[3.8] g00fy_goober's Bad Boy's Ballerina Cyclone Slayer (Easily clear all content)

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Note: If you have any questions pertaining to the build. Please post them here or if you want feel free to ask in stream. Please do not PM me in game or on forum as you will not get a response.

3.8 TBA. Cyclone has received minor nerfs to damage and aoe. Not exactly surprising or game changing.

3.7 Major Melee changes makes cyclone/impale/slayer godly and awesome.

When I look for "Top Tier" in a build I have many requirements that must be met. I want a build that can clear ALL content (maps/shaper and all ubers... Uber lab + Uber atziri + uber elder). It must be fun and engaging, not cost an extraordinary amount of currency, and have the ability to be a league starter with the ability to do all content later on as you upgrade and invest into your character. On top of this it must have fast movement or move skills and not have to worry about any weird issues that ruin builds for me (such as running out of mana, dying to random one shots, not lacking in single target capability, etc etc.)

All in all finding a build that suits me and has all of these things can really be a tall order to fill. Luckily I have yet another build that fits all of this criteria. Impale Slayer Cyclone. Hope you all enjoy!

Very fun and engaging build to play
Blue Cyclone MTX looks sweet
Very fast paced build
Incredible aoe clear (cyclone is huge now)
Incredible movement speed with leap slam
Massive amounts of single target damage with everything added up.
Free fortify on 100% of time as it is linked with cyclone
Stun immune
Bleed immune
Can do literally all map mods
Able to do all content in game
Amazing defensive capabilities
Insane leech potential
Tons of cool new auras
Imaple has become OP as hell
Easy/Cheap to gear with room for lots of improvements as you get more currency


Can be pretty expensive to fully min/max yourself for end game gear

Quick Leveling Guide

- Try any melee skill you want, melee was revamped in 3.7 so just use what you feel like doing

- Grab cyclone at level 28 and spin to win for rest of game.

- Use any 1 hand rare weapon with the most flat phys dmg on it. Crit/Attack speed don't matter much at this point though I hate slow weapons personally. Base does not matter at all here either. Claws, Swords, Daggers w/e is fine while EARLY leveling. Once you start grabbing sword passives then make sure to dual wield swords.

- I used scaeva unique swords for a very long time. Any unique 1 hand swords that deal good dmg can be used.

- For armor pieces (helm/chest/boots/gloves etc) just try to get a good amount of res and any life you can.

- Use a mana flask until your mana leech is good enough to sustain your skill. Especially for boss fights in which you will run out of mana quickly.

- If it is not the start of a league jewelry with -mana cost to skills is wonderful. Along with your normal leveling uniques such as: Goldrim, wanderlust, tabula etc.

Current gear on Legion league.

Gear Breakdown and Stat Prioritization

Rare Shaper helm is the way to go. Fossil craft it up with jagged + pristine and get high life plus the enemies take increased phys dmg. Any res is a bonus and make sure to have an open prefix for to craft +1 melee gems and +1 weapon range.

New Crafted Multi-Mod'd Jewelled foils. Your best bet is to alt/aug spam until you hit t2 or t1 hybrid physdmg/accuracy. However if you hit a t1 or t2 #-# phys or % phys i would probably try to roll that as well. Then regal and hope for something really nice, 99/100 times you will get some crap and have to try to annul it off. Basically you want a 1 mod rare (unless you hit something super nice on regal. If you get the hybrid phys roll you can multimod and craft BOTH the flat and % phys rolls, % attack speed and the crit/quality. If you didn't hit the hybrid phys roll and instead got one of the other phys rolls, you can craft the hit's cannot be evaded mod. At this point I already have a 99% hit rate so i didn't bother. Best is to get the hybrid phys roll so we can have a bit more accuracy and a bit more phys dmg.

Rare elder chest is the way to go! Lots of people like astral plate for the implicit res which is nice, but not worth 10 exalts to me. Glorious plate or something else with good armour works fine (mostly for socket colours). You want to roll this with pristine + serrated fossil and get the gems supported by level 1 maim + the base crit strike chance for attacks. This is your main goal and then get a good amount of life and HOPEFULLY be able to craft the %life/%mana mod. This is by far the most expensive piece but omg is it worth it.

Rare spiked gloves is best here. Try to get a solid dex roll so you can use jewelled foils without having to get a crapton of dex from tree or other gear/jewels. then go for attack speed + life along with an open prefix to craft % dmg while leeching. I double leo slammed mine and got t1 phys dmg to attacks and an okay res roll which was pretty awesome. These are both bonus's though. Go for the other 4 mods first.

Good rare pair of boots is the best option here. Two-Tone boots are great. Try to get a good intel roll here. Lots of life/res/movespeed as well.

Another Good rare piece is the best bet here. Feel free to go for headhunter if you want. Way to rich for my blood and honestly I do not like the playstyle of racing through a map in 30 seconds and having to go back 8 screens to pick up my drops. Anyway i suggest a nice rare with lots of life + res. Stygian is always the best to put a jewel in. Can fossil craft to get increased phys dmg with jagged + pristine + prismatic. Hope to get an open prefix so you can add % inc damage.

Assassin's mark on hit ring is the most important. Get a good shaper ilvl 80+ ring (steel is best but very expensive. Then multimod on % dmg, +life, -mana cost to skills (cyclone total mana cost is 10) so even getting a -8 roll will let you have infinite mana except in no regen maps. Assasin's mark also gives you mana on kill so it is never a problem. For your other ring/ammy just get life/res/intel as needed. Amulet is probably my worst piece and just gave me some life/res/and crafted +1 weapon range/melee dmg on it.


Watcher's eye is huge here. Pride extra impale stacks is the main one. A double pride would be great with the % double dmg mod but are VERY expensive. Like used to be 40-50 ex and now looking them up cheapest listed is 1 mirror. A godly one would be double pride + the crit multi precision if you have enough mirrors to build a full house with... if it even exists... That being said, just go for the +2 extra impale stacks as it is the best and if u happen to be rich or get lucky grab another mod. Even the 25% impale chance would not be terrible.

Tempered Flesh is the next one. Then upgrade into transcendent flesh. It goes over in the jewel socket all the way on left side of tree above juggernaut. This jewel gives you a whopping 74% crit multi and an additonal 4% phys dmg reduction.

For your 2x regular rare jewels get % life and any kind of crit multi you can. It will always be your best to scale.

For Abyss Jewel for belt get global crit multi + life and any sort of phys dmg or phys dmg to swords would be nice.

Gems & Links

Body Armor 4L: Cyclone - Melee Phys Dmg - Fortify - Brutality
5L Pulverize
6L Infused Channeling

3L Setup: Dread Banner - Blood & Sand - Portal
3L Setup: Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Melee Phys Dmg - Brutality
4L Setup: CWDT (lvl 20) - IC (level 20) - Inc Duration - Blood Rage
4L Setup: Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Endurance Charge on Melee Stun - Blood Magic
4L Setup: Flesh & Stone - Enlighten (lvl 3 or 4) - Pride - Precision (level 7)

*Note* Precision i level depending on gear or w/e until i have 20 or so unreserved mana left incase i have a no regen map, as cyclone costs me 1 mana.
*Note 2* You can change levels of cwdt/IC/blood rage to suit yourself. Since you are melee though they both prty much go off constantly when they are both level 20.


Crit Chance with Diamond Flask
In general your crit chance should be around 65% based on your gear/tree. Here is a nifty little table that explains it better than I ever could while using diamond flask:

Gloves - W/e you want.

Boots - W/e you want. Attack speed if you have killed recently is probably my favorite. Leech is okay and helps with no regen maps or w/e else you want is fine.

Helm - 15% increased cylone attack speed


Help Alira for the 5 mana regen/s, 15 to all resists, and 20% crit multi

Ascendancy Points

Impact > Headsman > Endless Hunger > Brutal Fervour


Minor God - Shakari. Simply makes you immune to poison.

Major God - Soul of Lunaris is the one I run. Chance to avoid projectiles, avoid projectiles that have chained, extra dodge, extra phys reduction, move speed etc. You can use w/e you want though, doesn't matter much.

PoB link

T16 Casual Map run - https://youtu.be/T-B8egtBF88


Why Dual wield over sweet vaal axe with fortify? Dual wield is literally like 3x better in every way. With the dual wield nodes on tree, 2x weapons, and the bonus's u get from dual wielding it is just vastly superior. Check it yourself. Grab the POB link, change it to a super good 7l with fortify vaal axe, swap fortify gem out for any other dps gem since u get fotify on tree, and then change the sword/dual wield nodes to axe/two hand nodes and watch your dps plummit. You can also check poe.ninja and search slayer cyclone by dps and all of the top hundreds of builds are all dual wielder ones.

Why should I choose your cyclone guide out of the other 100 listed?Cyclone is obviously super meta and popular in 3.7. Melee changes, cyclone changes, impale changes, gem changes, aoe changes etc. It is not surprising that there are sooooo many cyclone builds up. However most of them are all offshoots: 2 hand builds, axe builds, generic starforge/voidforge builds, ele builds, etc etc. There is only one other 1 hand/impale build i saw a guide for on the list and it had a good amount of differences in tree and gear and gems that i felt it warranted doing my own guide for.

Why leech nodes over Bane/Overwhelm? Overwhelm is a great pick if we were dual wield and had a base 5% crit. However we do not. So our foils already give us almost 7% crit. Bane of ledgends is also good for free attack/move speed and free cull but other nodes i feel are much more important.

I don't like this or that with your build. Do I have to do it? 100% Absolutely Not. This is a build that I tweaked specifically to fit me. Do to you what feels right and looks good for YOU. YOU are the one that has to play it and enjoy it. Trust me when I say if you change your damage by a few hundred or even a few thousand or swap your defenses around it will not make or break the build for the most part. However keep in mind that I will always advise people to do what I have laid out in the build.

Why do I keep running out of mana? Cyclone hits many times really fast. This is why - mana cost to skills on at least 1 ring is key. However note that we have very little unreserved mana, so if we get a no regen map we have to be a little careful.

Is this build SSF/HC Viable? I would say yes to both. Would build up tankiness and a lot more life over damage (our dps is insane seriously) but its viable. You won't be able to min/max like crazy on SSF either but you can definitely play the build.

Wtf is Impale and how does it work? Googling this or checking reddit/wiki would be the best advice i can give you. However the general gist is that each hit you impale with gives you 10% more phys dmg. Up to 5 hits (7 with watcher eye jewel) Meaning enemies take 70% more dmg. Impale effect makes this number even bigger.... however if you hit with an attack that does not impale you do lose a stack (this is very unclear on wiki) so in general you want to have over 60% impale. A lot of people go with 100% and use impale support instead of pulverize, feel free to do so if you wish. However with the passive nodes on tree and dread banner we are at 72% which is more than enough for all single target stuff.

Why is my tooltip damage not even close to real dps? There are so many things in POE that do not effect tooltip damage. This is why POB is the way to go and even then, over half your dps is not shown. Impale is not worked into POB, Pride is not shown in POB. -phys dmg from helm is not shown in POB. All of this is actually added ontop of your already crazy tooltip dps and it makes you do a LOT of damage. Pob shows at level 100, fully geared like 4.5 mil+ shaper/guardian dps, but in reality you are doing nearly 15 million. Its literally crazy how much melee/impale/cyclone got buffed in 3.7.

Hope you all enjoyed the guide and hope it allows many players to enjoy this wonderful game even more. If you have any questions/comments/vouches you are encouraged to post up. As long as you have FULLY read the guide. Also again feel free to catch me on my stream. Happy farming my fellow exiles!
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Sample Video uploaded!
Build updated for 3.8!
hi, thank you for your guide, i player for a year 3 yeras ago, then stopped playing, now i'm ghet back i found this game amazing, i wholde like to do a cyclon build, but i heard that will be nerfed in blight next week, ( sorry for bother you, but don't know who ask to, you are the only that seems to know what shall happend in 3.8 blight ).
costa9090 wrote:
hi, thank you for your guide, i player for a year 3 yeras ago, then stopped playing, now i'm ghet back i found this game amazing, i wholde like to do a cyclon build, but i heard that will be nerfed in blight next week, ( sorry for bother you, but don't know who ask to, you are the only that seems to know what shall happend in 3.8 blight ).

Full notes and changes are not out yet so other changes may occur. However they did show a couple changes and put out the cyclone level 20 skill gem. The aoe/range was nerfed a little bit, and the flat physical damage added to it was toned down a bit. Cyclone was was overtuned and honestly both these changes were needed.

Probably went from SSS rank to SS rank skill now.
thank you for your fast answer, i don't realy know what sss mean but i immagine that ss is not still bad right?
costa9090 wrote:
thank you for your fast answer, i don't realy know what sss mean but i immagine that ss is not still bad right?

I mean you can do A+ to A- or however you want to rank

was 5 starts out of 5, now its 4.5 stars.

No matter how you do it, yes its still fantastic build, slightly less aoe + dmg, but still fantastic and above most others.
Looks like a good build! I will be league starting this in Blight 3.8, and will post updates on the performance. Would you have any recommendations on league starter gear?
Last edited by DevElements on Sep 4, 2019, 10:53:07 PM
What are you going to do for mana now? mana cost reduction doesn't work for channelled skills now? They are going to come up with something that does for channelled but will be very small like -1 mana cost.
DevElements wrote:
Looks like a good build! I will be league starting this in Blight 3.8, and will post updates on the performance. Would you have any recommendations on league starter gear?

Just the basics, i mean its cyclone, so just use w/e for the first 2 1/2 acts. Weapons i would try and stick with swords once you start picking up any of the sword nodes. Besides that just get highest phys dmg u can while leveling, life and res.

MartinDeShade wrote:
What are you going to do for mana now? mana cost reduction doesn't work for channelled skills now? They are going to come up with something that does for channeled but will be very small like -1 mana cost.

This mana change is horrible for MANY builds mostly spell caster type stuff. For cyclone it won't matter at all. Even with no -mana cost stuff a 6l cyclone only costs 10 mana. With the smallest amount of regen or leech (since it is an attack skill) it will not matter. Now currently with precision i level it until i had about 10 mana left. Depending on what new craft for -mana cost to channeled skills are i would just leave a couple more levels off of precision maybe even just using a level 1. Honestly you won't have to worry about that until way later when you are min/maxing. Still a 10 mana cost cyclone, even if channeled skill craft is now half, you can still get what -4 or -5 or something like that (this is just a guess) and you can still get it on both rings or on ammy or even if you happen to roll it on chest.

To sum it up, its just not an issue at all with this build.

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