3.7 Raider Ice Crash Build - Take Down Shaper on a Budget // 1.9m Budget Shaper Dps

If you want a build that's cheap and still has great damage and survivability, this is the build for you! To get right into the action, here are some pros and cons. [Take a look at the POB as well to get a better idea of how everything works!]
[Currently Leveling this character now! Videos and pictures will come soon!]

Path of Building Link: https://pastebin.com/DUcs83BX

+ Great Survivability
+ Fast Movement speed (141%)
+ High Damage
+ Can do just about any map other that reflect mods.
+ Very Cheap for pretty good damage. [About 50c for the main items]

- Can be hard to find enough resist
- Low attack speed
- Not the fastest map clearer around, but not the slowest either
- Uses "Abyssus", so taking a lot of physical damage can be a problem.

Combat Statistics
Offense(super budget):

+Buffed - 1.9m Shaper Dps

+Unbuffed- 1.1m Shaper Dps

Offensive(end game gear):

+Buffed - 4.76m Shaper Dps (6.1m Shaper Dps if you have Vaal Impurity of Ice)

+Unbuffed - 3m Shaper Dps


+ 92% Evade Chance
+ 38% Physical Damage Reduction
+ 41% Block Chance
+ 80% in all Elemental Resistances
+ 2500 life gained on hit
+ ~6000 life


+ Summary
[Core] This build focuses on using the unique gloves "Facebreakers" to add a tone of physical damage to your attacks. However, because Facebreakers don't add any physical damage directly, only a high percentage, we have to gather physical damage from other places. This is when your other items come into play. Your goal is to stack as much physical damage as possible. However, because we are using the Aura "Hatred" we gain 25% of our additional physical damage as extra cold damage, so on top of stacking a tone of physical damage we want to stack some elemental damage as well. Most of the increase in elemental damage comes from support gems and rings, but once you can afford a 6 link loreweave you'll see a huge increase in your damage, because it adds a lot of elemental damage and physical damage.

[Secondary] Now that we have the core mechanics out of the way, we have to talk about why I choose Raider for the ascendancy class. There are two reasons why. The first reason is because of "Avatar of the Chase" skill, which grants us 100% increase in the "Onslaught" skill and 25% increase in our evade chance of melee attacks and projectiles. With the 100% increase in onslaught, we gain an additional 20% movement speed and attack speed, on top of the innate 20%. The second reason is because of "Avatar of Slaughter" which grants us 3% attack speed, 2% movement speed, and 3% attack damage for every frenzy charge we have. Combining these two skills we move fast and who doesn't like to move fast.

[Note] Going a different class could possible add some damage to this build, however, you would loose a lot of attack speed, movement speed, and evade chance. Plus, its not even the same build anymore.

That's pretty much it for the mechanics. There are some additional skills that go into play, but really for this build, all you do is press your "Ice Crash" key and smash everything around you. Simply, easy, and straightforward.

So now for your gear. Techniquelly there is only 1 mandatory item for this build and that is the unique item "Facebreakers". The rest of the items are highly recommended, but won't cause the build to stop working if they are not implicated.

+ For your facebreakers, because they are so essential to this build, you want the highest damage roll you can find.
+ "Lycosidae" basically increases your hit chance and the chance for your critical attacks to hit, by a lot. For only like 8-10c this league, this item is best in-slot.
[Note] There are some other shields you can use as well, but just aren't as good as this one.
+ "Rigwald's Curse" allows you to have jewels and certain skills that usually only apply to claws, apply to your facebreakers instead. For instance, if you get a jewel with the modifier "Adds 4% attack speed to your claws attacks", the amulet will apply this to your facebreakers instead of applying it to your non-existent claws.
+ "Loreweave" is the best in-slot body armor you can get. It gives, life, critical chance, physical damage, elemental damage, and increased elemental resistance. It's probably the most expensive item for this build, sitting at around 4-5ex, but is well worth it. If you can't afford a 6 link loreweave, go with body armor that has a ton of life. If possible try to get +1 gems on it as well.
+ "Abyssus" will increase your damage significantly. For instance, it increases this builds damage by about 2mill. The only problem is that you take 40-50% increased physical damage while wearing the helmet. If you feel like your getting blown up too fast while using this, switch to a "Starkonja's". You will loose a done of damage, but gain some life and other beneficial stats.

For you lab enchant go with "#% of Ice Crash Physical Damage gained as Extra Cold Damage"

+ "Pugilist" gives you some decent damage, especially early, but can be traded out later if you have some really good jewels. Try to get the corrupted modifier I have on this one.
+ The "Mark of the Elder Steel Ring" is a great ring for this build, however, if you can't afford to loose the resist, don't bother with this ring. Go with a ring that has life, resist, attack speed, and some physical damage.

+ These two unqiue flasks just add some great damage and life leech. For your jade flask, make sure to get the "increased effect modifier" for increased evade chance. The Silver Flask is optional. If you feel like you can attain onslaught easily in boss fights, choose the "Taste of Hate, Sapphire Flask" instead. You might also want to get a movement speed mod on one of your flask as well. Just so you can go fast!

Your next item is the "Watcher's Eye, Prismatic Jewel".This jewel boost this builds damage by a decent amount, but is quite costly. Currently it's going for about 1.5ex, so if you can't afford it don't worry about it. However, if you can afford it, go for the "Damage Penetrates #% Cold Resistance while Affected By Hatred".

+ That's it for the main items. The rest of your empty slots you want to fill in with rare items that have a ton of life and resistance. For jewels, focus on getting high life rolls, then getting added physical damage/attack speed/elemental damage to attacks (any 2 out of the three mods work). The life is very important though. This build doesn't allow for you to really skimp out on life rolls. If your not to careful you'll end up with a low life pool which will lead to your death.

+ Here's the order for your Ascendancy:

1st: "Rapid Assault"
2nd: "Avatar of Chase"
3rd: "Way of the Poacher"
4th: "Avatar of Slaughter"

+Kill all

Gems and Links


While mapping switch "Concentrated Effect" for "Increased Area of Effect"






+ Your choice honestly. It really depends on the situation. I personally go with "Soul of the Brine King", so I don't get stunned lock to oblivion. For the minor pantheon, I use "Soul of Yugul", so I take a little less damage from reflect.

+ Some other good choices would be "Soul of Solaris" and "Soul of Tukohama" for physical damage reduction and life regen.

I haven't yet got this build to end game. Until I do, I won't be able to put up a leveling section, videos, etc.... Since, I haven't tested this build out in late game yet, I won't know how it handles until its tested, so there is always a chance that is build is a fail. [Please keep that in mind] I'll update this build as I play it! If anyone has any questions I'll try to answer to the best of my abilities.

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Might give this a try just for fun. Im curious.
More cheep and making tests

Looks fun, looking forward to updates
will wait video. Too many fails at building chars.
Really struggling with maintaining mana without a flask. Where are you getting your mana regen?
Also any alternatives to the helm? Feel squishy. TY for build!

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