
- Regal Orb
- 1 Exalted Orb
- (To finish) 8 Chaos Orb
- (To finish) 8 Exalted Orb
- Farric Wolf Alpha beast

When chosing a base you have to pick if you want more movement speed or more attack speed. I really like how the build feels at close to 300% MS so I chose Maraketh, but feel free to pick the DPS base if you want. This is really personnal preference. For the base you have two options depending on your budget. If you have no budget restriction, you can pick either Maraketh of Thicket. Otherwise, look for Steelwood or Short bows as these base have worst pDPS they tend to sell for a lot less 6 linked.

Step 0 (skip if 6 link)
If you bought a base that is not 6 linked, spam some perfect fossils on the bow until you get 27%+ quality then master craft a quality mod (18%) to get at least 45% quality before using your fusings.
- Spam fusings until 6 link

Step 1 (modless rare)
Use your Orb of Scouring to make the base normal. Then do this to get a modless rare:
- Master craft the cheapest mod you can (with one alteration for exemple)
- Regal Orb to make a 2 affix rare
- Remove your crafted mod on the bench to get a 1 rare base
- Orb of annulment to get a 0 mod rare

Step 2 (+1 gems)
Here's a cool little trick. Bows have the advantage of having only one non attack modifier prefix. This means that if you craft "Cannot roll attack modifiers" you are garanteed to slam +1 if your suffixes are full. However to make the process easier, you can bypass the suffix limitation by using the beast craft Modify Mods on an Item : Add a Prefix, Remove a Random Suffix (Farric Wolf Alpha). This mod cannot roll a suffix and guarantees the +1. Steps:
- Craft "Cannot roll attack modifiers" on your bench. This should be the only mod on the bow
- Go to your bestiary and use the beast craft recipe to add a prefix, remove a random suffix

IMPORTANT!!! Toxic rain scales very hard with gem levels. Having a bow with a single +1 gem modifier is better than almost anything else you can find. You can get to red maps with this bow as long as it is 6 linked. This means that you can get to level 90 on a 1 ex budget weapon.

Step 2.5 (optional, for low budget)
- Craft +(33–40)% to Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier until you can multimod your weapon (4 chaos). This is a stupid large damage boost.

Step 3 (multimod)
- Craft "Can have multiple crafted modifiers" for 2ex
- Craft "+(33–40)% to Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier until you can multimod your weapon" for 4 chaos
- Craft "(20–22)% increased Attack Speed while a Rare or Unique Enemy is Nearby" for 4 chaos

IMPORTANT!!! You can finish your atlas progression with this bow. If you aim for endgame, you will need to complete step 4

Step 4
- Craft "+2 to Level of Socketed Support Gems"
- Craft "(16–20)% increased Attack Speed"

When you complete step 4, I recommend that you switch your gem links to include Empower.

More to come.


I highly recommend following this leveling walkthrough: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2150196

Leveling is split into 3 phases.
- Pre act 5 kitava
- Pre act 10 kitava
- Early mapping

This section also assumes no twink gear (fresh league start).

Getting Started
Here we start laying the foundations of the pathing towards the resist nodes. Not too much damage is taken here as projectile damage from the arrows themselves can carry you a little bit.

Passive skill tree for the first 25 points: poeurl.com/cxap

To start this off we take a couple nodes which are great for leveling such as
Aspect of the Eagle Good mix of damage, defenses and movement speed
Primal Spirit Flash Charges gained is huge early
Ballisitc Master Projectile speed is great for Toxic Rain as well as Blink Arrow
Avatar of the Hunt Good mix of damage, defenses and movement speed as well as move skill recovery for blink arrow
Herbalism Better life flasks and life

I did my first lab at around level 27-28 but its much safer at 35 if you can wait.

Things to look out for:
- Get two quicksilver flasks ASAP
- Upgrade your two life flasks (use the vendor recipe if required)
- Keep a mana flask if you need to
- Movement speed boots
- Bow with best attack speed (Short bow) and maximum links (hit it with essence of contempt if you find one)
- Early on, get two iron rings if you can
- Rest is up to you, get life, resists and evasion. You might want to grab an energy shield piece if you need blue sockets for clarity/malevolence
- Adrenaline suffix on your quicksilver flask. Spam all your alterations trying to get this. It makes leveling so much more fun.

Gem links:
I started with Shrapnel Shot - Onslaught - Pierce until I got Toxic Rain. Then you can switch to Toxic Rain - Mirror Archer - Void Manipulation. Once you get to act 2, switch Void Manipulation to Vicious Projectiles and re-add it once you get a 4 link bow around act 4.
Clarity If you can't get it from a friend or another character, get it in act 3 from Siosa. It helps a ton. Just don't level it too far so it does not reserve all your mana
Malevolence More is amazing. Slot this in ASAP.
Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Faster projectiles in that order if you can afford the links

Pre act 5 kitava
Passive tree for the first 50 points: poeurl.com/cxaq

Here your damage should start to build up by adding some more gems so we take the opportunity to build up some defenses.
Freedom of Movement Phasing is amazing for survivability. Don't underestimate this (especially if you like strongboxes :))
Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics Dodge, its great
Master Fletcher and Hunter's Gambit Great damage boost when you feel like you need it

When you switch gear, make sure that you prioritize gem links first and if possible try to find pieces with empty suffixes so you can fix your resists more easily. Try to cap resists and get life.

Pre act 10 kitava
This is where I usually struggle the most. You really want to get max resists to lower your death count. You should also try to phase out a quicksilver and a life flask for a jade/quartz/silver flask. If you want clear speed pick jade/silver, defense, pick jade/quarts.

Your priority is to get a 5 link on your bow. If you are lucky of have some extra money you can try to buy a -Total Mana Cost ring, it will help a lot once you add more links.

Gem links:
(4 link) Toxic Rain - Mirror Archer - Vicious Projectiles - Void Manipulation
(5 link) Toxic Rain - Mirror Archer - Vicious Projectiles - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction
(6 link) Toxic Rain - Mirror Archer - Vicious Projectiles - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Efficacy

More to come.


More to come.


More to come.


1 minute glacier run: https://youtu.be/U6qQ1_M3Usk
Depth 230-240 delve: https://youtu.be/4vc5GUhDu6Q
3 way timeless encounter: https://youtu.be/77G8-pux4UI
Two Elder Alleyways run (bonus alva incursions): https://youtu.be/qBeNo4vwh8k
Shaper kill on mapping gear: https://youtu.be/nhZHlVbYROA

More to come.

Additional Resources

Check this reddit post for damage calculation information: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/9ik19a/toxic_rain_calculator_spreadsheet_and_guide/. This is how I calculated my DPS, altough I am not 100% sure this is the right way to do it.

Kammel's race with Toxic Rain sub 4h to maps: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/387491316

Leveling Walkthrough:

ZiggyD on guard skills:

My lootfilter based on NeverSink's (recommended for very late game)

Amazing bench crafting resource:

Hope you guys enjoy the guide. Feel free to ask questions.
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I'm trying your build atm and it's pretty good for now, I'm using it as my delve character and it's a blast, very effective. My gear is not complete yet (missing lvls/quality on gems for instance) but it's working.

It would be nice if you could complete the writing as I think it is a good build that new players could experiment as well. Thank you and gl !
IGN: Cloning_Versatility / Wild_Element / Critical_Freelancer
JungTzu wrote:
I'm trying your build atm and it's pretty good for now, I'm using it as my delve character and it's a blast, very effective. My gear is not complete yet (missing lvls/quality on gems for instance) but it's working.

It would be nice if you could complete the writing as I think it is a good build that new players could experiment as well. Thank you and gl !

Hey JungTzu,

Thanks for the comments. I hope the build works fine for you. I was going slow on the writing until 3.8 (waiting on changes) but seeing that some people are interested in the build makes me want to complete it faster now! I'll try to add a Shaper video as well I have a set laying around.

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