[3.7] Raider Smite [Guardians/Shaper viable. Uber Elder not tested] - Gotta go fast!

What's up, guys? It's me again with a build for Legion league, trying again with Smite. During Betrayal league I tried it with a Champion and this league (remembering the Mathil's Smite Raider he did in Delve) I decided to make a Raider to put on test the skill with the changes made on the passive tree.

Besides the good things that the ascendancy has (and I didn't die a lot, luckily - only 42 times and I'm lvl 94) and that I have like 6.2K life, the character feels quite squishy. You could be one-shotted easily (Maraketh/Templar bois wiped my A$$ several times in a single hit) so I decided to go for the elemental side on the ascendancy choices instead of the Slaughter side to get more survivability, some attack/spell dodge and ailment immunity.

Without any further, let's get into the interesting things.


- PoB link with trees if you want to see how I leveled up this character (roughly estimated). Open in Path Of Building and change the trees in the dropdown selecting one on the left of the "Reset" button:

Final tree with all the gear and stuff: https://pastebin.com/bivM72RT

- +6K HP.
- Great clear speed and very good single target damage!
- Elemental immunity.
- Free Frenzy charges.

- Quite squishy even with +6K HP. You should watch what it's hitting you, you could get one-shotted easily.
- You can't do elemental/physical reflect map. Reroll is a must on "Cannot leech" maps.
- Is quite hard to break the 6K HP bar. You should invest quite heavily.
- No Acro/Phase Acro on tree so low attack dodge/spell dodge.


- Reroll map if it is Elemental/Phyiscal reflect.
- Reroll if it has Temporal Chains. You do not want being slowed as f*ck.
- Care if it rolls with reduced evasion. It may be not doable.
- Reroll if it has "reduced maximum resistances" and double or triple damage as extra elemental damage on monster.
- Reroll if it has "Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier" damage. Is rippy.
- Obviously, reroll on "Cannot leech" maps.
- Take care if it rolls with "Turbo" mod. During Legion encounters your A$$ could be wiped out easily.


- Normal Lab: Way of The Poacher
- Cruel Lab: Avatar of the Slaughter
- Merciless Lab: Quartz Infusion
- Uber Lab: Avatar of the Veil

Why not Rapid Assault/Avatar of the Chase? Because the character is too squishy, with Avatar of the Veil we are full Phasing and we are immune to elemental ailments so more rooms for unique flasks. If you want to go full DPS then choose Rapid Assault/Avatar of the Chase.

For pantheons just choose whatever it suits the better for you. I usually go for Brine King to avoid stun chains, Ryslatha during lab trials and Lab services. Then it will depend on what I'll face.



For weapons in my case, just two foils with high physical damage. Smite converts 50% of your physical damage to lightning.

Ideally, you would want two foils with T1 lightning damage, T1/T2 AS as a base. Then multi-mod elemental penetration, 'Hits can't be Evaded' and Critical Strike Chance/Quality. It will provide more damage than my two foils.

Links on main hand:

Links on off hand:


I was using an Elder Astral Plate, but it was ilvl 78, so whatever I would do over the chest I would get lower rolls. So I decided to change it for this one and happened to turn 6 white sockets with the Corruption Altar from Temple. I corrupted just for the memes to see what would happen.
The ideal chest would be an Elder one with high life, Delve life/#% increased max life, Critical Strike Chance, lvl 1 Maim and -15 reduced mana cost. But it would take a little bit of grind and time to craft it xD I hope to get this kind of chest before the league ends.


I swap:


when facing bosses.


It was a good choice for me to grab a helmet with the Temple "Reduce mana reserved". And coupled with an Enlighten I would reduce a good bunch of reserved mana to fit more auras for me.
You may want something like this. Big life, resistances, and the Temple "Reduce mana reserved" is kind of a luxury but it suits very well.
For enchant you would want the "Smite has a 15% chance for lightning to strike another target" one.

Links on helmet:

Big life and resistances. You may want attack speed here too. These ones I found them identifying rares xD quite lucky. It doesn't have space for attack speed but they are quite good though.
For enchant, Commandment of Spite is quite good and defensive. Offensively Commandment of Fury.

Links in gloves:

For boots, high resistances and big chunk of life. For enchants, the elemental penetration if you haven't killed recently is the best.

Links in boots:


Rings with big life, resistances if it suits and WED. Nothing crazy here. Stats are very well welcomed too.

Stats, life, Critical Strike Chance/Multiplier and physical damage/elemental damage if possible.

Big amount of life and resistances. I should recraft this one for another better. Ideally, you want a big amount of life, resistances WED and Delve Elemental Damage mod.


For rare jewels search for the most amount of attack speed/attack speed with swords if possible. Then the rest is up to you, test in PoB to see what it could suits better and gives you more damage overall. I choose these ones as preference.

A Watcher's Eye with Physical as extra lightning while affected by Wrath and increased Attack Speed while affected by Precision. The perfect combination would be a two mod Wrath and increased attack speed while affected by Precision.

An Abyss jewel that fits well for my build. Lightning damage to attacks/to sword attacks, life, and attack speed if you've dealt a crit recently.

Anti-bleed life flask, Lion's Roar, Wise Oak for elemental resistances, anti-curse Diamond flask and Atziri's Promise for extra damage. We don't need anti-freeze or something like that because we are always at full Frenzy charges and triggering Phasing which makes us immune to elemental ailments.

And that's it for now! I guess I will be leveling up to 95 (currently 94) and I will stop there. There is not much to do at this point in Legion so I guess I'll move on to Standard after making a new and final character.
Any questions that you have I'll be glad if you leave comments with it. See you around, guys!
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Hey! I liked your Smite Raider, Do u think is nice to try it out in SSF league? maybe I will try it out! :))
Dz3m00RR wrote:
Hey! I liked your Smite Raider, Do u think is nice to try it out in SSF league? maybe I will try it out! :))

Hey, dude! Thank you in taking your time reading my build guide :) in my opinion, if I would have to play in SSF, I won't be doing a melee character as my league starter. Well, not this one as a league starter. Smite is strong with high tier content as you can see in the videos, but once you are geared up enough. But you can try, and tell me! On the other side, I have never played SSF before. Maybe this league I'll give it a try. I'm kinda bored of trading leagues, and you can do almost the same in SSF as you do in trading leagues :) the only thing is that it takes a little more time to improve!
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Pretty fun build

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