(3.7) Poison Scourge Arrow | 3m Shaper DPS | Good Clear Speed and Budget Friendly


I'm streaming the build at twitch.tv/GokuTD if you have questions or want to see it in action.

The new Darkscorn bow got me interested in something poison based and this was what I landed on. I wanted to try and utilize the 'Physical Taken as Chaos' portion of the bow, so I'm trying some 'Taken as' shenanigans coupled with high (86%) chaos resist.

We end up with ~60% physical mitigation, and ~25% elemental mitigation. With a proper tree at about 6.5-7k HP, we're relatively tanky. I didn't want to go the Dodge/Evasion route because as Pathfinder, we don't have a lot of great ways of sustaining the big hits that get through. The mitigation route I'm trying does have us taking damage more frequently, however its much smaller in comparison and its easily regulated by LGOH, Life Leech, and a Seething Flask. I never really feel in danger as this build, even though I do notice taking hits.

I'm still working on optimizing damage and clear speed, but the build does solid enough for me to post it for now.

T16 Mapping/Guardians


Uber Elder


Build Breakdown

Survivable with 7k+ EHP, solid recovery, and good conversion mitigation
Solid Boss damage and clear speed
Entry gear is very cheap

DOT build, so a slight ramp up for max DPS
Poison Avoidance map mod is really annoying
If you only use Scourge Arrow, certain maps can be awkward

Taken As

The new timeless jewel Glorious Vanity with the name of Xibaqua gives us access to the Divine Flesh Keystone. This converts 50% of all elemental damage taken to chaos, and increases our max chaos res by 10%. It also modifies the nearby smaller notables, and you can get some really insane stuff. Personally, I just have a Cult of Chaos for four points (not great) to get us to 86% max chaos res. This also gives us about 22% elemental mitigation.

Darkscorn gives me 25% of physical damage taken as chaos.
My Helmet and Armour have 8% and 15% respectively physical damage taken as fire.
My Watcher's Eye has double Purity of Elements mod for 23% of physical taken as ele.
With 86% Max Chaos Res and 75% elemental resists, I'm mitigating 56% of all incoming physical damage (from hits).
I have an elder ring which can roll up to 20 life gain on hit, on top of standard attack life leech and a seething life flask. Because we aren't super high investment into EV/Dodge, we take hits more frequently. However, because we have a solid amount of rainbow mitigation, its easy to manage with our different sources of recovery.


Read the rest of the guide before asking questions about the POB, they'll hopefully be cleared up by the end of it.


~30 Points


~50 Points


~70 Points

Make the switch to poison around here. You should have your first two ascendancies by now, and a Coralito's.


~90 Points


Full Tree

Take the Jewel Socket at Pain Attunement whenever you find a Xibaqua Jewel you're comfortable running.



If you don't have a lot of leveling gear, I'd recommend leveling with Toxic Rain. Do your first 12 levels with Caustic Arrow > Mirage Archer > Void Manipulation. When you get Toxic Rain, keep the same links and throw in Vicious Projectiles/Faster Attacks with a 4/5 link. You can switch to poison whenever you feel like it, but I waited until around 70 with a Coralito's.

Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon
We play Pathfinder. Grab Nature's Reprisal then Master Toxicist first. For bandits, take the skill points. You can do alira to make early gearing easier, but I think the build has enough open suffixes as is.

Pantheon is pretty open, take whatever you prefer. Arakaali and Ralakesh can help with DoT mitigation. Aberrath is nice for burning ground.


Main Links

If you can only afford a 5 link, drop Vile Toxins or Unbound Ailments if 3 blue is too difficult.


You can grab Charisma on the tree if you're at the awkward in-between point where you're using Xibaqua but can't afford a level 4 Enlighten.

Wither Totem

Make sure you Quality your Spell Totem and Multi Totem. Don't level Wither because the Int cost becomes unmanageable.


Blink Arrow, Blood Rage, Dash, and maybe Faster Attacks and Cull if you don't mind leveling fewer gems. You can basically throw these anywhere. You can also fit CWDT IC in if you'd like, but after the nerf, I haven't found it to be too useful.

I use a pair of corrupted gloves for Despair on Hit, however, you can use your spare gem slots for Curse on Hit Despair Frenzy, or use a Witchfire Brew in place of a Sin's Rebirth.

Gear, Flasks, and Jewels

Gear Priority

First things first is your mana. Until you can afford a -15 Chest, you can run elreon/temple jewel with cheap -7 rolls. You can also look at running a Thief's Torment if good elreon jewelry is out of your price range.

Coralito's is probably the most important item for the build, as it caps out our chance to poison and gives a massive duration bonus.

Darkscorn is incredibly cheap too, so a decent roll shouldn't run you much. After that, slowly improve your gear for more life and resists, and try to find open prefixes or suffixes for flat chaos damage or attack speed when possible.


Ideally you run a well rolled Darkscorn. While you're leveling feel free to use a Silverbough or a Quill Rain, it shouldn't matter much. A well rolled elder bow will likely do more damage, however, I wanted to utilize the defensive property on Darkscorn, so I'll consider it BiS for this variant.


This is a great slot to get some accuracy and then fill out resists. Should be relatively cheap.


Big life and a -9 Chaos Res roll here are really solid. If you can fit it, Phys taken as Fire is a solid defensive roll. The +1 Pod enchant is a 10-15% increase in single target, so go for this when you have the extra currency.

You can also use something like Devoto's Devotion if you just want to zoom, but that's a different build.

Body Armour

There's a lot you can get on chests these days. I personally was looking for life, -mana cost, and the Phys taken as Fire mod. I like the defenses I get from this chest, although I do think many options are viable. Lightning Coil, QOTF (again, different build), and Kaom's Heart were all items I gave some degree of consideration to.


Embalmers are pretty solid all around gloves. Rares can definitely be stronger, however the easily targeted corruption of Despair on Hit makes them really solid late game gloves as well.


Anything with life, movement speed, and maybe resists is pretty much a go here. You can even run something like Atziri's Step if you have the resists for it. I rolled this kind of early into the character, and have been too lazy to fix them.


You have a ton of options here. I'd recommend starting off with a Thief's Torment ring, and then filling out life and res in amulet/belt. Strength or Int can be quite nice to pick up here if possible. When you can get your hands on a LGOH Elder ring, look to start upgrading your other Jewelry big time to make space for a tight ring. You can Multi-mod a clean LGOH ring, but it's gonna be pretty weak defensively. There are a ton of suffixes the build has to play with, so you can definitely get the resists you need as you improve your gear.


Try stuff out and see what you like. Atziri's Promise or a generic Amethyst can help you cap out your chaos res early into your gearing progression.


Watcher's Eye has a ton of interesting mods for us. I'm personally using a double mod Purity of Elements, taking 12% Phys as Lightning and another 12% Phys as Cold, but there's a lot of really useful Malevolence and clarity mods you could try out until you can switch to the Timeless Jewel + Keystone combo.

For abyss jewels, find some source of Onslaught on Kill, and then look for life, attack speed, and flat Chaos to Attacks. For regular jewels: % max life, chaos damage, damage over time, attack speed, and bow attack speed are all solid mods.

If you have any questions after reading all this, by all means fire away.

My Other Builds

Toxic Rain Trickster: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2467666
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Hi, how is the build for open and clear all the monolyth ?
yissus wrote:
Hi, how is the build for open and clear all the monolyth ?

After the fix to Legion, Poison prolif makes the build feel great in monoliths.
why the 6l darkscorn when u only use 4 sockets that dont link?
Really like this concept. I'm trying to put together something similar. I was wondering if have any advice on beginning to weigh some of the other Xibaqua nodes. I know they are very much a case by case basis. More max res seems pretty nice. Some other one things that seem real strong are Ritual of Shadows (chaos damage, 25% to wither on hit) Exquisite Pain (DoT damage, skill duration) and then the various types of new dps stuff.
I wished that i found this build before mathil made a video lol, now the a bad darkscorn is 40c. I was looking for a build that is tanky because im doing alot on t16 legion =/
Hi, really enjoying the build.
Was playing another setup with kinsugi and then switched to your tree with divine flesh, and it's way better on the defence side.
Anyway i have a question about the damage. It feels okay in game but when i import my character in PoB (PAstonn), my damage is way lower than yours.
I think my gear is not insane but "ok".
Any idea how to improve it ?

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