[3.7] Bane/ED/Contagion Magic Find Variant Trickster

Warning: This is a variant of ED/contagion trickster meant specifically for magic finding on lower tier maps. It should not be used to try and complete atlas or do any hard bosses, you should instead use a regular ED build for that.

Some gems in this import are lower level since Im working on the build right now, ill fix it later.

Hey all,
I started off legion playing classic ED/Contagion Trickster (like many others) and progressed through the atlas fairly quickly, acquiring my elder's orb and opening up new options.
I have a long history of playing MF builds, and wanted to see if I could make an efficient version on ED trickster.

-Very fast clear speed (bane one shots most packs and has basically no cast time)
-Very fast move speed (160+%)
-Essence Drain absolutely destroys legion packs
-Fairly tanky for a magic find build (4.5k+ HP, 2.2k+ ES, 45k evas + some dodge, capped res)
-50+% increased item quantity
-Can do any map mod. Alch, vaal and go, dont even look!

-Damage can feel lacking in higher tier maps (its great for burial chambers though!)
-Bane is really starved for a 6Link so it can feel bad until you get one
-Have fun chroming!

General Theory
I found that when you're moving quickly, stopping to do a 2 button ED/contagion combo really feels bad. I wanted to find a way to fit Bane into the build and give it enough juice to be the main clear skill, while still retaining access to ED/Contagion for huge legion clear. All of this, including hitting 45K evasion for queen of the forest, can be done while wearing full MF gear.

Gems + Links

Bane + Despair + Efficacy + Void Manipulation + Swift Affliction + Increased AOE

If you're on a 5 link, you may struggle to make Bane have enough damage while using increased AOE. This is obviously very easily solved by just having a 6 link. In the meantime, you can just not use increased AOE. Bane has an incredibly fast cast speed, so casting twice isnt a big deal for huge packs.

Essence Drain + Efficacy + Controlled Destruction + Swift Affliction

Contagion + Increased AOE + Intensify + Faster Casting/Arcane Surge

Vaal Blight + Controlled Destruction + Void Manipulation + Efficacy

Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify (optional)

Random gems:
Malevolence, Flame Dash


Rare Gear:

You need a massive ES roll on your helmet, to make use of Escape Artist on the trickster tree. This is to give us enough evasion to be able to hit 45k and make full use of QoTF without using Grace aura (We want malevolence for more damage). For Amulet, you can use a biscos if you are able to cap resists without, or a shaper amulet for more quantity. Other rare items are generic ED/Contagion rares.


With this flask setup, I am hitting 46k evasion without grace.

Final Thoughts:
There are definitely better options for an effective pure MF character (cough windripper) but I wanted to try this variant out specifically for legion packs (also because I already have a level 89 trickster and I dont have a deadeye lul). Anyways, let me know if you have any questions or comments, I think its working quite well and I can upload a video at some point soon. This is my first time writing a build guide, even though its just a niche variant of an incredibly popular build.

This post is under construction. Ill add colors and fancy stuff later.
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it works to farm headhunter in burial?
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Imo this build is more than capable to clear high level content.

I played 60% iiq Soulrend/Bane in the previous league. Did elder/shaper ping pong T16 Underground Sea with 4 sextant without problem.

I don't have the fully juiced t16 maps run recorded, but here's my delve at depth 300 with full magic find gear during synthesis league.

This league i'm trying to do the same thing with ED/Contagion. I'm not sure if i can do fully juiced T16 maps this time without synthesis bow, cos right now i'm still farming shaped burials.

My current 55% iiq gear. Final build should be around 65% iiq with mf amulet.


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